"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Silencing the Whistle-Blower: On the Corruption inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo®

Since April 19, 2015 Mr. Antonio Ebangelista (not his real name) exploded a time-bomb blow by blow exposure on the alleged corruption within the Church Felix Manalo founded in 1914 called the Iglesia Ni Cristo®. Closely monitored Mr. Ebangelista's social media accounts are being watched by INC™ Central's IT experts.  Like pack of wolves, they in turn reported Mr. Ebangelista's Facebook until it's banned or blocked.

While INC™ ministers loyal to Ka Jun Santos are now being hunted by Mr. Ebangelista, ReadMeINC (http://readmeiglesianicristo.blogspot.com), who is working under the Finance Department of INC™ Central and the only active INC blogger is also SILENT on the issue making him a possible accomplice to the alleged corruption.

But Mr. Ebangelista does not yield.  Intimidation and threat could not silence him.  Online bullying about his good intention couldn't stop him.  Here is his latest post...

From Iglesia Ni Cristo Silent No More 
As of 11AM (May 10, 2015) my Facebook Account – Antonio Ebangelista and Email Accounts have been blocked due to numerous facebook reports to block my account and security breaches to my email accounts. Hardware and software, both compromised.

Kudos to the ACTIV Team, hundreds in attendance and to the elite ACTIV lamers and hackers, a few good men and women, who tirelessly and relentlessly dig, backdoor after backdoor, footprint after footprint, IP address after IP address, just to be able to engineer a systems-breakdown and reveal my real identity and location. Shift after shift, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is not a simple task to undertake, even if it means taking a leave from work or business just to track this notorious blasphemer, Antonio Ebangelista and all those who conspire with him. All for the sake of the Church, for the honor of our beloved Executive Minister and for the Glory of God.

Beloved brethren, before you think ill of this group, called ACTIV, allow me to introduce what ACTIV is really all about, to give dignity to the noble objective why it was established in the first place…

Alliance of Computer Technology and Information Volunteers more commonly known as ACTIV is a group of brethren whose profession, work, educational course, skill or interest is in the field of Information Technology or I.T. This was established February 15, 2011 with the approval of the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. It was initially known as the I.T. Group of the Church and was formally approved to be known as the Alliance of Computer Technology and Information Volunteers or ACTIV last March 19, 2012.

What is the key role of ACTIV and why was it necessary for the Church to have a group like this?

In a nutshell, ACTIV is the technology-related resource group of the Church. To promote awareness on responsible use of technology specifically on the internet and social media. They are also dedicated and responsible brethren who help in the promotion of Church activities and events in social media. BUT MOST ESPECIALLY, they are responsible for monitoring the cyberspace for any and all negative information against the doctrines, the brethren, the Executive Minister and the church as a whole. They serve as GUARDIANS OF CYBERSPACE, and just imagine how vast that space is. That is why there should be ACTIV (volunteers) in every locale and district in the Church, counting to thousands of volunteers all working to defend the Church against any detractors of the Church.

For the past years they have served the Administration well in educating the brethren on the responsible use of the social media in order to safeguard the dignity and sacredness of the church, our doctrines and our practices. Because often times, some brethren, due to their pride and eagerness to share their joy and excitement in performing their duties, mistakenly post pictures or information that is not intended for public viewing, or may put the Church doctrines in a bad light. That is why we need to educate them and make them realize to “Think before they Click” because once it is out there in the internet, it’s there forever. The internet, social media in particular, is a very powerful media that is now virtually accessible to everyone. And with great powers, comes great responsibilities.

