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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ventilacion: Felix Manalo is the Head of the Church (Iglesia ni Cristo®)

Thanks to Bro. Cenon Bibe of Tumbukin Natin

From Tumbukin Natin: "There is only one flock. There is one church. There is only one shepherd. That shepherd is Bro. Felix Manalo, not Jesus Christ." - Jose Ventilacion (INC® Minister)

Comment from a username Grade 1 in Tubukin Natin: TUMPAK! YOU HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON ITS HEAD!

[Transcript from the Video]: - "...that is why, that is why, We cannot accept," We cannot accept", that the Catholic Church is the true Church, they are the fulfillment of the apostosized Church. We beleive then that when" Christ said "I shall have other sheep! there shall be one flock,"thats one Church", there will be one sheperd," THAT SHEPERD IS BRO FELIX MANALO","NOT JESUS CHRIST" because Christ said "There Will be", that is in the FUTURE. [Jose Ventilacion]

Hindi na raw kay Kristo ang pastol kundi kay Bro Felix MAnalo raw? dahil daw si Kristo mismo ang nagsabi na "There Will be" ang pakahulugan daw ay future.. ( correct me if Im wrong..)

Ibig sabihin Hindi na kay Kristo ang kawan kundi kay Bro Felix Manalo na? HA???

Inagaw na ni Felix Manalo ang tupa ni JESUS???"


  1. You quoted bro. Ventilacion Saying that "There is only one flock. There is one church. There is only one shepherd. That shepherd is Bro. Felix Manalo, not Jesus Christ." And you put a period on the end , but did he not continue that with an explanation? He said

    " There is only one flock. There is one church. There is only one shepherd. That shepherd is Bro. Felix Manalo, not Jesus Christ because Christ said "there will be" and that is in the future."

    If you see Bro ventelacion was right there now is a shepherd as stated in the bible because Christ said there shall be one Shepherd.

  2. Now, justice has made..

    That's EXACTLY what you love to do to the HOLY WORD OF GOD, you simply "put a period on the end" just to make your point highlighted.

    You use the Holy Word of God to advance Felix Manalo's lies.

    So we used your standards the way you disrespect the Word of God.

  3. I Do not understand Your accusations because you make no sense. Are you accusing us of not taking the word of The Lord as a whole by putting a period at the end? Surely there is and explanation to that and i would like to see that. Give me a verse in the bible that we use as shortening it to prove our point even if it is not whole.

    you used the incomplete statement of mr Ventelacion to prove that he said the wrong thing? The statement was longer than what you typed bust because you like to prove us wrong.
    Well it dint work.

    What you did is just like what the catholic church did saying "Christ is not God" You you said "Christ is God"

  4. So i repeat, justice has been made. You take the freedom to cut and paste the word of God even out of context so we are free to cut and paste your own words as we wanted to prove our point.

    So the new Shepherd in the Iglesia ni Cristo® is FELIX MANALO..
    well said..

  5. I asked you to give me a verse in the bible that we use as incomplete or in other words a verse that we cut to prove out point. give me one!

    Dont accuse us of doing such a thing.

    Regaeding the words of Mr. Ventelacion, There is no sign between "Christ" and "Because" this it is still in one sentence. For that fact you cannot quote only that part.

  6. Romans 16:16 "greet one another with a holy kiss, all churches of Christ greet you."

    You chose this verse alone because you think it will defend your name game..

    churches of Christ NOT Church of Christ!

    mga iglesia ni Cristo HINDI Iglesia ni Cristo!!!


    So since you are claiming to be Bible expert can you show me these please...

    1. Where in the Bible that we read Bible?
    2. Where can we find a passage that says "Christ true Church will apostatized"?

    3. Where can we find in the Bible that Jesus said "I am NOT God"?!

    I will wait...

  7. I repeat ghive me a verse in the bible that we cut so we can say what we want.

    If you know, the bible is called many names like scripture or sacred scripture.

    You agree that God can't be man or vice versa. (Maybe not)
    is it not stated that Christ is man?
    so he cant be God. Simple.

  8. Ok, let me play your game. So let's assume Catholics really don't know their Bibles...

    So you must be Bible expert right?

    Please find these in the Bible.

    1. Bible
    2. Felix Manalo
    3. Church will apostatized
    4. Christ is NOT God
    5. Christ is man ONLY.

    Then I will concede... deal?

  9. Oh... u're not reading.

    I've just quoted Romans 16:16, letter of St. Paul to Catholics in Rome (not Iglesia members in Diliman.

  10. Speechless si plaridel...

    Clarong claro ang sinabi ni Ventilacion that Felix Manalo is the Shepherd not Christ.

    Christ said There will be other sheep which means that time will come that the flock will grow not only in Israel or in middle east or in Rome but in the whole world. Which is the Catholic Church had spread her wings through out the mankind in every place kahit sa liblib na mga gubat merong Katoliko.

    The shepherd is Christ and the Pope as the visible shepherd.

  11. klaruhin mo mukaha mo

  12. @anonymous:

    galit na galit ka...hahah ikaw yun dapat mag claro sa mga doktrina niyong mga taga INC1914!
    Sabi ng ministro niyong si Ventilacion si manalo ang shepherd of the Church hindi si Cristo na anak ng diyos.

    O eh di parang si Cristo ay inoyng ginawang instrumento lang at si Manalo ay nag may ari ng Iglesia...
    Christo is the Head and the owner of the Church, not your Minister Manalo whoever the hell he is...

    So please kung na pikon ka basahin mo ang Biblya, na si Cristo ay ang shphered ng kanyang Iglesia hindi si Manalo.
    basahin mo sa Book of Revelation the Church is the Bride of Christ not the Bride of your Felix manalo. Therefore si Cristo ang Shephered at siya ang may ari ng Church hindi si manalo.
    And if your so called inc1914 really want to insist that Manalo is the Shepherd of the Church, parang sinabio mo na ang INC ni manalo ay peke hindi totoo.


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