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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leave the Priesthood says Vicariate of Rome after another scandal involving priests

Priestly Ordination vowing to God a Chaste, Prayerful and Obedient Life for the service of God and his Church. (Photo Credit: A Catholic Life)
An Italian weekly magazine called “Panorama” has put the entire Catholic priesthood to another round of condemnation, ridicule and shame from dissenters after it publishes"sexual" escapades of supposedly gay “priests” in the Vicariate of Rome living a “double life” having casual “fling” to male prostitutes.

The magazine captured the attention of its readers by the article’s title “Le notti brave dei preti gay” (The wild nights of gay priests) which was immediately circulated in blogspheres and other news articles. According to the report, Panorama hired gay prostitutes with a reporter who was its accomplices for the expose of priests living a “double life”. The said priests were two Italians and a French man who “happily took part in gay events and had casual sex – deeply disturbing” says one report.

For me, it seems to appear that these “gay priests” having casual sex had no shame at all. In my humble opinion, these priests should leave the priesthood and live a private life of their choice for the sake of those good priests, the priesthood, the entire Catholic Church and the faithful who are mostly affected by the recent child abuse scandal that shocked the Church. The Vicariate of Rome is right when it says “"Know that no one forces them to remain priests, exploiting only the benefits. Coherence would require them to come into the open. We don't wish to hurt them, but we cannot accept that due to their behavior the integrity of the all the rest might be tarnished."

Catholic faithfuls in Rome feel “sorrow and dismay” from this recent scandal rocking the Vicariate of Rome and the entire Catholic Church.

In response, the Vicariate of Rome asks all priests living a double life to come out and leave the priesthood for the sake of the Catholic Priesthood, the Church and the faithful who are the most affected by the recent child abuse scandal done by abusive priests (read the news from CNA)

Though it may be true to some extent, for me, the said article wasn’t exposing priests living a double life for the purpose of weeding out constructively erring Catholic priests. Apparently Panorama has the purpose of defaming again the priesthood intentionally to demonize Catholic Priesthood and the Pope-- a continuation of the series of scandals all the way from the USA, in Europe and other parts of Asia and Africa.

Expectedly, with this latest scandal anti-Catholics in the media and right wing dissenters will certainly hit the Pope overshadowing the effort of the Holy See in weeding out “bad” priests from the priesthood, who, by their “scandalous behavior” blemishes the sacredness of Catholic priesthood. Another opportunity for anti-Catholics and dissenters in mocking the Church, the priesthood and our Christian life. And surely, the Pope again will be carrying the heavy burden this may impact his papacy. Let us Protect the Pope.

Undeniably, just like any Catholic who loves the Church I feel remorseful for this scandal which involves priests. But I hope and pray Catholics will not allow themselves to be scared and succumb to hopelessness for Christ promised the powers of the Enemy “will not prevail against his Church”. These things may pass so as to purify ourselves as Church and look inwardly where we might have neglected the Church and its priests.

"Before such facts we firmly adhere to what the Holy Father Benedict XVI has repeated several times in recent months: 'the sins of priests' call us all back to conversion of heart and life and to be vigilant so as not to 'pollute the faith and Christian life, damaging the integrity of the Church, weakening her capacity of prophecy and testimony, tarnishing the beauty of her face'” say the report at CNS.

May God have mercy on us and look upon with love the Church which he has bought by his blood.

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