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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Family – Still the Basic Indestructible Structure of our Society

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Why the Catholic Church opposes “gay lifestyle” and the promotion of “same-sex marriages”, “abortion”, “artificial contraceptives”, euthanasia, etc?

Secular society cannot change what nature has designed. It is a fact that the basic and indestructible bond that weaves us together is the family. It was tested from ancient civilization to the present. What is not normal will remain “not normal” no matter how the secular government would like to whitewash it. Our timidity, lack of moral responsibility poses a greater risk in the family, threatening within the basic unit of our society—the family a cancerous ideology that could hurt us together. I believe it is not right to think that everything and everyone should have equal rights for male and female we are never the same in responsibility.

The recent development (I call it moral regression) in Argentina should open our eyes what would happen if there would be no traditional families with fathers and mothers nurturing their children to be morally responsible citizens of our countries. What would happen if we paraded nakedness in “pride” (gay) marches and glorify nudity and sex instead of parading Christian heroes like the saints?.

We are moving very fast to our own devastation. These activities are sure means in dissolving that relationship, weakening our sense of family by these false ideologies masquerading as “basic rights”. Dissolving our families create a greater disorder in our survival as a community of families.

I cannot agree more than what Fr. Steve Tynan, MGL wrote in his Kerygma reflections when he said:

“If the family unit is weakened, society is weakened. If the family unit collapses, it won’t be long before this happens to society as well. We see the results of family breakdown in society today in terms of the lack of respect that children have for their elders, the lack of responsibility in various sectors of society, drugs, alcoholism and other extreme forms of behavior. We can throw all the money that we want in looking for solutions to these problems but the only real solution will be derived from the strengthening of the family unit. Restoring relationships within families and instilling the necessary formation into children will stand them in good stead later in life and a better society will emerge.”
Can married gay couples produce their own offspring? If they’d adopt a child, they should realize that that child isn’t just a thing. It’s a result of the union of a man and a woman. Every child deserves a family where he/she is loved and he can love. Only genuine parents of “father and mother” can give that. Nature is designed family like that. to a healthy family where he has a father and a mother who alone can nurture that love—beyond the sphere of just having “sex.”

We haven’t lost our hope yet. Still there is the Catholic Church where we all can shelter during winter of callousness. When the sunset of human pride, sinfulness and faithlessness darken the door our faith, we look upon the bright light of Christ in his Church—she will guide us to the right path.

Catholics ought to listen to what the Church teaches. It will surely lead as one family under the guidance of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One God—with the Blessed Mother on our side, with the Saints, those who are awaiting for their salvation in the Purgatory and us still journeying, sharing in the One Body of Christ as our Paschal meal to the heavenly banquet prepared for the elect.

May we, member of the Catholic Church of Christ uphold this truth that family is still the basic indestructible structure our society needs.

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