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Monday, March 7, 2016

Iglesia Ni Cristo's Online Vigilantes called "MANDIRIGMA" starts Attacking ex-members!

IGLESIA NI CRISTO®'s ONLINE VIGILANTES called "MANDIRIGMA" are in FULL SWING against former INC™ members. Mr. Lowell Menorca II and his family was ATTACKED online! 

Please pray for Mr. Menorca and all those who are persecuted and threatened by the INC™ leadership.
Source: Inquirer.net

Ex-INC minister who accused sect leaders goes missing — lawyer

Former Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Minister Lowell Menorca II and his family are missing, his counsel said before the Court of Appeals.
Menorca was supposed to appear before the Court of Appeals for the continuation of his cross examination on the writ of amparo petition filed by his brother Anthony and sister-in-law Jungko.

Named respondents are INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo and members of the sect’s Sanggunian, Radel Cortez, Bienvenido Santiago, and Rolando Esguerra.

The petition was filed last Oct. 15, 2015 after Menorca and his family were taken by alleged INC members after he was being suspected to be Anthony Ebanghelista, the blogger writing against INC.

During Monday’s hearing, Menorca’s counse

l Atty. Trixie Angeles said last Sunday evening the last communication she had with Menorca was at 8pm Sunday.
Angeles said Menorca called her from the airport.

“He informed us that they received a death threat,” Angeles told the Court.

The death threat was sent using Menorca’s family photo with a March 7 date, face of his daughter marked with an “X”. It was placed on the windshield of his vehicle.

“It scared him so much that he proceeded to the airport so that he could secure his family,” Angeles told reporters.

At the airport, she said Menorca informed him past 7 in the evening Sunday that he has a warrant of arrest and a hold departure order, meaning they cannot leave the country.

Angeles said Menorca informed her that he was held by Immigration officials supposedly to be turned over to the Philippine National Police (PNP) and then brought to Camp Crame.

At 8 in the evening, Angeles said he received another call from Menorca informing her that they have been allowed to leave.

“He called us and told us that he was being allowed to leave to which we expressed our reservations because if there is an HDO, it would not be possible. Nevertheless he promised to call us no matter how things turned out and he has not been reachable ever since,” Angeles said.

Angeles said she could not also reach Menorca’s brother Anthony and sister-in-law Jungko.

INC lawyers questioned why Menorca’s lawyer was not able to communicate with him after 8pm Sunday when Menorca was able to post on his Facebook account 6 hours ago.

“I am expressing suspicion as to the authenticity of this claim,” Att. Patricia Ann Prodigalidad said.

Prodigalidad was referring to the photo of the death threat the Menorca’s family received where the former minister appealed to leave his daughter alone.

The Court of Appeals reset the case on March 21 and 28.

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