"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Manalo adherent says the Catholic Church of Christ was founded by Emperor Constantine

Wishing all Catholics a Blessed Holy Week observation.

Here is another ranting comments from a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo taken from my earlier post INC Affirms the Doctrine of Trinity. Playing safe, his posted name has no link that even when he may be "misrepresenting" the correct sentiments of the Central of Iglesia ni Cristo, he can't be chastised by its Ministers kasi nagtatago!

Big_Brother said...
hehehe..pagan defender you make me laugh.. it doesn't matter how much you try to justify it, analyze it, theorize it... (1) emperor constantine of rome founded your church way after the death of the apostles and christ... and the (2) word christian came from the people in antioch where they were first called christian during the time of apostle paul before 33AD.. and not after. you guys realy try hard to bring us down ic and (3)  make us look out to be the bad people when your scandalous church with your pedofiles and money hungry priests.. dont you think if God wasn't on our side we would of been long gone. but no thats (4) why we are forever continuously growing in strength and your (5) false church is declining by the hundreds all over the world.. you (6) people are afraid of us... hehehe (7) blessed be to god.. so you can do all the research you want against us it doesn't mean or prove a thing. (8) yes we are the true chosen people of God, the proof is before your eyes all over the world. why dont you seriously attend a worship service. see for yourself. what do you hear that is wrong in the teaching.. your (9) afraid of the truth thats why your doing all of this

Hey, Manalo worshipper, thank you once again for showing to the world your bigotry. Here is my response and I will provide it with links to prove my case against your bigotry. Enjoy yourself Mr. Manalo worshipper! Read this:

PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46:
“Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo."
But here is what a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo is asserting:

(1) "emperor constantine of rome founded your church way after the death of the apostles and christ.."

Here is what's OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED in their PASUGO Magazine of the Central Iglesia ni Cristo taken from Ang Katotohanan Tungkol sa INK-1914, and I quote:

1-PASUGO Pebrero 1959, p. 1: (sinulat ni Ben Santiago)
“Mahigit nang isang libo at limangdaang taon ang Iglesia Katolika sa mundo. Maglilimangdaang taon naman ang mga Protestante. Ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay mag-aapatnapu't limang taon lamang mula noong 1914." (Ika-limang siglo ng Iglesia Katolika)

2-PASUGO Mayo 1952, p. 5: (sinulat ni Ben Santiago).
“Mula sa taong 527 hanggang 565 sa panahon ng Emperador Justinano naging ganap ang pagkatatag ng Iglesiang ito na sumipot sa Pulong ng Nicea." (Ika-anim na siglo)

3-PASUGO Agosto 1962, p. 3: (sinulat ni Ben Santiago)
“Sino ang nagtayo ng Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana? Ang Konsilyo Batikano! Kailan? Noong 1870." (Ika-labingsiyam na siglo)

4-PASUGO Marso 1956, p. 25: (sinulat ni Teofilo Ramos)
“Ang Iglesia Katolika'y pinabrika lamang ng mga Obispo noong 1870 sa Batikano."

5-PASUGO Pebrero 1952, p. 9: (sinulat ni Joaquin Balmores)
“Hindi mapapasinungalingan ninuman na talagang ang Iglesia Katolika ang lumitaw sa loob ng Emperyo Romano noong ika-apat na siglo."

PANSININ: Ang mga ito ang Ministrong inaralan at inatasang magpahayag ng pagkatatag ng Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana:

•Si Emiliano Magtuto--PASUGO Nob. 1956, p. 18: -- 44 B.C.
•Si Benjamin Santiago -- PASUGO Peb. 1959, p. 1: -- 400 A.D.
•Si Benjamin Santiago -- PASUGO Ago. 1962, p. 3: -- 1870 A.D.
•Si Teofilo C. Ramos -- PASUGO Mar. 1956, p. 25: -- 1870 A.D.
•Si Joaquin Balmores -- PASUGO Peb. 1952, p. 9: -- 400 A.D.

Isa ang mga petsang salu-salungatan na napag-aralan ni G. Felix Manalo na pagkatatag ng Iglesia Katolika at inilathala naman ng mga nabanggit na Ministro niya.

Dahil dito lalong lumilitaw na hindi sa Dios at kay Cristo ang itinayong Iglesia ni Felix Manalo alinsunod pa rin sa nasusulat sa Magasing PASUGO Agosto 1951, p. 18 na ganito ang mababasa natin:

“Totoo rin na kung ang Iglesia ay iba-iba ang inaaral sa iba't ibang panahon ay tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo."

Tumpak at marahil sa mukha nila bumalandra ang sinasabi nilang ito."

