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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How Filipino Workers brought the Manalo Church- the Iglesia Ni Cristo® (INC-1914) to Europe and the Middle East

The Iglesia Ni Cristo® of Felix Manalo which was founded in the Philippines in 1914 was brought to Europe and the Middle East by migrant workers, thanks to the massive problem of unemployment in the Philippines. In contrast, Christianity was brought to the world by Catholic priests and nuns who are full-time missionaries. The rapid influx of Filipino Migrant Workers to other countries including Europe and the Middle East has contributed to the rapid evangelization of other Filipino Workers snatching ignorant Filipino Catholics to Manalo's recycled Arianism. It should be noted that NO INC Minister is has been full time missionary to countries that haven't been Christianized by Catholic Missionaries.  INC Ministers usually infest like parasites in places that have been cultivated and Christianized by Catholic Missionaries. Until now, INC Ministers do not have Bible Scholars and have relied heavily on Catholic and Protestant Versions of the Bible yet accused both Catholics and Protestants as "children of Satan" [PASUGO Disyembre 1965, p. 5; PASUGO Oktubre 1959, p. 5; PASUGO Agosto 1962, p. 9; PASUGO Oktubre 1956, p. 1]  As argued by INC Ministers, Felix Manalo only founded LOCALE CHURCHES implying that the ORIGINAL CHURCH is still in Jerusalem or Rome.  Upon close scrutiny, what Felix Manalo founded in the Philippines is NOT a locale but it's the CENTRAL CHURCH! Therefor proving that Felix Manalo FOUNDED the Iglesia Ni Cristo® and NOT Christ (Pasugo Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5)The Iglesia Ni Cristo® is a FILIPINO FOUNDED CHURCH! This is manifested by the fact that all Head Ministers of every locale around the world are FILIPINO MINISTERS. This would ensure that all proceeds, donations and monetary collections are sent back to their Central Office Treasury in Diliman, Quezon City in the Philippines-- thus enriching the MANALO FAMILY! This is the reason why money is never a problem in the Iglesia Ni Cristo® of Felix Manalo. - CD2000

In the article below, I will attempt to refute the lies of Manalo's paid ministers (written in open-close parenthesis all in Blue font).

The unexplained unbiblical tri-color emblem of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® cult

The Northern Europe Ecclesiastical District

It was an official letter of the Executive Minister, Brother Erano G. Manalo, sent in late 1971 to the pioneering brethren in England that triggered the burgeoning of Iglesia ni Cristo congregations in the United Kingdom and to the entire Europe. The husband-and-wife tandem of Brother Colin Ringwood (married to a Filipina) and Sister Melba Angeles (Filipina) was instrumental (of the Manalos) in the establishment of the (Manalo's ) Church's first locale in the UK. Sister Melba met Brother Colin, an Englishman. She introduced the Church of Christ (you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo®) to him. He received instruction on Bible doctrines (you mean Manalo's version of understanding) and baptism at San Francisco Locale, in California, USA in 1971. Back in England, the then newly wed couple received the Executive Minister's letter. As instructed, they combed the emerging Filipino community in search of fellow members (INC is a proudly Philippine-made church). One evening in late October 1972, some 20 brethren (all Filipinos?) showed up at 42 Priestly Garden Chadwell, Heath, Romford, Essex for the first official gathering of Church members in England. Before the meeting presided over by Brother Colin ended, a congregation complete with officers was formed. On November 15, the Executive Minister approved the establishment of the London committee prayer. (Thanks to Filipino Migrant Workers. Without them, the Manalo Clan would have no Business Company called the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the UK.)

The telephone greatly facilitated the emergence of prayer groups in Europe. Since receiving the Executive Minister's letter, the Ringwoods' daily life had become a virtually endless series of phone calls as they got in touch with other brethren. They were able to reach even those in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. These brethren soon began holding prayer meetings and later worship services with tape-recorded sermons. Within ten years, fullfledged locales had taken deep root in major cities of these countries, including Austria. In May 1973, the Church of Christ was registered with the British government (Registered as the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) so as not to confuse other non-INC members who have registered another church called Church of Christ, of course name of founder was Felix Manalo). The registration was approved in September. After the purchase of a property in 32 Latchmere Road, Battersea, London, Brother Jose Salazar (a Filipino founded Church will always be controlled by a Filipino Minister to ensure the flow of money to the Philippines Central Church) was sent to oversee the Church's first locale in the UK. He arrived in London in June 1975, five months before the house of worship was dedicated to God. (God who? Father? Son? or the Holy Spirit? Does your Doxology confirmed the Triune One God?)