But then, there are also those who blatantly use the internet to disgrace the church and spread LIES and RUMORS in order to cause chaos and disarray in the church. The internet is our enemy’s favorite tool to attack the church because it provide a blanket of anonymity to the perpetrators. This is where ACTIV comes in to shield the church against these blasphemers. What do they do? One o fthe many ways to go about it is that they will report links to these sites where in they are spreading negative information against the church. It will then be reported to the upper ranks and will be decided upon as to what course of action will be taken. Will it be answered in the forum by a Minister in order to stop the spread of lies and rumors or simply ignore it? Will they conduct Search Engine Optimization by seeding INC hash tags of positive information or posts and make it trending so that it will burry the negative information away? Will it be reported by a group of ACTIV volunteers until such time that it will be blocked as of the case of Facebook accounts? Will it be traced to its source and dealt with accordingly? These are but just a glimpse of the scope of ACTIV’s responsibility in safeguarding the cyberspace for the sake of the church. I do admire and commend the dedication and devotion of these volunteers who painstakingly defend the Church against enemies in this new frontier. My respect and thanks goes to all of you…

But what happens when the guardian becomes the mercenary? What happens when the volunteers are ordered without question, to report FB accounts in order that they be blocked? What happens when the Team Leaders are ordered to keep silent and ovoid reading the posts themselves? What happens when the noble guardians are now transformed into mindless and heartless attack dogs? What happens if the elite skilled IT professionals become fanatical exterminators? What if the dedicated volunteers are ordered not to read what they are ordered to block, not to comprehend what they are ordered to destroy, to follow blindly without question without examining the facts first? Well… we should all know by now, because this is exactly what is happening now.

Everything that is posted in the social media is now considered a grave threat to the church and all volunteers are ordered to report, block, seed, delete, unfriend anything that has anything to do with us. I cannot answer in behalf of others, that is why I can only speak for myself, because I know that there are others who would ride on the situation and take advantage in spreading lies in social media, there are those who will pretend to be me and spread rumors and instigate rebellious acts. That is why whenever I post any of my exposés, I only account for myself and not anybody else who may have the same opinion but has a different objective. If there are those who speak ill of the Executive Minister, I respectfully advise them not to do so, if anybody were to encourage the readers to rebel or leave the church, I will condemn it. Why? Because my expositions were never intended to attack the Executive Minister, it was never to put the entirety of the church to a bad light, it was never to encourage anybody to forsake the teachings and doctrines inside the church. It is intended to expose the bad so that good will remain, to expose the wicked so that the righteous may stand firm, to expose the oppressors so that the victims may be rescued, to expose the corruption so that the church maybe cleansed and be brought back to its unblemished state. I do not fear even if the other religions use my exposés as their ammunition to attack the Iglesia Ni Cristo, because our doctrines are bullet-proof. It is not to give the false impression that we are not without faults, we are only human beings, what is happening now IS THE ACTUAL PROOF that we will not allow evil to overcome good, that the Church of Christ will never forsake the true teachings and commandments of God. Anybody who tries to turn this Church astray, God will send forth His soldiers to rise up and defend the true teachings. So whether the enemies of the Church thinks that they may have something that they may use against the Iglesia Ni Cristo, God will only prove them wrong…as always.

As the battle of social media continues, ACTIV Team Leaders started to ease up on the orders because they are careful that their very own volunteers might start to read the contents of my messages, they may start to investigate on how it all started, what the evidences prove and what are lies are they ordered to cover up. That is why they raised the security level of confidentiality of the Team Leaders, and gave out a hush order to the volunteers in order not to spark any curiosity among the volunteers that might trigger a further spread of the information that they are trying to extinguish in the first place. They then unleashed spies to pretend to be sympathizers in order to gather information, provoke us in revealing our identities, location, sources and the likes. These spies disguise themselves as supporters, chatting up the online whistleblowers in order to gather information which they will report to their co-leads in the team and they feast on these information like vultures, making us the laughing stock in their high-level private chat rooms.

And since these ACTIV Team Leaders are so complacent knowing that they are within their secured wall of security, amongst trusted peers, all dedicated to bring down the enemy, they unknowingly reveal their true spirit. Let me introduce some of them:


Unit 101 New Star Building, Central condominium, Central Avenue, Quezon City 1128 Telephone Number: (632) 806-6101 Email: admin@activinc.org

The Chairman: Bro. Emernito M. Culala (Minister of the Gospel)
Email: emer.culala@activinc.org Contact Number: 0920-9765271

President: Efren E. Tercias (Distinguished IT Professional)
Email: efren.tercias@activinc.org Contact Number: 0917-8735809

Vice President: Michael D. Sibug
Email: Michael.sibug@activinc.org Contact Number: 0916-3183504

These are just some of the people responsible for the gag order on Ma’am Lottie Manalo-Hemedez facebook account, myself, and a few others.