Here's what the secular WORLD HISTORY is saying about the History of the Catholic Church. Thanks to Wikipedia:
Catholic tradition holds that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ. The New Testament records Jesus' activities and teaching, his appointment of the twelve Apostles and his instructions to them to continue his work.[7][8] The Catholic Church teaches that the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles, in an event known as Pentecost, signaled the beginning of the public ministry of the Church.[9] While there is no particular narrative of Peter being "consecrated by Jesus," and then by "Peter traveling to Rome founding a church there" in Church tradition, this came to be the Catholic view. Peter is also held to be Rome's first bishop and consecrater Linus as its next bishop, thus starting the line of Popes of whom Pope Benedict XVI is the current successor. This view is often repeated in the Catholic Church.[10] The narratives of the appointment of the twelve Apostles and the appointing of Matthias as an Apostle are both found directly in the Scriptures.

Read more the History of Christianity by Wikipedia and History Tree by SCBorromeo.org

Here is what we can read from About.com:
"As the oldest continuously operating organization, the Catholic Church has a distinguished history. The Church has also been involved in many of the historical events and movements of the past 2,000 years."
Also the Timeline of the Catholic Church:
"As the oldest branch of Christianity, along with Eastern Orthodoxy,[1] the history of the Catholic Church plays an integral part of the History of Christianity as a whole. This article covers a period of just under 2,000 years.

Over time, schisms have disrupted the unity of Christianity. The major divisions occurred in c.144 with Marcionism,[2] 318 with Arianism, in 1054 the East–West Schism of the Catholic Church with the Eastern Orthodox churches and in 1517 with the Protestant Reformation. The Catholic Church has been the moving force in some of the major events of world history including the evangelization of Europe and Latin America, the spreading of literacy and the foundation of the universities, hospitals, Western monasticism, the development of art, music, literature, architecture, the scientific method, and trial by jury. Also playing a role in world affairs including, the Inquisition, the Crusades, an analytical philosophical method, and the downfall of communism in Eastern Europe in the late 20th century."
So who's siding with Mr. Manalo worshipper? I'd like to believe that "Totoo rin na kung ang Iglesia ay iba-iba ang inaaralan sa iba't-ibang panahon ay tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo."

Additional Supplementary Reading: When Was The Catholic Church founded?

(2) "word christian came from the people in antioch where they were first called christian during the time of apostle paul before 33AD.."

According to history, the Catholic Church traces its history back to the TIMES of the APOSTLES. Therefore making it the OLDEST Church among all Christianchurches along with the Churches of the East.

Yes you are right. It was in Antioch, the Apostles were called CHRISTIANS for the FIRST TIME (Acts 11:26). And for historical records, those same Christian Community is still thriving in that same place.

Where is your Iglesia ni Cristo in Antioch? Where can you trace your history back to the times of the Apostles?

So how could you so blinded by these TANGIBLE historical facts where it shows that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ even says your Pasugo.  And if this CHURCH was founded by CHRIST JESUS, then there is no way it was FOUNDED by EMPEROR CONSTANTINE in ROME.  Still painful is the TRUTH that your cult is just founded by a hallucinating man who fasted for days and then came up with the idea that he's an "angel" and the "Last Sugo" to "re-establish" the Church which NEVER had apostatized? Read my earlier post: "Antioch Tradition Adorns Church says Vatican"

(3) "make us look out to be the bad people when your scandalous church with your pedofiles and money hungry priests.."

We never claimed that we're perfect Mr. Manalo worshipper. The Church has both the sinners and saints.

Oh, yeah, you're not bad. Your own founder Felix Manalo started it all your anti-Catholic bigotry which he copied from Protestant churches he was affiliated before founding his own church-- the Iglesia ni Cristo.

PASUGO Oktubre 1956, p. 1:
“Ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay nagdaos ng pamamahayag sa Lunsod ng Davao. Nagsalita roon si Kapatid na Felix Manalo at ang kasama niyang mga Ministro. Ipinahayag doon ng mga nagsalita na ang Iglesia Katolika Romana ay hindi itinatag ni Cristo kundi itinatag ng Diablo."

PASUGO, Abril 1966, p. 46:
“Ang totoo hanggang sa kasalukuyan ay patuloy na ginagawa ni Satanas ang pagpapasok ng mga maling aral sa Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula'y siyang Iglesia ni Cristo. Sadyang matalino at tuso ang diablo. Hindi niya ginawang biglaan ang pagtalikod sa Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo noong unang siglo."

PASUGO Disyembre 1965, p. 5:
“Kaninong Ministro kung ganyan ang mga Paring Katoliko? Mga Ministro ni Satanas na Diablo."

PASUGO Oktubre 1959, p. 5:
“Mga magdaraya at anti-Cristo, ang mga nagtuturong si Cristo ay Dios."

