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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Secret Behind Felix Manalo's Ordination

This topic was never taught or discussed in any of Iglesia ni Cristo® forums, meetings or "Pamamahayag". What's behind the secret of his ordination? Try to discover it by reading Ms. Emily Jordan's exposition.

Note: Ms. Emily Jordan is not a Catholic. However her expository research are comprehensive and professionally done.

God bless Ms. Emily.


  1. I am an INC member and I had read Emily Jordan's discussion on Felix Manalo with an open mind during the last several years. It makes me think that Felix Manalo was just an ordinary man. It makes me wonder why only the INC members believe that he was the last messenger sent by God. There is no other source to back up what the INC believes. I should know because I've been trying hard to back up the claims but unfortunately I cannot no other source. It makes me think that the claims are not scripturally based. Why is it that when I search the last messenger claim that I cannot find it in the Christian store, or the library or the internet, or any other source? It makes me wonder that Felix Manalo was just an ordinary man who fooled us all. We in the INC are encouraged not to read the Bible, not to read other Christian books (in fact we are told to only read the Pasugo), not to search the internet, not to talk to others except the INC ministers, not to question the authority of the Church Administration. Wow, it does sound like a religious cult. When I question the doctrines and talk with the ministers, they all tell me that I don't have strong faith but I know I do. Something is not right here.

  2. Thank you for your honesty. I hope and pray that more and more people will use their God given knowledge to weigh what's in that claim that they have no history and bible to back them up.

    God bless you and I hope you come home to the real Church Christ established. Search the net and you will find.. once you found it, be humble and submit yourself to God in total obedience..

  3. magsuri at magsiyasat salamat

  4. to Mr. Anonymous who ever you are...
    Your statement was good. It also exposes the truth against your so called iglesia ni cristo.
    It is not too late to come home to the Catholic Church, I'm sure that you will be impressed and spiritually enlightened.


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