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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moscow will have 60 new churches and still no new mosque

"How can you fight radicalism if the young people are forced to meet in houses, basements and sheds with a suspicious imam?" says chief mufti of Russia, Ravil Gainutdin. But how about Christians who were not permitted to build their churches in the Middle East? Demanding such houses for worship for Muslims should be reciprocated with the same in Muslim countries.  Having no mosque should not be equated with "islamophobia' or having "SUSPICIOUS IMAMS". Muslims have the responsibility to check who are these "suspicious imams" and terrorists in their midst and stop blaming our governments when Muslims are radicalized by your own people, NOT us. NOTE: Even held underground, Christians and other religions in Saudi Arabia NEVER had any threat to Saudi Arabia's peaceful existence. And they are NOT Saudis either. But you guys are Russians, Americans, Polish, Swiss, French Muslims, how could you do that to your own people just because you are Muslims and we are Christians? We Christians do not behave like that in your countries! How come Muslims are threatening us in our cities if we don't give them their demands! - CD2000

Moscow (AsiaNews / Agencies) – It is more difficult to build a single mosque than 60 churches in Moscow. Muslims, who are well aware of this given that Russia for years has denied them permission to build a new place of worship, look helplessly at the decision of the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobianin, to give the green light to 60 new Russian Orthodox churches. "We welcome the unprecedented decision," said the spokesman of the Russian Orthodox Church Vladimir Viguilianski. In the Russian capital there is an Orthodox church for every 25 thousand inhabitants, compared with the ratio of 1:10,000, which is found in the rest of the country, says Viguilianski. After 70 years of state atheism, "Moscow now has 350 Orthodox churches, five times less than before the October revolution of 1917," said the spokesman. 
Muslim leaders, who are currently experiencing moments of tension with the political power after years of friendly relations, do not condemn the mayor’s decision adding they are convinced that their needs "will be fulfilled sooner or later," according to spokesman of the Council of muftis of Russia Goulnour Gaziev. The construction of a mosque in the south-east of Moscow was suspended last year over protests raised by local residents, concerned about disturbance to public peace that could result in the presence of an Islamic religious centre. The city has a community of 1.5 million Muslims out of 12 million inhabitants. There are four official mosques open for worship. Recently, the chief mufti of Russia, Ravil Gainutdin, criticized the ostracism of the 20 million followers of Muhammad in the Federation by the Orthodox majority, warning that the attitude is triggering a "time bomb".
"How can you fight radicalism if the young people are forced to meet in houses, basements and sheds with a suspicious imam?" demanded Gainutdin. He also took the national media and political power to task, guilty of encouraging 'Islamophobia' with their speeches, already latent in Russian society, and of not aiding co-existence between religions.
For their part, human rights organizations and groups that are fighting for the secular state, point to the Mayor’s futile effort to bow to the Patriarchate’s demands: the already existing churches in the City are half empty, they point out that Is there really any need to build new ones?


  1. how can we fight radicalism? Eliminating the ones who are prone to radicalize, i.e. all of the filthy muhammedan animals in the world.

  2. Good point. Radicalization of Muslims shouldn't be blamed on us. Their leaders are the reasons why their own people are radicalized. They were peacefully integrated in our communities enjoying our democratic form of government. When they got the number, they will use our democracy to scrap our government system and replace it with Shariah, that's how our democratic constitution defines our rights. The majority wins.


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