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Friday, July 23, 2010

Catholicism and Islam

Thanks to Ms. Salome Bintullah, owner of  DAR AL-MASIH for providing us these YouTube Videos of Fr. Corapi. Dar al-Masih is right. It's quite unusual for any Catholic priest to cross that line. Any attempt to proselytize Muslims for conversion is a risky business. As we know, Islam has no "exit doors". Once you convert to Islam, there is no turning back. Those who leave Islam are a sure target for killing because killing could only justify any Muslim deserting Islam.

I salute the courage of Dar al-Masih for pointing out the errors of AHMED DEEDAT, a Muslim "apologiist" who, most converts are indebted too. In the Middle East, books and pamphlets of Ahmed Deedat were translated to Tagalog, Hindi, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Urdu, Malialem, Vietnamese and were freely distributed by converts themselves.  Some of them were put in front of malls, supermarkets, food centers for free. Anyone can take home.

I deeply appreciate the equal courage of ABU DAOUD for providing us very important updates and insights on Islam and the Middle East.

In the Philippines, Bro. Cenon Bibe refutes the claims (mostly rantings) of Filipino converts to Islam. There was a program in the Middle East called "Balik-Islam" (Back to Islam). Here is Bro. Cenon Bibe's SAGOT SA BALIK ISLAM FORUM [Answers for "Back to Islam].

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6


  1. i cant watch the vids due to copyright issues...

  2. Hello Gregor,

    I realized this. I will try to address this problem to the uploader of the video. God bless you.

    Please visit Ms. Salome Bintullah's blog for more interesting and important articles.


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