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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Shows Papal, Vatican Life Through Eyes of 11-Year-Old

ROME, APRIL 22, 2011 (Zenit.org).- A new movie presents the figure of Benedict XVI and the reality of Vatican life, seen through the eyes of Francesco, a boy who dreams about singing before the Pope.

The German-language movie, "Francesco und der Papst" [Francesco and the Pope], was released Thursday in 60 theaters throughout Germany and Switzerland.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, stated in an informative note, "Without going into an in-depth evaluation of the film, it can certainly be affirmed that it constitutes a further demonstration of the willingness of Benedict XVI and his collaborators to accept new forms -- direct and diverse -- that make it possible to enter in communication with the great public."

The film's director, Argentine Ciro Cappellari, explained that the leading actor is an 11-year-old Roman boy with a passion for soccer and music, and a member of the Sistine Chapel choir.
Because of his voice, that has an extraordinary timbre, he is chosen to sing alone before the Holy Father.

Under the expert guidance of Monsignor Giuseppe Liberto, who served as director of that choir from 1997 to 2010, the boy is accompanied in the film during his preparation until the culminating moment when he sings before the Pontiff.

At the same time, the movie depicts historical events from the ministry of Benedict XVI in 2009, including apostolic journeys to Africa and the Holy Land and images of the daily life and activity of the Pope. It also shows an image of the Holy Father recollected in prayer during an outing in the papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo, outside Rome.

Always seen through the boy's eyes, during 90 minutes of the film the spectator is introduced to various aspects of Vatican life such as the training of the Swiss guards and gendarmes, and celebrations in St. Peter's Basilica.

The images and the collaboration given by the Vatican Television Center, as well as the assistance of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, make this film a very original production, which also offers moviegoers in general the possibility to enter the world of the Vatican and come closer to the figure of the Holy Father, in a simple and informal way, noted Father Lombardi.

A first viewing of it was presented on March 24 in Munich, Germany, to several guests, including the archbishop of Munich and Freising, Cardinal Reinhard Marx.

On April 8, there were two other first viewings in Wurzburg, Germany, and in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

The film was produced by P. Weckert, N. Preuss, O. Berben and the German Fanes Film in cooperation with Constantin Film and Beta Film.

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  1. Question: “Is Catholicism a false religion? Are Catholics saved?”

    Answer: The most crucial problem with the Roman Catholic Church is its belief that faith alone in Christ is not sufficient for salvation. The Bible clearly and consistently states that receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, by grace through faith, grants salvation (John 1:12; 3:16,18,36; Acts 16:31; Romans 10:9-10,13; Ephesians 2:8-9).

    The Roman Catholic Church rejects this. The official position of the Roman Catholic Church is that a person must believe in Jesus Christ AND be baptized AND receive the Eucharist along with the other sacraments AND obey the decrees of the Roman Catholic Church AND perform meritorious works AND not die with any mortal sins AND etc., etc., etc. Catholic divergence from the Bible on this most crucial of issues, salvation, means that yes, Catholicism is a false religion. If a person believes what the Catholic Church officially teaches, he/she will not be saved.

    Any claim that works or rituals must be added to faith in order for salvation to be achieved is a claim that Jesus’ death was not sufficient to fully purchase our salvation.

    While salvation by faith is the most crucial issue, in comparing Roman Catholicism with the Word of God, there are many other differences and contradictions as well.

    The Roman Catholic Church teaches many doctrines that are in disagreement with what the Bible declares. These include apostolic succession, worship of saints or Mary, prayer to saints or Mary, the pope / papacy, infant baptism, transubstantiation, plenary indulgences, the sacramental system, and purgatory. While Catholics claim Scriptural support for these concepts, none of these teachings have any solid foundation in the clear teaching of Scripture. These concepts are based on Catholic tradition, not the Word of God. In fact, they all clearly contradict Biblical principles.

    In regards to the question “Are Catholics saved?”, this is a more difficult question to answer. It is impossible to give a universal statement on the salvation of all members of any denomination of Christianity. Not ALL Baptists are saved. Not ALL Presbyterians are saved. Not ALL Lutherans are saved. Salvation is determined by personal faith in Jesus alone for salvation, not by titles or denominational identification. Despite the unbiblical beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, there are genuine believers who attend Roman Catholic churches. There are many Roman Catholics who have genuinely placed their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. However, these Catholic Christians are believers despite what the Catholic Church teaches, not because of what it teaches. To varying degrees, the Catholic Church teaches from the Bible and points people to Jesus Christ as the Savior. As a result, people are sometimes saved in Catholic churches. The Bible has an impact whenever it is proclaimed (Isaiah 55:11). Catholic Christians remain in the Catholic Church out of ignorance of what the Catholic Church truly stands for, out of family tradition and peer pressure, or out of a desire to reach other Catholics for Christ.

    At the same time, the Catholic Church also leads many people away from a genuine faith relationship with Christ. The unbiblical beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church have often given the enemies of Christ opportunity to blaspheme. The Roman Catholic Church is not the church that Jesus Christ established. It is not a church that is based on the teachings of the Apostles (as described in the Book of Acts and the New Testament epistles).

    While Jesus’ words in Mark 7:9 were directed towards the Pharisees, they accurately describe the Roman Catholic Church, “You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!”


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