Here’s a few notable henchmen/feeling-men at their disposal: Michel “Mitch” L. Lozare – Contact Number: 0917-5559881

Peri Peleriacio (the closet queen)- Contact Number: 0929-5104964

Joey E. Alcaraz Contact Number: 0915-5661914

The reason why I placed these three in the most dishonorable mention is because, unlike the rest who are maybe just following their superiors’ orders, these hoodlums, have taken their task to a whole new low. Here’s why…

Because of misconception, I have already accepted the fact that a lot of brethren would probably despise me and misunderstand what I am doing and what prompted me to do this. So I have received a lot of hate mails, hate messages, name-calling, swearing and everything else you can think of. I try my best not to let it get to me because I know that God will not let me succeed in exposing all of these things if He did not want His people to know the truth about the corruption that is slowly eating away the core of our beloved church, not to disgrace the Church, but to open the eyes and awaken the brethren to stand firm and united, not in support to any person or group of people, but in upholding the true teaching of our Lord God. It is also God’s will that it was only at that fateful day when I first saw the cry for help of Sister Lottie Manalo-Hemedez on her facebook, the daughter of our beloved Ka Erdy, which for the first time, broke her silence and cried out for help. I felt the need to respond but I never planned it to be like this, if not for that Iggy Lawrence whom I first exchanged fiery comments with, I don’t think there would be an Antonio Ebangelista on social media… and the rest ay you may well know, is history.

But for these three hoodlums to call Ka Lottie the modern-day Mirriam and referred to Bro. Angel and Bro. Marc Manalo as the modern-day Core, Dathan and Abiram, for me is way below the belt. They have the nerve to conclude these things based on what? They speak of them as if they are not the daughter and sons of one of the most loving, compassionate, caring and dynamic Executive Minister of our time. They have been pillars of strength and trust of Ka Erdy’s Administration, but unfortunately, due to an elaborate plan of the corrupt Ministers of the Advisory Council, the Family of Ka Erdy has been tainted with fabricated lies designed to bring division and discord in their family. For this reason, people like Ka Mitch, Ka Peri, Ka Joey and the likes, showed off their true colors, the spirit that they are hiding from within. This is exactly the same spirit that flows from Ka Emer Culala, Ka Efren Tercias and Ka Michael Sibug, who follow blindly with out question, and persecute the Family of Ka Erdy, speak wickedly about them, intimidate them on every side and they will do absolutely anything and will stop at nothing until they have destroyed all the evidences against the corrupt minister of the Sanggunian, even to the point of doing something illegal like cyber hacking an account in order to steal information about the account holder or plant incriminating false evidence to implicate anybody they want. This is really a sad day to see ACTIV turn into this, from something good that is intended to uphold everything that is true, right and just, into to what it is now. This is actually the very reason why more and more ACTIV members are making dummy FB accounts just to be able to read what they are not supposed to read in social media, and now since they are enlightened to the truth of what is really actually happening inside the church, they are sharing these information to more and more brethren here and abroad via social media.

So I just hope the people reading this article will not do to these ACTIV hoodlums what they have done to Ka Lottie, constantly bombarding her facebook account with “report” to facebook in order to block her account. I also sincerely hope the concerned brethren all over the world who are so appalled at the atrocity of these people will not think badly of them. I hope these people will not experience what Ka Lottie and her family are experiencing, being followed by a dubious looking motorcycle rider or by an unmarked vehicle just to see where you are going, being followed where ever you go, at work, in the locale, when you pick up your wife and kids, or just merely going outside your house. I hope nobody will do what they are thinking of when they see the two brothers, hitting them in the face (sasapokin ko sila) according Ka Peri. Imagine, he has the audacity to think of laying his hands on Ka Marc and Ka Angel to hurt them??? Well I certainly hope to God that I don’t see them face to face first, I may not be able to restrain myself. And for them to even say that Ka Lottie and her brothers will have leprosy and be punished severely. Why? Simply because in their close-minded heads, they are so convinced of the lies fed to them that the Family of Ka Erdy are conspirators against the Executive Minister, how utterly foolish and ignorant of these people.