PASUGO Agosto 1962, p. 9:
“Kaya ang tunay na anti-Cristo, ang mga Papa ng Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana. At ang tunay na ampon ng anti-Cristo ay ang mga Katoliko.”
Those sinful and abusive priests who molested youngster had NEVER been condoned by the Catholic Church. Instead of supporting us for what the Church did against them, you used their sinfulness against the Catholic Church which is the Church of Christ says your Pasugo magazine.

In fact, these pedophile PRIEST were now sentenced in prison and are paying the prize of their sins. No doubt, their sins have brought shame to the whole Universal Church that the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II (here)and Pope Benedict XVI APOLOGIZED for the sexual sins of priests.

HOW ABOUT the SEXUAL SINS of Iglesia in Cristo FOUNDER FELIX Y. MANALO. Did Eraño G. Manalo and Eduardo V. Manalo APOLOGIZED for his sexual sins?

Do you think Angelo Manalo, the next kin in line to be INC's leader, will apologize in the future?

Good heavens, those Catholic priests NEVER declared themselves as "ANGELS" or "LAST MESSENGERS"... IMO their sins are lesser compared to the one being called the "LAST MESSENGER" (or Lust Messenger) who abused women of his church.

So Mr. Manalo worshipper, I would be so happy if you start it from your side to apologize for the SEXUAL SINS of your founder, your ANGEL and "lust" (is my spelling correct?) MESSENGER.

To STOP from using our priests' sexual abuses, I will tell you that the Universal Church of Christ shares the shame and we feel sorry for the victims. It's time for the Iglesia ni Cristo to do the same.

(4) "why we are forever continuously growing in strength"

Funny but that question is more appropriate for the Catholic Church which existed for more than 2,000 years now.  Let me use your own words: "Why we (Catholics) are forever continuously growing in strength?" 

Ok so is that your SET STANDARDS?

If I'd use your own set standards to determine which is the True Church, then it only proves that the Catholic Church is NO DOUBT the ONLY True Church for having its FOREVER unbroken CONTINUITY and its continuous GROWTH and STRENGTH in all spheres of life.


From Popes and Papacy:

The same lies your co-religionist came up with stories at "Ang Iglesia Katolika ay Tuluyan ng Bumagsak sa Kanluran" ayon sa kaanib ng Iglesia ni Cristo

From Adherents.com:

TOP 20 Nations with Highest Percentage of Catholics are the following:

Vatican City 100%,
San Marino 99.83%,
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 99.36%,
Wallis and Futuna Islands 99.02%,
Italy 97.20%,
Cape Verde 96.00%,
Poland 95.40%,
Mexico 95.30%,
Ireland 95.00%,
Guadelopue 95.00%,
Spain 94.20%,
Luxembourg 94.00%,
Paraguay 93.80%,
Ecuador 93.60%,
El Salvador 93.80%,
Costa Rica 93.00%,
Honduras 92.70%,
Venezuela 92.00%,
Portugal 92.00%

The Philippines which has 78% Catholics is not even part of the list.

In the United States alone, here are TOP 10 States that has Highest Proportion of Catholics:

Rhode Islands 63.12%,
Massachusetts 49.22%,
Connecticut 41.82%,
New Jersey 41.26%,
New York 40.47%,
Louisiana 32.44%,
Wisconsin 31.77%,
Illinois 31.29%,
Pennsylvania 30.93%,
New Mexico 30.85%.

Here is a SUMMARY TABLE updated from Wikipedia Wikipedia Catholics by Country: Catholics around the world is now 1,068,368,942 (16.68%).


You mean strength? Strength is measured in POWER!

Here's the complete LIST of DIGNITARIES at the Funeral of Pope JOHN PAUL II!

THAT IS POWER! THAT IS STRENGTH! Christ's Church is truly alive!

Now it's your turn. Can you prove to us that your number is really growing?

(5) "false church is declining by the hundreds all over the world.."

Good you realized that.

As of 2008 there are 33,000 Protestant Churches around the world including the (Iglesia ni Cristo) and still counting.

In the USA alone, here's the statistics:

Catholic 1
Orthodox 60
Protestant 6,161

But here is a fact I am sure you will be fretting:

The CATHOLIC CHURCH is the LARGEST SINGLE CHURCH in the WORLD and the LARGEST number of adherents! (Read HERE and HERE)

Catholicism - 1.2 billion (Source: Zenit.org)
Iglesia ni Cristo - 6 million (Source: SourceIQ)

Praise and thanks God, we're growing and "false churches" are declining by the hundreds" around the world. And if I may add, false churches do not consider other nationals to be entitled for salvation. False ones exclusively take only Filipinos and their foreigners married to Filipinos as members.

