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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Dirtiest Trick

A certain Iglesia ni Cristo member by the name "Plaridel" came up in one of my articles about Manual for New Members of INC (1914) and left us a valuable comment.  Another way of displaying terminal ignorance and bigotry against Catholics and the Catholic Church. Here's what he said:

plaridel said...September 10, 2010 6:44 PM

You do know you can just go to a minister to see and scrutinize the doctrine and the book, which is official, which we use in our doctrine classes or are you just scared that what you say is wrong? don't deny it CD2000 i have told you this before.

Oh, everyone knows that Mr. Plaridel. It's like someone has to visit the Philippines from North Pole or South Pole just to see an incompetent, unqualified preacher for a piece of explanation? It's like visiting Mecca for a pilgrimage.

Who'd be spending thousands of dollars traveling just to see an INC Minister in the Philippines? I would rather buy a set of computer, subcribe for internet connection, go online, research and read.

It saves me money, time, effort and I can stay read and digest anything I want to know.  But you have nothing in the net that we can read?!!!

So where can we find your OFFICIAL WEBSITE? Or at least a PRINTED COPIES like the CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH which is available in the internet, printed, translated in many major languages.

Or "Are you just scared?"

"Don't deny it."

What a pity Mr. Plaridel. Just because I can't meet up with one of your paid ministers you actually believed that I am "scared" of your ministers?

Come on. Can you come up with a better idea please.

I admit, there's one thing I am scared of. Those in the darkness, who LIE, who DECEIVE people.  And if you think that I should be "scared" of your ministers for hiding the truth from the people and for deceiving many (just as most of your members here in the net are doing), yes you have the reason to believe that we Catholics should confront our fear with the armour of truth from the Bible (which is a Catholic Book) and the Church (which is Christ's body). So I should be afraid of your ministers. Because they're NOT of the LIGHT but of the DARKNESS.

Or perhaps your Ministers are the ones SCARED that they DON'T PUBLISH INC-1914 teachings before the public for SCRUTINY. You should admit that Mr. Plaridel.

It's very obvious!

As I have told you, I won't spend money to see a non-sense PAID Ministers trying to brainwash me? No, I will never and I wont!

And according to one of your members by the name alan, "NAKAKASUKA" raw ang mga sikretong aral.

True enough, YOUR IGLESIA is HIDING your official teachings from the public-- so I will rephrase your earlier statement. A you just SCARED that what INC say is wrong? DON'T DENY it!

Do you think you have a better opinion than a member himself?is that a joke? if it woks like that i can just freely say "you worship idols, and is that fine with you? of course not. the catholic church has truly denied that fact. but look is it real?


An Iglesia ni Cristo accusing us Catholics of being "idol worshippers" when in fact you actually worship Manalo as a Last Messenger and an Angel, believing Christ offered his blood to Manalo "para dumios sa kanya"?!! (PASUGO Mayo 1964, p. 1)

And you are reminding us "Do you think you have a better opinion than a [INC] member himself?"

Do you think you are far more better than Catholics? Do you think you are better than the historians? Scientists? Anthropologists? Philosophers? Theologians?

It never came accross my mind that Felix, nor Eraño nor Eduardo Manalo can be compared with any of the Popes (not even any of the Cardinals). It's NO MATCH!

It's like throwing your bet to a weakling ant against a young bull elephant.

So here's the IDOL WORHIPPER!

INC-1914 BELIEVED Manalo is SUPERIOR than CHRIST himself?

Look! It's just right under your nose Mr. Plaridel. You need not go further.

You DENIED Christ of his DIVINITY and stripped him of Godhood while you exult Manalo!!! Believed MANALO is your SHEPHERD (Ventilacion)! And what's deeply disturbing is that you ACTUALLY believed in it. It's fine with you?

The Iglesia ni Manalo denied all the facts in the Bible about Jesus and LIED, twist, misinterpret the Bible just to fit Manalo in the passages.

So I will ask you the same question.

Do you think YOU have a better opinion than CATHOLICS and the Catholic Church which had existed for more than 2,000 years now?

Hardly. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

The church of Manalo is just only 96 years old. You admit that everytime you celebrate your Anniversary which is every 27th of July (oh, where is that again in the Bible?)

Its not a dirty trick, what a dirty trick is trying to deceive people just like what you, Catholicdefender2000, is doing. you use the internet to say things and don't give reference. You use books and not give complete reference. You say we are trying to deceive people, it is you who have done the fault.

Dirty trick?

Well, here's the DIRTIEST TRICK! It's all from your Inc-1914 paid ministers.  Read and Learn!

PASUGO Hulyo 1965, p. 12:
“Parehong-pareho ang espiritu ni Cristo sa diwa ni Kapatid na Felix Manalo sa pamamaraan ng pagdadala ng tungkuling tinanggap sa Dios." [Christ and Manalo has THE SAME SPIRIT...]