So on a final note, Ka Mitch and the likes, you can report us all you want and have us blocked by Facebook, you can try and hack our system, trace our IP addresses, use social engineering to pinpoint our location and our true identities… but why not stop and read our message first? Use your mind and hearts and weigh things first. Why not investigate further and see if we really are against the Executive Minister or are we really just against the corruptions perpetrated by the Ministers of Sanggunian and other corrupt Ministers? Because I can sincerely assure you that I have never been against Ka Eduardo. I am here for one purpose only, to expose the corrupt Ministers of the Sanggunian, protect the sanctity of the Ministry and the Church and return it to its clean and unblemished state. You might think that if I am against the Sanggunian then I am also against Ka Eduardo, because the Sanggunian is part of the Church Administration. I hope none of you would be that dense to blindly accept that the Ministers of the Sanggunian are truly untouchable or infallible simply because they cower behind the notion that since they are part of the Church Administration therefore they should be exempted from scrutiny and proper investigation. Let us first open our hearts so that we may see what our eyes cannot.

Oh by the way, Bro. Mitch, congratulations on your “hacking” endeavors. Please say hello to the many “real” hackers eagerly awaiting your exploits (and secretly laughing at you right now). I can only but thank them for allowing me to play dumb while Sister Orbel Maximo (playing dumber) was chatting with me so that they can plant a link on sister Orbel’s facebook chat and obtain administrative access to her facebook and the rest of the secret chatrooms. I guess you didn’t see that coming ey? From there, we were able to monitor your conversations even up to the secret group chat of TIM (Team Interactive Media), and we had a field day reading all your messages to each other (I’m actually grinning right now) and seeing how proud you must have felt thinking that you’re two steps ahead of us. So Sister Orbel Maximo, with all the lies you told me, one thing was actually true, when you told me that you’re not that good in IT. (Here’s a remembrance of our little chat and your two-faced version on your ACTIV Chat)

(Nota: Ka Efren, hindi po porket wala kayong alam ay hindi na totoo at hindi nangangahulugan na kasinungalingan na ito, nangangahulugan lang na hindi nyo alam….)

Everybody was asking me who are these people who keeps on having our facebook accounts blocked? Who’s making all those poser accounts so they can trick the brethren in revealing his identity and reporting them to the respective Pastors and District Ministers? Who’s making fake fan pages and fb accounts to deceive the brethren. Who goes around social media to intimidate and threaten our brethren to stop liking and sharing these exposés. Now you know po. You know who they are, where they are, and what they are doing.

Let’s give them a little taste of their own medicine.

Ever wonder why it takes them such a longer time to have our facebook accounts blocked nowadays? It’s because more and more ACTIV members are now joining our ranks and denouncing the acts that they were made to do in ACTIV. For now, they remain active ACTIVE members (pun intended), but sluggishly refuse to do their every bidding, they just can’t get out in the open just yet. That’s why ACTIV is now diminished in numbers and only but a few handful in HQ are doing their dirty jobs, because most of their members are now aware, and they are just SILENT FOR NOW. So to those handful hoodlums there, please do indulge yourself in trying to hack the system in order to get to me. But since you blocked me from Facebook hours ago, I transferred all my server-content to a new server site, which I know you will love. I furnished a copy of all your facebook accounts, chat messages, posts etc, to our brethren there in the United States working for the US government. I think it will be beneficial for you to acquire the services of a good international lawyer before you continue with your “hacking expeditions” which you openly admitted on your post and will prove as evidence incriminating you to a cybercrime law offense. Thank you and may you have a good day today and a sound and restful sleep later. Hasta la vista!

Antonio Ebangelista

Official FB Page: Silent No More

Official Website: https://iglesianicristosilentnomore.wordpress.com

Email: increportsforvem@gmail.com

Instagram: @antonioebangelista

Twitter: @AEbangelista1

Hashtags: Please copy and paste to all your messages to make sure that ACTIV will not be able to delete this message.