(6) "...people are afraid of us.."

Yes, people are afraid of the darkness and of the powers of the darkness. Those who are afraid of the Cross of Christ lives in the darkness and are being feared.

(7) "...blessed be to god..."

Our God is the real GOD, not "god". Blessed be God..." indeed.

(8) "...yes we are the true chosen people of God, the proof is before your eyes all over the world."

I like your joke? ^_^

Where can we find that Manalo's Iglesia members are the "chosen people" of God?

The proof is your members "all over the world"?

You are dreaming. I have been in other countries and I haven't seen any INC member that is Arab, Indian, Pakistani, Yemeni, Lebanese, Syrian, South African, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Irish, British, Scottish, Italian, Swiss, Israeli, Palestinian.


Where there are Filipinos, there is the Iglesia ni Cristo of Felix Manalo.

Where there is Peter, there is Christ. Where there is Christ there is the Catholic Church!

(9) "afraid of the truth thats why your doing all of this"

Are you asking me?

Your cult has been HIDING its TEACHINGS from the people so who's afraid of the truth?

I am defending the Catholic Church of Christ for the love of God and the Church!

How about you, why is your Iglesia doing all those anti-Catholic publications and preachings? What for? Are you also afraid of the truth that's why your whole Iglesia is attacking the Catholic Church since the memorial?


  1. We are still standing the strongest Christian religion in the world...

    Emperor Constantine is just an ally of the Church he is not the founder of the Catholic Church, IT IS NOT RECORED IN HISTORY THAT HE IS THE FOUNDER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (ONLY A FOOL WOULD HAVE BELIEVED THAT CONSTANTINE IS THE FOUNDER) The Papacy already existed before emperor Constantine become a Christian convert. Therefore the Catholic Church is there before Constantine!. Can a founder found an existing religion before he came into this world? NO! Only a crazy person would do that.
    (read your world history books INC not your Pasugo or any INC books published by iglesia authors)

    The Roman Catholic Church has already encounters various kind of Challenges in History. From the Christian persecution to the crusades, the reformation to the world wars.

    And put this in your mind INC, If you claim that
    God is present in your Church, why did God didn't destroyed the Catholic Church for a long period of time? It is because he owns the Catholic Church and as Christ promises he will not leave us until the end of the world.

    Iglesia ni Cristo is just a name, but what religion did satan wants to destroy?

    The Roman Catholic Church, Because where God is building a plan for his Church Satan is there to destroy it;by using some gov't officers,pastors and members of anti-Catholic religions.

    Take a look as of today. Protestant churches are going down until they will self destruct.
    INC will not thrive on countries that are not peaceful, But the Roman Catholic Church will do, because WE READY TO DIE OF OUR CHURCH AND FOR JESUS CHRIST.

    During the war and during Hitler's reign. He Bombed Rome the capital of Italy but why didn't he bombed Vatican City?

    Because God has protected his Church together with the blood of the martyrs and the angels.

    INC will just self destruct.
    So whatever they say against our Church let them speak because in the end judgement will come to them.

    If they have seen the beatification of Blessed John Paul II, Millions have gathered as one in Vatican City. That's what INC feared. But can Eduardo Manalo gather crowds like that in their Central Temple? I think not!

  2. big brother said many wrong things. i admit that. i wont cover him up since its really wrong and i dont want to take part on it. in fact i wanted him to apologize.

    i only have i thing left to say: many things that big brother said is not in the teachings of the Church of Christ, including that constantine-is-the-founder-of-the-catholic-church thing. thats so wrong.
    thats all. o/

  3. Hahaha an INC against an INC, can you please synchronize your beliefs and come back for a better comments. That's a big DISSERVICE to Manalos inc INC Inc (if you know what these abbreviations stands for).

  4. ... a big hand for RD... he is so brave enough to admit the mistakes of his "Kapatid"... all i can say is: WELCOME HOME CATHOLICS!!! :)

  5. don't celebrate yet before the day ends.

    i believe what i did is not a disservice to my church, what big_brother did maybe, but i can't blame him, even me don't know everything. i'm not a preacher of the gospel anyway. so as he, that's for sure.

    what's a bigger disservice maybe is when i refuse to comment and ignore something wrong that i encounter. that's a disgrace and betrayal to my faith.

  6. What a lame excuse Mr. RD. Do you think I am a preacher?

    I am just an ordinary Catholic and the reason why I am confident with what I am saying is because our official teachings are available in the net and we have Catholic Bibles to refer to.

    Unlike in your INC, your church are afraid to publish their teachings. You depend on Catholic and Protestant Bibles (of course because you have no bible scholars for 97 years of your existence).

    that FACT alone should be a wake up call for you to leave that cult... God bless you.


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