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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Founder of the Iglesia Ni Cristo® and his Family Tree

As the INC™ Church of Manalo has been badly in the headlines for two weeks now, it's becoming clearer for both INC™ members and non-members that the Iglesia Ni Cristo® is not from God and our Lord Jesus Christ.-- it's OWNED BY THE MANALO FAMILY.  Many consider those controversies rocking the very foundation of their church a "Family Feud" between the siblings of the late Eraño de Guzman Manalo.  Some would like to think that the source of glitch between them was due to lack of transparency on how Eduardo and the notorious Sanggunian spend its members contributions in projects that do not reflect their doctrines such as the Philippine Arena, eating up more money than generating.  And in all of those controversies, a single name comes out-- three GLICERIO SANTOSes (Jr., III, IV).

Who are the Manalos in the Iglesia Ni  Cristo®? Who brought the split of the Manalos in their clan? Here is a starter.

Source: Rappler

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