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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

July 27, Unholy Day, Work as usual

Good decision. July 27 will remain an ordinary day for Filipinos. What's so special with it anyway?

July 27, the founding anniversary of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), has been declared a special working holiday through an act of Congress.

About time.

If Ramadan, a Muslim feast, is a holiday, why not INC’s special day?

After all, INC is a Christian religion in a country that is predominantly Christian. (Source: Inquirer)

To be precise, the Philippines is predominantly Catholic. And they are estimated to have almost 2 billion worldwide adherents including those Catholics by name only. Islam is next. So why Ramadan is considered a "non working holiday"? It's because they represent the other one third of world's population and Iglesia ni Cristo (1914) doesn't represent even one eight of the majority of the Filipinos.

It's about time? I don't think so.

And who says the INC are Christians? They're a cult!


  1. another opinion! is INC a cult?
    wow! what a cult! recognizing by many people in the country, even the president of the philippines! and even the president of the USA, Pres. barack obama! what a famous Cult! haha

  2. GMA and barack are personalities. They have vested interest. They always want to be politically correct, let's say your bloc vote for GMA

    Still INC to many is considered as a cult.

  3. yes, you are right! INC is considered as a cult by ANTI-INC... but even there's a millions of people saying that still, the INC did not fall down, why? it is because god help the INC over the detractors and propagandas. But wait, how about Pres. Obama and other Pres. in American countries, hello? the INC members there is just a small one in there if you compare it to other religions, so, why do they even greet INC or why do they makes such effort to do that? is it for them to win in the next election? hello!

  4. What's in the INC? It's a religious group!
    Politically Powerful! Has a good political Machinery!

    What about Biblical Truth? Historical Facts?
    Nay! This INC was founded by a self proclaimed "Last Messenger" in July 27, 1914.

    GMA and Obama knew that! Nothing, they just want to greet you.

  5. "Cult refers to a small organization of worshipers who are adherent to a certain teaching."

    THe difference is that the INC is not a small organization. It is now known world wide as a large organization with millions of adherents.

  6. Thanks for defining what's cult.

    yes, you are right, a cult is a small group of controlled people, brainwashed so to speak.

    Take for example, bloc voting, it makes each member a robot without choice that undermines one's basic rights to choose a leader.

    Doctrines that are hidden from the public's eye is considered a cult just as the Iglesia ni Cristo® teachings could't be found in any bookstore or in the net. They just keep them secret.

    Lastly, yes, you are a cult. You are just a million, not bigger than the Jehovah's Witnesses or the Presbyterians. Only 3-10 million members MOSTLY ARE FILIPINOS... Iglesia ni Cristo® is known in any part of the World as long as there are Filipinos there.

    Ask Nelson Mandela if he knows about you lol..


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