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Antonio Ebangelista
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  1. Pinulot mo pala yong mga paratang at mga paninira ni Antonio (Ibang) Ebangelista laban sa Pamamahala ng INC. Akala mo ba ay para kang nakapulot ng baril na gagamitin laban sa amin. Sorry, sir. Kasama kayo sa mga puputukan sa mukha sa inakala nyo na magagamit laban sa amin

    Kung malinis ang iyong budhi at mabuti ang yong layunin. Patunayan mo na hindi ka bias sa presentasyon ng impormasyon, I-post mo rin ang sagot ng INC sa mga akusasyon na yan.

    Kung hindi mo gawin ang ganitong presentasyon, kasama ka rin ng mga mandarayang nagkakalat ng lagim sa social media. Hindi totoong kayo ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo.

    1. Alfer,

      Hindi naman sa pagmamalinis pero hindi ba't kayong mga kaanib ng INC™ ni Manalo ay mahilig PUMULOT ng mga basurang balita na ISINULAT ng mga ANTI-CATHOLIC journalists?

      Mahilig din kayong pumulot ng mga balita sa internet basta masamang balita laban sa Iglesia Katolika na HINDI naman isinulat ng mga Katoliko!

      Pagdating naman sa usapin tungkol kay G. Antonio Ebangelista eh MINISTRO PA RIN PO SIYA ng IGLESIA NI CRISTO® hanggang sa kasalukuyan.

      Sa katunayan eh NASA CENTRAL po siya nagtatrabaho hanggang ngayon.

      At ang kanyang mga isiwalat na mga balita ay MAY VISUAL EVIDENCE naman kaya't ang TANGING panangga niyo niyo lang eh "PATUNAYAN MO..."

      KAYO sa Central ang DAPAT na MAGPATUNAY na MALI si G. Antonio Ebangelista. Kayo ang dapat na GUMAWA ng paraan upang PATUNAYAN niyong MALI at SINUNGALING itong kapawa Ministro niyo!

      Mahirap di ba? Kasi MAY HARD EVIDENCE si G. Ebangelista. Kitang kita nga oh!

      At ung sabi mong HINDI KAMI ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo?

      Sinong nagsabi? Si Manalo? Kailan pa naging PEKE ang Iglesia Katolika eh MAS NAUNA pa kami kaysa sa inyo.

      Tandaan mo, LAHAT NG PEKE sa merkado eh NAHUHULI sa TUNAY. Hindi pwedeng nauuna ang PEKE tapos TUNAY ang kasunod... logic.

      Ngayon, ikaw na ang bahalang MAGPASINUNGALING sa inyong OFFICIAL MAGASIN!

      PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46: “Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo."

      PASUGO Mayo 1968, p. 7:
      “Ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo ay iisa lamang, ito ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo. Kung mayroon mang nagsisibangon ngayong mga Iglesia at sasabihing sila man ay INK rin ang mga ito ay hindi tunay kundi huwad lamang!"

      PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5
      “Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK."

      Hayan, bahala ka na! Hard evidence na yan!

  2. Hindi po ako sang-ayon sa mga gawang paninira o pagpapasama sa kapuwa. Ang turo ng kapatid na Felix Manalo ay di yan gawain ng mabuting tao o ministro. Ang utos ng Panginoong Diyos ay pag-ibig sa kapuwa. Kaya naniniwala po ako sa itinuro ng kapatid na Felix Manalo na ang ibunyag ay ang mga maling aral o turo para sa kapakanan ng kaluluwa ng lahat ng tao at ang sundin ay ang aral ng Diyos.

    Hindi rin po ako tutol na punahin o ilantad ang masasamang gawain o corruption ng sinuman sapagkat labag ito sa kalooban ng Diyos ngunit dapat gawin ito ng ayon sa kalooban ng Diyos.



    Ano po ba ang layunin ninyo sa paggawa nito? Ang magsabi ba ng katotohanan dahil sa pag-ibig sa kapuwa o makapanira lamang sa INC at sa aming Pamamahala? Iginagalang ko po kayo kahit di ko kayo personal na kilala at magkaiba tayo ng pananampalataya sapagkat kayo man po ay aking kapuwa at naniniwala po ako na mahal ninyo ang inyong pananampalataya gaya ko rin po na nagmamahal sa aming pananampalataya.


