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Monday, January 18, 2010

The TRUE CHURCH is Irrevocably Committed to Ecumenism

The Catholic Church through the leadership of the Successor of St. Peter, Benedict XVI has reiterated the Church's commitment to unite all Christians.

Benedict XVI: The Church is irrevocably committed ecumenism [Source: H2onews.org]

“The Second Vatican Council committed the Catholic Church irrevocably to following the path of the ecumenical venture.” This is what Benedict XVI said during his encounter with the Ecumenical Delegation of the Lutheran Church of Finland that is currently visiting Rome. The Pope said he was pleased with the commemoration the 25th anniversary of their traditional visit to Rome for the celebration of the Feast of St. Henrik.

In regard to relations between Lutherans and Catholics, Benedict XVI praised the recent work of the Nordic Lutheran-Catholic dialogue on questions deriving from the “Joint Declaration” and expressed the hope that this dialogue “will contribute positively to the path which leads to the restoration of our lost unity.” The unity of Christians, the Pope noted, is in fact the duty of all Christians so as to carry out the path that Christ indicated to humanity and the Church.

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