Across the English Channel that same year, a handful of brethren started holding prayer meetings at Sister Ruth Morales' house in Bonn, Germany (another Overseas Filipino Worker). It became a locale in 1986. In November 1987 the Dortmund Locale's first worship service was officiated at Blumstr. 36, Dortmund. Also, on March 7, 1979, the congregation in Hamburg, Germany held their first worship service at Sister Esther Elizaga's residence (another Filipino Migrant Worker) along Christian Forster Street. The Hamburg GWS became a locale in 1984. On April 27, I988 the Church of Christ was registered with the German government. (You mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo - Church of Christ)

The congregation in Frankfurt was the first in the Continent to have been blessed with a resident minister. Frankfurt gained locale status in September 1983 after two years as a group worship service. With the arrival of its first resident minister, Brother Jose Ventilacion, (another Filipino highly paid Minster expert in deceit and lies and twisting of historical facts and misinterpreting the Holy Scriptures to deceive) in February 1984, propagation work began to pick up and no less than ten of the converts in the locale that year were Germans. (married to Filipinas)

Since 1989, the succeeding resident ministers of Frankfurt Locale were assigned to officiate the worship services in the Church's first locale in the Netherlands. Dordrecht Locale started as a prayer group in October 1983 meeting at Brother Pieters' house in The Hague. (married to another Filipina?)

The Church opened its missions in Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark in 1984—-Geneva Locale and Gothenburg Group Worship Service in May, and the Copenhagen GWS in October. It gained ground in Norway with the formation of the Oslo GWS in June 1987 and in Scotland, with the Edinburgh GWS in August 1988. Other congregations planted in the 80s were Stockholm, Sweden (April 1985); and, Heathrow and Manchester, England (November 1989).

In the 90s the growth center was Germany where half of the 16 local congregations added during that period are found. These are Wiesbaden GWS (September 1994), Giessen Locale (January 1996), Heidelberg GES (January 1997), Berlin GWS (June 1997), Lubeck GWS (1997), Bremen GWS {April 1999), and Ramstein and Kassel Extensions (1999). Four are in the UK—Stratford Locale (1990, from London Locale, now Battersea), Camden Locale (September 1996), Bournemouth GWS (1997) and Newport, Wales GWS (June 1998). The rest are Rjukan GWS (August 1991) and Nottoden GWS in Norway (November 1992), Amsterdam GWS (May 1997) in the Netherlands, and Arlov GWS (1992) in Sweden. (Thanks to unemployment problems in the Philippines that drove many Filipinos in search of a greener pasture bringing with them their cult and living like parasites in cities that are well established and Christianized by Catholic Missionaries.)

In October 2001, the Church reached the Republic of Ireland through the Dublin GWS. Germany is still a growth center with three new GWS—Wuppertal, Bielefeld, and, the most recent, Munich. But the UK is catching up with four—Belfast, Northern Ireland; and, Birmingham, Portsmouth, and Norfolk, England where it all began 36 years ago. (Thanks again to the rapid influx of Filipino Migrant Workers.)

The Southern Europe Ecclesiastical District

THE CHURCH OF CHRIST (you mean the IGLESIA NI CRISTO®) in the Ecclesiastical District of Southern Europe straddles the Mediterranean Sea. As such., it covers Spain, France, Italy and Greece, as well as the Middle East countries in the east coast, Israel and Turkey. The ecclesiastical district also includes Portugal, Malta, and South Africa. Almost all of these countries played a significant role in the history of the Church built by Christ 2000 years ago (which you preached the ENTIRE CHURCH SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED in APOSTACY when Felix Manalo founded the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines in 1914?!). Israel, particularly its chief city, Jerusalem, is the cradle of the Christian faith (yes Christian faith, which non of them believed Christ is only a man). Greece, known in the past as the land of the Gentiles, is where the Church began to expand throughout the Roman Empire (and that Church is the CATHOLIC CHURCH) during the time of the apostles. Italy famous mainly for the city of Rome, the seat of the apostate Church. (The Seat of Peter's See which obviously is still STANDING to this time! The CHURCH never left Rome! It was only Felix Manalo's stupidity believing that the ENTIRE CHURCH apostatized! Where is that prophesied in the Bible? Where was it recorded in history? Any bible verse? Historical records? Historian?)