  3. Hindi po ba ninyo nababasa ang mga sagot ng isa sa mga kapatid namin sa INC? Binabasa ko ang lahat ng mga sinasabi ni AE at binabasa ko rin ang sagot sa mga yon upang huwag akong maging bias at matama kong pinag-aralan ang magkabilang panig upang makagawa ng tamang pagpapasiya sa abot ng aking kakayanan at sa patnubay ng Panginoong Jesus. SO FAR, ay nakikita ko ang mga pandaraya at kasinungalingan ni Antonio Ebanghelista. Ito ang link para mapag-isip-isip mo rin na totoo ang sinasabi ko:


    Hindi rin po ako naniniwala na Ministro pa siya sa INC at sa Central pa rin naglilingkod. Kasama na po kayo sa mga nadadaya niya. Basahin po ninyong muli ang obserbasyon ni ka readme. Tiyak ko po na nabasa ninyo na dahil sa gumawa ka na nga ng artikulo tungkol sa mga sinasabi niya. Basahin mo po uli, at this time, basahin mo na hindi sarado ang isip at mauunawaan mo rin na hindi na nga siya Ministro sa INC at sa aming Central office pa rin siya nagtatrabaho.

    Kilala po ba ninyo si Melanio Gabriel Jr.? Dati siyang pinagtiwalaan ng Pamamahala sa maselan na posisyon sa Central Office ng INC. Noong displinahin siya dahil sa mga napatunayan na kasalanang ginagawa niya ay nagtanim ng galit sa halip na magpakababa at kung ano-ano na ring mga paninira ang sinasabi makaganti lamang sa kahihiyan na sinapit niya ng disiplinahin siya ng Pamamahala. Get po ba ninyo?

    Masasabi ko po na itong si AE ay mas lalong tuso na gaya ng diablo ang mga pamamaraan o taktika na ginagamit. Maraming mga kasinungalingan ang sinasabi niya ngunit isinama sa ibang katotohanan kaya kung di ka nakaaalam ng buong katotohanan ay madali kang mapapaniwala o madadaya.

    Di raw niya kinakalaban ang aming Tagapamahala kundi ang mga corruption DAW ng mga nasa mataas na katungkulan sa INC. Kung ganoon nais niyang palitawin na kinikilala niya ang divine authority nito at kakampi siya ng aming Tagapamahala, nagmamalasakit pa raw siya at may tiwala sa kaniya (EVM). Pero bakit po kaya di siya sumusunod sa mga bilin at payo ng aming Tagapamahala. Gusto pa niya palabasin na misinformed ang Tagapamahala namin sa mga ikinakalat niya ngayon sa social media. Alam na alam niya kung gaano kalaliman ang kaalaman ng aming Pamamahala sa mga makabagong komunikasyon at ginagamit nila ito ng wasto at kung saan nararapat gamitin. Kung lalantad siya ay personal siyang kakausapin ng aming Tagapamahala sapagkat ang inihahayag niya ay mga akusasyon sa mga nasa mataas na katungkulan sa INC at si Kapatid na Eduardo lamang ang maaring umaksyon sa kanila. Malinaw na sa amin ang katotohanan at ang kanyang masamang hangarin. Gayon man ay binibigyan sila ng pagkakataon ng aming Tagapamahala na magpakumbaba at magbago. Kahit napakalaki ng kasalanan niya ay maaari pa rin siyang mapatawad at makapagbalik-loob

    Representante po kayo ng Iglesia Katolika sa pagtatanggol sa inyong simbahan at siguro naman po ay mayroon po kayong otorisasyon ng inyong simbahan sa ginagawa ninyo. Tama po ba ako?

    Kaya kung ang gagawin po ninyong presentasyon ay BIAS, nagiging kaisa na rin po kayo sa pagkakalat ng mga impormasyon o akusasyon na di naman napatutunayan ang katotohanan. Galit po ang Diyos sa ganyang gawain na MISREPRESENTATION. Isa na po yan sa mga dahilan kaya di ako maniniwala na ang simbahan niyo ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo.


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