PASUGO Mayo 1964, p. 1 ay ganito:
“Inihandog ng Dios ang kanyang sarili sa kanyang huling sugo upang dumiyos sa kanya. Samakatuwid, ang tanging may Dios na huling araw na ito'y ang huling sugo -- si Kapatid na Felix Manalo." [God OFFERED himself to Manalo to be glorified like a god]

PASUGO Enero 1941, p. 12:
“Hindi inaangkin ng Iglesia ni Cristo ang karapatan ni Cristo at ng mga Apostol o ng ninuman. Siya'y may sariling karapatang galing sa Dios at kaloob ng Dios. Siya'y inihalal ng Dios at hindi siya ang naghalal sa kanyang sarili. Sa Apoc. 7:2 ay sinasabing isang anghel ang may taglay na tatak ng Dios na Buhay." [Manalo has his OWN RIGHT confered to him by God. God ordained him, NOT HIMSELF.]

PASUGO Mayo 1961, p. 22:
“Papaano magiging kawan o Iglesia ni Cristo itong mga tupa ni Jesus na nagmumula sa Pilipinas, hindi naman naparito si Cristo noong 1914? Ang sabi ni Jesus, Juan 10:16, 'magkakaroon sila ng isang Pastor'. Sino itong isang Pastor ng Iglesia na lilitaw sa Pilipinas? Ang pinagsabihan ng Dios: 'Huwag kang matakot, sapagkat ako'y sumasaiyo: (Isaias 43:5).

“Sino itong pastor ng Iglesiang lilitaw sa Pilipinas? Ito ang huling tinatawag o sugo na kasama ng Dios. Ito ang Kapatid na Felix Manalo. Noong sabihin ni Cristo na siya'y mayroon pang ibang mga tupa na wala sa kulungan at sila'y gagawing isang kawan at magkakaroon ng isang pastor, noon pa'y mayroon na siyang karapatan." [FELIX MANALO is the SHEPHERD not Christ]

PASUGO Hunyo 1967, p. 11 (patula)
“Alaala natin ngayon ang kanyang kaarawan
Isang sangol na lalaki sa atin ay ibinigay;
Ang araw ay ika-sampu ang buwan ay Mayo naman;
Nang kumita ng liwanag ang sinugong ating mahal;
Sa dahon ng kasaysayan ay hindi na mapipigtal;
Ang kanyang kasaysayang punung-puno ng tagumpay."
[A child is born to us-- NOT CHRIST but MANALO

It's a BLATANT INSULT to Isaiah 9:6 which we read in Tagalog like this:
"Sapagkat sa atin ay ipinanganak ang isang bata, sa atin ay ibinigay ang isang Anak na lalaki; at ang pamamahala ay maaatang sa kanyang balikat; at ang kanyang pangalan ay tatawaging kamangha-mangha. Tagapayo, Makapangyarihang Dios at walang Hanggang Ama, Pangulo ng Kapayapaan."
According to Luke 2:11-16, the BABY was JESUS CHRIST who IS to be BORN in a manger. We read NOTHING more in the Bible that says "a second baby" will be born for us?


Now Mr. Plaridel, do you think it's worth defending a cultic church who actually believed FELIX MANALO is a god?!!!

Think. You are still given a chance to leave that cult and be saved.

Note: All PASUGO quotes were taken from Ang Katotohanan Tungkol sa INK-1914 by Mr. Pinzon, Divine Word Publication, Oroqueta St. Manila

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  1. Remember Catholicdefender2000 So you deny that you worship images and at the same time we deny worshiping Manalo, because we don't. Tell me catholicdefender where are you from? If your not from the philippines, why would you come to know the INC? Why would you wasted your time combating a "sect" as you call it.?

    Rememberm, you sads that none of our miunister or our executrive minister is better compared to your pope or even your cardinals. But look, when was the last time you say a cardinal or a pope or even just a priest debating with anybody? if the CC wants a debate or want to discus doctrines they send catholic defenders like keating or fernandez. Is there a video of them
    (your priests) debating? Or at least use verses to defend your doctrines? Give me a link to that video. our ministers are well trained in those feilds like theology. your priests use reason and just a little verses.
    Why Dont you give time to proving your doctrines on your blog not just your opinion or many peoples opinions on your blog as if it were a news magazine. why do you even attack muslims in general? not all muslims are like that. those are the extremists. Ok agan to the topic. let me try to enlighten you on your excerpt:

    “Parehong-pareho ang espiritu ni Cristo sa diwa ni Kapatid na Felix Manalo sa pamamaraan ng pagdadala ng tungkuling tinanggap sa Dios." [Christ and Manalo has THE SAME SPIRIT...]"

    The spirit of Jesus is "parehong-pareho" as Felix when he took the duty given to him by God. Not the same spirit at all. The same spirit when he took his duty.

    Hindi namin aniamin na si Manalo ay dios. si manalo ay tao. Isa lamang ang dios. ang Dios na yun ang ang Dios na lumalang ang buong munda, ang dios na walang hanga ang Dios na walang katapusan. Hindi yon si kapatid na manalo.

    Look at it my friend, i did not accuse you if worshiping idols in the sentence above. i acctualy denied it for you. i used it as an example. to see what we feel if you have meen insulted or that being said to you. Imagine this if you come up to me and say "I never told you to deny it for me. " then i would say "so you do accept it?" see, theres nothing wrong with me saying that. if i were to convert to another religion aside form the INC i would never be a catholic.

    So you want to scrutinize our doctrine. Go to a minister, he will tell you the truth that the INC believes in. Mark my words, you will quote me on this or anything i say. Still you must remember, i am not an official spokesperson of the INC.


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