But the true Church of Christ is back in the region (when did the Church leave Rome? Any historical records to back-up your stupid claims?). Three momentous occasions that happened in the mid-1990s in the cities of Rome, Jerusalem, and Athens highlight this return. (Anybody welcomed that "Church" which returned? There should be at least a welcome ceremony of that "return". But so far no one even recognize that "return". Only Filipino Migrant Workers lived like PARASITES in cities well Christianized by Catholic Missionaries. Why not go to Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia where Christianity haven't been well rooted?!) They involved the registration of the Church's congregations in Italy, Israel, and Greece with these countries' respective governments. (and it was registered as "Church of Christ" or Iglesia Ni Cristo-Church of Christ"? And who was the founder written on that registration? Who is the OWNER?) A special worship service officiated by the Executive Minister, Brother Erano G. Manalo, marked each occasion. (Of course, the INC is Manalo owned Corporation! What a happy family. Collecting money without a lifted finger).

A day after the thanksgiving worship held on July 27, 1994 in Rome Locale's house of worship, Brother Erano signed a document declaring that the original Church of Christ had been restored in the ''Eternal City" where apostasy from the true faith began.  (Oh, so what biblical authority did Eraño Manalo had to declare that the "original" Church of Christ "had been restored"? What a fool! He fooled you and you all nodded like brainless followers.  That Iglesia Ni Cristo is OWNED by the Manalo's! And for sure, no Manalo or any of his paid ministers could challenge any Roman citizen openly in the streets of Rome that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the original Church now restored! Hmmm how could be that the original church has to be in TAGALOG? Was the original Church in Filipino language?!! Really? Ha-ha-ha-ha!) In Jerusalem, on March 31, 1996, Brother Erano formally declared that God's work of salvation had finally returned to its original home. (So since the original Church had "finally returned to its original home" what's keeping you from transferring the CENTRAL CHURCH to Jerusalem? Why until now the Central is still in the Philippines! Is that te way how you wanted to RETURN the original Church to its rightly home? That claim sounds stupid to me! So the JERUSALEM CHURCH is now a LOCALE or a CENTRAL CHURCH?)  And, on May 10, 1997, in Athens, the Executive Minister officially declared the establishment of the Church's locale in that city, signaling the continuation of God's work of salvation to the Gentile lands that was started by Apostle Paul in the first century. (oh so had you converted any local Greek who is not even married to any Filipina to Manalo's Church? Or had anyone of your paid ministers preached to the Greeks that they are STILL CONSIDERED GENTILES by INC amidst the fact that they were CHRISTIANS from the time of the Apostle Paul until to this day?! If you claim something, why not substantiate it with concrete action! That's hypocrisy! That's a deceitful claims! Aren't you ashamed of that claims while your locale members are still majority Filipinos and other locals married to Filipinas!)

The Beginning
How the restoration began involved the meetings of Filipino brethren working in major cities in Italy (as I told you, this INC is managed purely by Filipinos. It's because it's a Proudly Philippine made church); France, and Spain quarter of a century ago. Whether they met by chance or sought out one another, they were drawn together by a common yearning for spiritual nourishment. One such chance meeting happened in mid-1981 at a plaza in MiIan, Italy's industrial and commercial heartland. A group of brethren led by Brother Danilo Lu (another Filipino Migrant Worker) agreed to start holding group prayer meetings, thus pioneering the Locale of Milan, which held its first worship service on December 14,1982. The same can be said of the early congregation in Spain. At Plaza CataIonia, a favorite gathering place of most Filipinos in Barcelona, (I told you) Sister Eufrosina Vargas first met Sister El- vira Pascual in 1979. Together with Sister Purificacion Florencio, the three held the first prayer meeting in Barcelona at the residence of Sister Purificacion. (all Filipino Migrant Workers) Eventually the prayer group grew and was given official status by the Church by the Church Administration (in Manila? in Jerusalem? Where is your Central? I thought the original church was now returned to it's original birthplace in Jerusalem? Why is it that INC Central is still in the Philippines?). It received from the Central Office (in Jerusalem? or in Quezon City, Philippines?) tape-recorded sermons for the worship in service from 1980 until it became a locale in 1992. Locales such as Paris, France; Rome, Italy; and Madrid, Spain, began in a similar way during the same period, so did Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel a little later. But it was not at all that easy. Along the way, there were obstacles and difficulties, which nonetheless failed to crush the brethren's spirit. (Satan is very much alive in your cult!)

