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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where is the "True Church of Christ" for Haiti?

(Photo Credit: CNN and lists of Charity Institutions in the USA for Haiti)
While non-believers like pagans, agnostics, atheists and churches belonging to the “Devil” (according to Felix Manalo) such as the Catholic Church (founded by Christ) and the Protestants; political rightists, leftists, extremists, terrorists, jihadists; non-Christians like Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Red Cross, Red Crescent-- all united for earthquake victims in Haiti, the “TRUE church” Iglesia ni Cristo®” has failed to flex it’s mission to help those who are deeply in need according to the Gospel values they preached on TV.

The Iglesia ni Cristo® Corporation in the Philippines, which claims to be the “restoration” of the “true” church of Christ after it apostatized (unspecified in history), through its direct heir to the throne, Eduardo V. Manalo (grandson of the billionaire founder Felix Manalo) issued no directives to rally its members to raise money for the victims-- not even a letter of sympathy.

Common sense would dictate that a TRUE Church should worry about helping and saving poor and suffering souls while the FAKES would worry about its adherents, its registered name, and its monies.

"Vatican City - Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday urged a generous response to the "tragic situation" in Haiti where hundreds are feared dead following a massive earthquake.

The pope lamented Haiti's "tragic situation (involving) huge loss of human life, a great number of homeless and missing and considerable material damage."

"I appeal to the generosity of all to ensure our concrete solidarity and the effective support of the international community for these brothers and sisters who are living a time of need and suffering," the pontiff said at the end of his weekly general audience. - AFP"

CRS raised its funding commitment fivefold to $25 million and is pouring supplies into Haiti's capital of Port au Prince in the aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake.

Iglesia ni Cristo Donation for Haiti is ZERO

Catholic Donation for Haiti is generously mounting to thousands and is still counting...

To send your donations, please Help CARITAS INTERNATIONAL for Haiti!


  1. wag mong hihintayin na mapahiya ka balang araw tol
    para ka naman di pagan believers nyan wahehe

    sana swerteha ka sa mga pinagagawa mo dito

    Gud nalang :)

  2. Look at how desperate this member of the Iglesia ni Cristo® is. He cannot address the issue so he's threatening to shame me... Praise God! Christ's apostles were not even spared nor Christ. I am not worthy to share the same fate as did Christ and the Apostles. It's rewarding for me to receive such threats for defending Christ and his Church!

    If you notice, I have some issues with the Iglesia ni Cristo® as you are claiming to be the "true church". How would you react to this intelligently? But I dont expect you to behave humanely and intellectually because that's one thing lacking in you.

    Sorry Mr. readme but I don't believe in luck (swerte), I believe in God who gives us all blessings we need.

  3. So what if the INC doesn't directly give to Haiti relief? is there a problem with that? now i wonder if any of the Philippine colonizers felt bad after killing in the name of holy mother church.(just for thought)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. No, there's no problem.

    Actually it only shows that the Iglesia ni Cristo which is claiming to be Christ' true Church doesnt reflect Christ at all.

    It only shows how greedy the Manalos are. Just for a thought.

  6. I wonder how catholic defender can call the manalos greedy. Is there any proof? Look at the pope woth all his regalia and gold lined choth, does he look like a servant of God?

    I have seen how catholic priests live because my uncle is a provincial of don Bosco here in the Philippines and he lives like a king. The gold in his vestments, The gilded lining on his walls the marble floors. Does that look like a life of a servant.

    He lives in an extravagant house in an upscale subdivision in talamban.
    while his parishioners live in nipa huts or in the streets. there is an orphanage whose children are fed even if i myself have given to it but i haven't see much.

    If you see the INC, we are blessed with beautiful chapels. unlike catholics they have some chapels made of nipa. Wheres the money now pope


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