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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Church of England Readying for Exodus As Women Bishops are Anticipated

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - The recent action by the Church of England to introduce a resolution for consecration of women bishops has all but guaranteed that the largest exodus from the mother church of Anglicanism is about to take place. For many, the destination will be Rome

At a recent meeting in York, the General Synod voted to move forward on the new policy, which provides no real protection for those who oppose the practice. Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and honorary head of the Anglicanism was powerless in his efforts to provide compromise.

The new resolution does allow for a woman bishop to delegate oversight of a parish if she so chooses, however, the parish has no power to change supervision. Critics insist that a bishop will not easily cooperate with a parish requesting re-assignment.

While the resolution must now be reviewed by the Dioceses over the next eighteen months and then ratified by the 2012 synod; no one expects the measure to fail.

For Anglo-Catholics, this is the end of the Canterbury Road. With the invitation for full communion with the Roman Catholic Church already offered, these pilgrims must now wait. The structures are still being put in place for the reception of bishops, priests, deacons and laity into the new Anglican Ordinariate.

Forward in Faith, the largest Anglo-Catholic group in the Church of England, is anticipating a large exodus. Steve Parkinson, Executive Director of the 10,000-member organization, told David Virtue of Virtue Online that conversion to Catholicism is about the only solution.[... continue reading]

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