But now in most locales, gone are the days of rented places of worship. Buildings have been acquired and refurbished appropriately. Gone too are the tape-recorded sermons during worship services. There are now ministers and evangelical workers attending to the spiritual needs of the brethren in the 32 local congregations in Southern Europe, grouped as one ecclesiastical district in September 2000. Indeed, the true Church of Christ, (you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo) established in Jerusalem but was apostatized in Rome after spreading throughout the Mediterranean world, has come full circle. (So where is now the Central Church if the "true" Church has been restored in Jerusalem? And what proof do you have to confirm that the ENTIRE CHRISTIAN CHURCH apostatized? Any Biblie verses that such massive apostasy should take place? Any historical facts recorded? That INTERNATIONAL CHURCH must be well recorded during it's entire apostasy!  Any proof please?!)


Qatar and United Arab Emirates Ecclesiastical Districts

Dubai, UAE

It has been proven yet again that the dispersion of Filipinos to different parts of the world in search of better livelihood does not cause them to forget the land of their birth, their culture and even their faith. (I told you guys. This Iglesia Ni Cristo is a Filipino Church for Filipinos! Well, it's no surprise. It's FOUNDED by a FILIPINO ex-Catholic, now a FULFILLMENT of the prophesies recorded in 2 John 1:7 - the coming of a DECEIVER and the ANTI-CHRIST!)  Among the Filipinos who have come to work in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, are members of the Iglesia ni Cristo. (See?!)  In spite of the dire need to earn a living, the brethren strive to carry on with their service and worship of God. The Church of Christ (you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo) in Dubai started with the first prayer meeting held by 17 members in Satwa in March 1978. (1978?! But why is it that no INC church has been approved to this time 2014 by any of the Sheikhs?! Why is it that until now your cult is still hiding in private rooms and villas? Thirty-six years and you're still considered cult by UAE? What happened? Your ministers are useless parasites!) In just less than three decades, this number rapidly multiplied such that 11 local congregations were established one after the other in the United Arab Emirates, where there are now thousands of Church members. (most of your so-called "churches" now approved as locales are private rooms! Where are your Qatar, UAE locales are located? Not even mentioned in your website! Aha.. perhaps it's because your locales are still hunted by the authorities for preaching another fake version of Christianity!)

These local congregations are as follows: Ras Al Khaimah, established in 1980; Al Ain, 1983; Fujairah, 1985; Sharjah, 1987; Satwa, 1988; Abu Dhabi, 1990; Madina Bader, 1997; Deira, 1997; Mussafah, which branched out from Abu Dha-bi, 2002; Ajman, formerly an extension of Sharjah, 2004; and Karama, April 2005. Aside from these, there are a number of extensions and group worship services in other parts of the UAE. (all are hiding in private rooms and villas provided by their employers without knowing cults are merging there! Your paid ministers cannot afford to sacrifice their work and their lives for Christ! They are fake missionaries! They are parasites!)

Despite many difficulties and hindrances, one of which is the restriction of practicing a religion other than what is officially recognized in this part of the world, (well Catholics, Orthrodox, Anglicans, and some Protestant churches are recognized. The Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons, and perhaps your cult the Iglesia ni Cristo are considered by the State as FAKE VERSIONS of CHRISTIANITY, therefore they are BANNED and OUTLAWED!) the members of the Church of Christ (you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo®) continued, and will continue, to serve God zealously and faithfully. (to serve the Iglesia ni Cristo and the Manalos) On May 11, 2006, the Deputy Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, officiated at the worship service of the Church of Christ (you mean the Iglesia ni Cristo®) in Dubai, which was held at a building called Christ Church (oh, why not Iglesia Ni Cristo? Did you put that caption "Christ Church in front of that building?) in Jebel Ali, Dubai. It was attended by more than 3,000 brethren.
Source: God's Message - June 2006

