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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Deception Style of an Iglesia ni Cristo member

Brother Cenon Bibe's Tumbukin-Natin Blog received a comment from a user named TERTULLIAN, a member of the cult Iglesia ni Cristo®. The original quotes were English but when he tried to translate it in Tagalog (Filipino) there he changed its meaning. I suggest you to read carefully and open your eyes how he changed the meaning of his quoted passage from a Catholic priest:

“Did Jesus Christ established a church?”

“Yes, both secular and profane, as well as from the Bible which is considered as a human document. Jesus Christ established a church which from the earliest times has been called after him, the Christian church or the church of Christ...This church, built and established by Christ is the church of Christ, it is the only true church in which God orders all men to join.” (Rev. Francis B. Cassilly S.J. , Religion Doctrine & Practice, page 101)

Sa Tagalog po: [In Tagalog]

“Si Jesu Cristo ba ay nagtayo ng iglesia?”

“Oo, mula sa pangsanglibutan (secular) at hindi pangkabanalan (profane), lalo na mula sa Biblia na itinuturing na isang dokumentong makatao. Si Jesu Cristo ay nagtayo ng isang iglesia na mula sa mga unang panahon ay tinawag ng sunod sa kaniya, ang iglesia Cristiana o ang Iglesia Ni Cristo...Ang iglesiang ito, na itinayo at binalangkas ni Cristo ay ang Iglesia ni Cristo, ito lamang ang tunay na iglesia na pinaguutos ng Diyos na aniban ng lahat ng tao.” [Rev. Francis B. Cassilly S.J. , Religion Doctrine & Practice, page 101]

Then he boasted how a Catholic priest accepts the church of Christ to be the only Church where all souls are to be saved. Read below:

Maging ang isang pari po ng Simbahang Katoliko na si Francis B. Cassilly ay sumasangayon na ang pangalan ng Iglesia ay Iglesia ni Cristo, sapagkat ito ang pangalan na sunod sa kaniya (o tinawag ng sunod sa kaniyang pangalan- pangalang Cristo), at ayon din sa kaniya ang Iglesia ni Cristo ang tunay na iglesia na pinaguutos ng Diyos na aniban ng lahat ng tao, na ito aniyay mula sa Biblia na itinuturing na dokumentong makatao. Maliwanag na maliwanag po iyan. [Even a priest of the Catholic Church Francis B. Cassilly confirmed that the name of the Church is Church of Christ, because this bears his name ( or called to take his name Christ), and also according to him the Church of Christ is the true church which God commands all to join, that this, he said is from the Bible which is a humane document. That should be very clear. ]

If you've found his deception style, you are clever and you can debate with an Iglesia ni Cristo just for this topic alone! Praise God!


  1. ito ang tunay na deception



    nagsayang ka lang ng space sa blog mo hehe

  2. pa promote sa blog :)


    salamat :P

  3. God is Love. How can He be Love if He is all alone? THIS is why we accept that He is One in Three Persons.

  4. My read me, you see, I never censor your post here but why you censor our comments to your blog?

    What are you hiding? You and Mr. Conrad M. Obligacion are hiding something, you dont like to expose something about your cult that might open the eyes of your members... May God bless you.

  5. Hello Aegis-Judex... yes that's true, a perfect analogy to explain the Trinity..

    Did you notice? Another Iglesia ni Cristo® member came and send his own comment but he never addressed the problem of chaning COMMON NOUN to PROPER NOUN...

    They are really deceived by the Father of Lies!


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