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Monday, April 11, 2011

"French" Muslim Women Defies French Laws in Favor of Islam and Shariah

Photo Source: Islamization Watch
Today and onwards, Muslim extremists and Muslim women activists are expected to defy one of Europe's most couregous countries after Belgium BANNING Burqa and Niqab an Islamic veiling of women that were used by Islamic terrorists to attack our cities disrupting our peaceful co-existence. While Muslim women living in the Middle East were barred from expressing their political views, Muslim women in our democratic societies were enjoying our political system while dissenting our national interest and security. French people had spoken-- NO TO BURQAS and NIQABS. End of the story.

As a lover of democracy, equality and co-existence, I would like to see Christians freely expressing their faith in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim cities in the Middle East without coercion, violent threats, discrimination and intolerance by the same group of people who are demanding their religious rights in our democratic cities. That's only a piece of clothing but how about your Islamic cities where carrying Rosaries is a CRIME and expressing our Christian faith in secrecy for the fear of Saudi Religious police (Muttawa).  IMHO if they can't live with our LAWS, I am certain Saudi Arabia is willing to take them under the political asylum agreement where they can fully enjoy full implementation of Islamic Shariah where they women enjoy wearing their Niqab and Burqa at all times. -CD2000
For life, liberty and the burqa: Muslim women defy France's ban on full-face veils

By Dheepthi Namasivayam (Comments can be read @ Jihad Watch)
Story Source: Herald Sun

THEY are the women prepared to defy France for the burqa.

From today French police have the power to stop Muslim women wearing full-face veils and to threaten them with fines or prison if they refuse to expose their faces.

All over France posters have been put up reminding veil-clad women that “the Republic lives with its face uncovered”.

Last year, President Nicolas Sarkozy pushed through a controversial law banning Muslim women from wearing burqas or niqabs in public. He said the law was to increase security but claimed it would liberate Muslim women from the oppression of their veil.

Any woman who refuse to lift her veil can be taken to a police station, fined 150 euros ($205) and ordered to attend re-education classes.

Anyone found guilty of forcing a woman to wear face veils in public or in private faces a fine of 30,000 euros and a year in jail.

However, some women have vowed to defy the law.

“I will not obey it,” said Wahiba Mebrek, 25, from the suburb of Villepinte, north of Paris. “I will only respect laws of the French Republic which are not in contradiction with me, my religion and my faith,” she added.

She is angry the Government and media peddled this image of them as being oppressed. For her, it was a conscious decision, made by her and husband when they became devout Muslims eight years ago.

Violent reaction

Hind*, a 31-year-old single mother from the suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois outside Paris, switched from the “miniskirt to the veil” after converting to Islam six years ago.

She said that her wearing of the veil had provoked hostile, even violent reactions in the street. She was recently attacked in front of her daughter by a couple.

“People’s reactions weren’t as violent until this issue was mediatised. Now that the law has passed, they feel that their violent behaviour towards us is justified,” she said.

“People have the impression that we are totally cut off from the world, but we have normal relationships like everyone else, we are accessible."

Hind will not take off her niqab, if asked by police. “Never ever will I apply this law,” she said. “It is not up to the government to meddle in my private life and my beliefs.”

French officials estimate that about 2000 women, from a total Muslim population estimated at between four and six million, wear the full-face veil.

Many Muslims and human rights groups accuse Mr Sarkozy of targeting one of France's most vulnerable and isolated groups to signal to anti-immigration voters that he shares their fear that Islam is a threat to French culture.

Years of abuse

Other critics worry the law may be hard to enforce, since it had to be drawn up without reference to religion to ban any kind of face covering in public and since police officers will not be allowed to remove women's head coverings.

But for other women, wearing the veil was not a choice.

Zeina*, 31, was forced to wear the niqab by her abusive ex-husband. She lived with his abuse until one day, a neighbour saw her bruises and took her to a women’s refuge. She details the ordeal in her autobiography, Sous Mon Niqab (Under my Veil).

“When I wore the niqab, I felt excluded from the world, from society,” she said. “Taking it off was a sort of freedom, a liberty for me.”

But she opposes the law, saying it will further oppress women. Unable to wear their veil in public, Zeina fears their abuse may go unnoticed as they will be confined to their homes.

As for those women who wear their niqab in the street for Friday afternoon prayers at their local mosque, they too risk being fined.

This is what worries Mrs Mebrek.

“The veil is an exterior manifestation of my religion but in a secular country, I am free to do so,” she said. “All this will stop from April 11.”

*Names were suppressed or changed as requested


  1. REAL Christians LOVE ALLApril 17, 2011 at 3:39 AM

    You're a very ignorant person and I feel sorry for you. Banning certain clothing is no different than mandating it, and calling yourself a "lover of democracy, equality, and co-existence" has got to be one of the most hypocritical statements of all time.

    Sure, some Muslim countries have their problems with the way they treat women and people of other faiths - no one can deny that. But democracy, equality, and co-existence aren't about forcing YOUR beliefs on others - whether it's Muslims onto Christians, or Christians onto Muslims. Democracy, equality, and co-existence also aren't about stooping down to the lowest levels of human behavior just because "they" are doing it.

    I know many Muslims and I have studied the Islamic faith for years, and the niqab, hijab, or any other form of covering are BY FAR a woman's CHOICE. Are there women who are forced to do it? Of course. That doesn't mean that all women are. A lot of American women are also abused by their husbands and other men in their lives, does that mean that ALL American women are? By your logic it does.

    You need to EDUCATE yourself about what Islam is and stop listening to inflammatory rhetoric that's designed to DESTROY peace between all peoples. I'm not a Muslim but I have studied Islam for many years. It's a beautiful religion that considers itself a continuation of Judaism and Christianity. Muslims love and revere Jesus just like the most devout Christians. How can you have so much hate for people who share so many of your values? Don't let the bad apples spoil the bunch. You are missing out on a lot of valuable world knowledge by entrenching yourself in the darkness of ignorance.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    It's really a pity that yet you are saying you have studied the Islamic faith for years and yet you are so ignorant about the plight of women in Muslim countries?

    Unless you are an agnostic or a cold Christian, perhaps you studied but you didn't live in the Middle East.

    Yes I am living with Muslims in the Middle East. I can attest that I have good Muslims around me and they are honest people. They live in a country that is dominated by mullahs and shieks, but I wonder how many mullahs and shieks really live to what they preach.

    I am not inciting hatred. I am onto saying to Muslims to respect our beliefs as we respect yours. There is nothing harmful if I'd ask for a piece of bread while I give you the butter. It's a give and take.

    So before coming here and lecture me of your "Islamic knowledge" I don't need your Ph.D. just to get the core of it. YOU NEED TO LIVE AND IMMERSE youself with their culture, half of your life.. Muslims and Islam are not things you need to study.. they are people who are ready to listen and understand.. but of course the mullahs and the sheiks.. that's anther story.

  3. Oh btw, stop saying we Christians should LOVE when you cannot even see the difference between LOVE and HATE!


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