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Monday, August 31, 2015

DOCUMENT: Complaint vs INC leaders submitted to the Department of Justice (August 25, 2015)

Here is a copy of the complaint filed by ex-INC™ Minister Isaias Samson Jr. and his family at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in August 25, 2015 that prompted the Sanggunian to mobilize members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® against Sec. Leila de Lima.

(Source: Rappler.com)


  1. First of all, we all submitted our passports. All of us. And none of that led to persecution. Second, the "illegal" detainment or house arrest and confiscation he refers to is the standard disciplinary suspension implemented on members of the Ministry, used during times of investigation, persisting until matters are settled; something, we are familiar with even since our time as Ministerial Students. Why, you may ask, do we willingly submit to such a thing? Because we swore to it when we joined the INC. Each and every member, before baptism, reviews, signs, and then reads aloud a sworn statement, wherein is written, "I solemnly vow to accept any disciplinary action that the Church Administration deems necessary". This is sworn aloud before a congregation and before God. The lay member understands what this means; it is unfortunate that Isiais Samson could not. He broke a vow, not to man, but to God, and that is why he was expelled. Thirdly, I'm counting fingers here, there are far more effective ways to "put somebody's life in danger" than to (a)provide for them a doctor, and (b)offer to buy them groceries so they don't starve. I hope you catch my meaning. Finally, abduction. Let's review the events of the vigorous 4-day rally against Samson... who led it? Do you know? It was none other than the not-so-pleased Arnel Tumanan. Who is Arnel Tumanan? One of the ministers that Samson claims to be "abducted" and "missing". Nothing further need be stated.

    As former head of legal in the INC, he knows fully well how to compose a compelling case, and is well aware that the public is generally ignorant of the inner workings of the INC, using this to his advantage. Impressively, he uses this to craft a story, laced with sympathetic undertones and half-truths.

    Samson is cunning, and a very formidable adversary to the faith.

    1. Hi BIKUTAA

      Let me remind you of R.A. No. 8239 or better known as the Philippine Passport Act of 1996, and I quote

      "SECTION 11. Ownership of Passports. — A Philippine passport remains at all times the property of the Government, the holder being a mere possessor thereof as long as it is valid and the same may not be surrendered to any person or entity other than the government or its representative: Provided, That a Filipino citizen may voluntarily surrender his/her passport to a Philippine Service Post for storage and safekeeping for which a proper receipt shall be issued for use when reclaiming the passport at a later date."

      I think, Section 11 of R.A. 8239 is very clear. the holder can only surrender his passport to the Government or its representative(s).

      Does INC or the Sanggunian a representative of the Republic?


      Therefore, the INC, no matter how you say confiscating one's passport is imbeded in your sworn statement as Ministers, but that "oath" will not hold water since by its creation violates R.A. 8239 Sec. 11.

      Your INC oath is NOT ABOVE THE LAW and therefore, those who confiscated it should be challenged by the court-- you only have to counter Mr. Samson's allegations.

      Secondly, Samson, being a member of the INC™ and one of the powerful Minister before he was cast out, is STILL A FILIPINO CITIZEN protected by our Laws, therefore he has the right to file a case against anyone whom he thinks has violated his RIGHTS.

      Thirdly, we may be hearing one side but the call of Ka Tenny and Ka Angel makes us believe that Mr. Samson's please should be looked into by the right government department and that is the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.

      OBSTRUCTION of Justice is punishable and I don;t think any of the INC™ member of the Sanggunian could afford to break.

      Who is Mr. Samson that you're too afraid to face in the court? That you should rally your people against the Secretary of Justice for what? Intimidation?

      Let me give you a clear idea why most Filipinos (including your own) believes to Samson, it's because with just one man's allegations, your hive was shaken. And with just one "rumor" of a certain "Antonio Ebangelista" you were all threatened. Hmmmm smells fishy...

      No amount of intimidation you can do to stop Mr. Samson and others to file a case.

      And more pressing question is: Why is Arnel Tumanan spoke only through NET25? Why he is not allowed to speak FREELY to other media outlets?

      There is more fear in the INC™ as day after day, Samson is freely speaking in the media, away from the one-sided NET25.

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    1. Sige po. Please acknowledge our source, RAPPLER.


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