Abu Dhabi, UAE
THE WORLDWIDE economic recession. has caused many brethren (Filipinos) to work in the Middle East. They endured leaving their loved ones behind and living in Foreign countries for years just to earn For the needs of their families. (They are not really missionaries compared to Catholic priests who are full-time workers!) Although there are many things that they are willing to sacrifice, there is one that they can never give up—their faith and membership (but no one of your paid ministers ever had willingly accepted death for the sake of Christ.  Money first before Christ!) in the Church Of Christ  (you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo®). This kind of dedication led more than 7,000 members of the Church Of Christ ( you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo®) from all over the Middle East to be gathered in a worship service to God on ]uly 13, 2012, (only 7,000 in the whole of UAE? From 1978 you have only 7,000 attendees?) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). This event was officiated by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre. This is the first worship service in Abu Dhabi that was officiated by the Executive Minister. (Manalo ensuring that flow of CASH will be added to his bank accounts! What a brilliant Family Corporation!)

Those who attended the gathering also witnessed two important events: the announcement of the establishment of a new ecclesiastical district in the Middle East (there are now two districts in that part of the world—the districts of Qatar and UAE); and the oath-taking of five ministers—Brother Raul Basco as district minister of Qatar, Brother Sarwan Singh as district secretary of Qatar, Brother Antonio Banez as district auditor of UAE, Brother Florente Ladrillo as district treasurer of UAE, and Brother Ieffrey Labasan as district secretary of UAE. This historic development shows the fast expansion of the Church in that part of the world, a proof that God until now fulfills His promises to His Messenger and His Church in these last days. (proof that the biblical prophesy of the coming of the deceiver and anti-Christ is now fulfilled in the Iglesia Ni Cristo of Manalo.)
Source: God's Message - Ausust 2012

THUS FAR, THE Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) (now you name the Manalo's Church accurately) maintain three local congregations in state of Israel—each one named after the city where it was established—to meet the spiritual needs of the (Filipino) brethren. These are the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa congregations, which are under the supervision of the Southern Europe Ecclesiastical District. (I thought you've rejoiced that the "true" Church has returned to its "original" birth place?! What's keeping the "RETURN" of the "true" Church from enjoying it's PRIMACY over all the locale Iglesia Ni Cristo® churches worldwide?! Was it a TRIUMPH that the "original" and "true" Church finally was brought home?! Is this the way how you TREAT the PRIMATE CHURCH of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® which has been brought back to Jerusalem? When are you making your JERUSALEM Church be the CENTRAL of the Iglesia Ni Cristo®?!)

Tel Aviv: The return of the true Church of Christ (you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo®) to Israel, ending an 18 centuries-long absence due to the post-apostolic, false prophet-led departure from the true faith, began in Tel Aviv-Yafo. (So since the "true" Church of Christ has "returned" to its birthplace, the question is: WHERE IS NOW THE CENTRAL CHURCH? Is it in Israel or in the Philippines? What's keeping you from returning back the privilege and primacy of Israel as the MOTHER CHURCH of the "true" Church of Christ?! And have you ANNOUNCED in Tel-Aviv that the "TRUE" CHURCH had returned? Did they ANTICIPATE it's "returning" back? Any WELCOME CEREMONY from the Jews and Christians who have LONGED for the "RETURN" of the "true" Church?!) Lying on the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv-Yafo, the nation's main business, communications, and cultural center, is connected to Jerusalem in the southeast and Haifa in the north by railways aside from excellent roads. Yafo is the Joppa of Bible times. It is where foreign countries keep their embassies. (When INC members came to Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, did they find anyone professing faith in Jesus? What do people call them, lost Christians? Or just Christians? So is there any sense of "lost" for these Christians?! Did they rejoice when you "returned" back the "true" Church to them?  Did you assign an Israeli (not married to any Filipino woman) to head the ministerial position to this "returning" "true" Church?!)

