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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dressed in Islamic Woman Clothes, a Suicide Bomber attacked Mosque in Iran

Still heatedly debated in France, an Iranian suicide bomber believed to be Sunni Muslim detonated a deadly bomb while worshippers disguising as a Muslim woman wearing "hijab" while Shia Muslims were praying in a mosque for celebrating the birth of "Imam Hussein".

[…]The blasts came as worshippers celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.
The second blast proved more deadly as it struck people who gathered to help the wounded.

"The two blasts in front of the mosque have left 22 of our dear ones martyred and 160 wounded," said provincial governor Ali Mohammad Azad.

He said some of the wounded were in a serious condition and warned that the death toll could rise further.

"The [first] attacker, dressed in women's clothing, was trying to get in the mosque, but was prevented," local MP Hossein Ali Shahriari told Fars news agency.

"When people came to rescue those hit in that blast, another bomber blew himself up. Three to four have been killed at least in the first attack" […] read more at BBCNews
Then came the blame on UK and the USA by an Iranian cleric...

"According to reports, the clerical leadership in Iran accused the US of backing Jundullah in order to create instability in Iran."

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