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Monday, January 25, 2010

Nokia E71 Could have been Hacked by Catholics!

Guess what!

If you have Nokia E71, try to navigate its Dictionary software installed. Type the word "church" and you will see this:

Could be, that Catholics hacked the Nokia E71 for having the Catholic Church as an example of a church. It should have been the Iglesia ni Cristo® as Christ's "restored Church" to its pristine beauty?

Just for a laugh today!


  1. Ms. Jane Abao (http://www.blogger.com/profile/13922070212261489727) said:

    "I tried to post twice but I received the notice, "You do not own that identity."

    Your site requires many run arounds - meaning you do not readily accept comments."

    Hello Ms. Abao,

    You are always welcome to comment. I only require approval for every comment but generally I don't mind whatever comments my visitors want to send.

    Thanks anyway for letting me know this. And btw, I never deceive my self yet for my God, Lord, Savior Jesus Christ and his founded Church, the Catholic Church!

    God bless.

  2. simple lang Ms Abao,

    pareg ka lang sa Gmail o Blogspot tapos pde kana makacomment dito, wala naman tong alam Catholic Defender sa totoo lang. sing tulad sya sa utak ni Mr. Abe AKA PADRE DAMASO lamang lang ng isang paligo itong si Catholic Defender infairness :P

    ur making me laugh too CatholicDefender2012? 2000 pala ahehe Just for a laugh today :P

  3. I'd be very happy if some Iglesia ni Cristo® members would come and talk about issues.

    Anyway thanks for your reaction. It only proves me that I've wrote something...

    Kudos! God bless


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