For it was by being assigned in the Philippine embassy in Tel Aviv-Yafo that the first Iglesia Cristo member to set foot on Israeli soil was able to do so (I told you so, it's a Filipino Church for Filipinos and their foreign husbands or wives). Not that Brother Samuel Angeles, (another Filipino) a radio operator- technician, and his family's arrival in 1979 was itself the start of the Church (you mean the Iglesia Ni Cristo) in Israel, Rather, the Tel Aviv Congregation traces its roots from the prayer meeting in his house at Gush-Itzion, Givatay-im, which was at first a family affair held by himself; his wife, sister, two children; and his sister-in-law. As one Filipino brother or sister, who came to work in Israel, joined them, their group soon earned the Church Administration's blessing for it to function as a group worship service. (of course, that's another sure revenue for the Corporation Sole of the Manalo clan.)

By 1981, the Tel Aviv GWS had grown to 15 worshipers (all Overseas Filipino Workers), listening to tape-recorded sermons sent by the Central Office in Quezon City, Philippines during their weekly gathering in the Angeles family's new residence (OFW residence) at 72 Weizmann St. The first time a minister (Filipino minister) preached personally to the Tel Aviv GWS was in July 1982 at their first true Holy Supper. (is there a fake supper)  During the occasion, officers were inducted, including Brother Samuel as head deacon. (Since 1982, your members are still worshiping inside private houses and villas and buildings! Is that the way the "true" Church was welcomed in its birthplace?)

Jerusalem: Amid the Gulf crisis events that Jed to the creation of the Jerusalem GWS on January 9, 1991 were concurrent with those of the Gulf War, which broke out a few days later. A year before the Gulf crisis, three sisters Araceli Pellas, Eliza Sison, and Delia Manuel (all Filipino Migrant Workers), who arrived separately in late 1989, met at a New Year get-together of Filipinos (I told you...) in Jerusalem. Some time later, after making acquaintance with Brother Leodegario Paguio (another Filipino), who had been head deacon since 1988, they enlisted at the Tel Aviv GWS.

In July 1990, Brother Donato Manuel and his wife, Sister Araceii, (the same Filipinos) were re-assigned in Jerusalem, ten years after their first stay in the city as officers at the United Nations field office. They got in touch with the three sisters and the five of them went by car pool in going to Tel Aviv-Yafo for the worship service. In early August, the brethren heard the news that Israel's neighbor Iraq invaded Kuwait. Travels of UN personnel, like the Manuel couple, were restricted and Israeli authorities tightened security and imposed a curfew. This gave the brethren a hard time commuting to Tel Aviv-Yafo. They saw the situation as an opportunity for them to organize a separate GWS.

They asked for the Church Administration's (why asked the Philipine  INC when the "true" Church already "RETURNED" to its BIRTHPLACE in JERUSALEM?) approval through a letter and received the reply on September 21, directing them to undergo a one-month trial. After the trial period, the brethren sent a favorable report to the Central Office (in the Philippines? I thought the "true" Church already "returned" back? What's keeping you from bringing back the Centrality back to Jerusalem?!) but had to wait until the next year for the final word. So they had to resume attending the worship service in Tel Aviv-Yafo. As the Gulf crisis worsened, Brother Donato Manuel and family at the UN's order, flew to Cyprus. Only four brethren were thus now left in the Israeli capital (only 4 remained? A "true" Church with only 4  Filipino Workers manning the "true" Church? Wow!) but it was not setback to the planned setting up of the Jerusalem GWS. The fifth member would return from vacation the following year hopefully to bring good news. And so Sister Eliza Sison (another Filipino) came back from the Philippines in early January 1991, carrying the letter of approval from the Church Administration, as well as hymnals, audiotapes of sermons, and official forms. On January 9, 1991, the JerusaIem GWS was born. Its birth was marked by the worship service held by five female members at 2:00 pm that Sunday in Sister Delia Manuel's place along Nof Harim Street, Yefe Nof. (only 5 members made up the "true" Church?! Wow, what a return!)

In April 1991, when the Gulf war was over, the Manuel family returned to Jerusalem and Brother Donato was appointed head deacon. On December 15, Brother Paterno See, the resident minister of the London Congregation, officiated the true Church Christ's (the true Church of Manalo-- the Iglesia Ni Cristo®) first annual thanksgiving service in Jerusalem in its modem history.

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