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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pakistan: some Christians denied aid unless they convert to Islam

This news (below) really obliges me to implore mercy from the Lord. May the good Lord forgive them for the do not know what they are doing.

Christian in Pakistan who were denied food ration JUST BECAUSE they are CHRISTIANS should rejoice instead for they are reaping the sweet prize of following the Lord.

But of course, it’s easier said than done. They need to live. They have families to feed.

I am not saying they should be singing "hallelujahs" and rejoicing instead while being denied of food starving them to death. They deserve to receive those food ration which was donated mostly by Christian people in the West.

Moderate Muslims in the West say these kinds of Muslims only put a bad light to the entire Muslim communities and that these few radicals are “hijacking” their religion.

They should start demonstrating what's the difference between Moderates and Extremists.

If these few "radicals" are considered "hypocritical" Muslims, where are the majority of the "real" Muslims? Why I am not seeing many of them condemning this intolerant practices against non-Muslims living in Islamic states?

They DEMANDED tolerance in our societies but withheld it to non-Muslims living in their societies?

They’re so violent when they are criticized while they can be so vocal, enjoying the freedom to say what they want to say even asking the head of the Pope in a platter?

Why such double standards? One in favor of them and one against us?

They can easily identify "violence against them" when they cannot even identify their own violence against non-Muslims.

What a shame indeed!

This photo says a thousand words:

Photo taken from weaselzippers.us
(Catholic Culture) - The head of an organization that combats anti-Christian persecution charges that some Pakistani Christian families are being denied flood aid unless they convert to Islam.

“Some Christian refugees are openly denied aid, while others are told to leave or convert to Islam,” said Carl Moeller, president and CEO of Open Doors USA. “You can imagine that terrible choice: either you abandon your faith or you cannot feed your child.”

The Fides news agency has collected testimony from several Christians who have been denied aid:
  • “We were overcome by waters and we lost everything,” said Zubair Masih. “We went to a refugee camp near Thatta, but they did not allow us to enter because we are Christians.”
  • “My wife is sick, but the doctor refused to visit her and treat her, saying that we should wait for the World Health Organization to send Christian doctors,” said Abid Masih.
  • “I arrived with my family at a camp near Hyderabad, but the camp administration refused to register us because we are Christians and they did not give us anything,” said Aamir Gill. “We were forced to leave.”
A Pakistani bishop said that the Church, in contrast, does not discriminate in assisting the victims of the worst flooding in the nation’s history.

“The tireless work of Caritas continues in all directions, in every diocese and without discrimination on the recipients,” said Bishop Max John Rodrigues of Hyderabad. “In the diocese, we help everyone. Many religious and Catholic volunteers are working in the area. I see a lot of solidarity: Muslims, Christians, and Hindus are united in suffering.

“As far as the aid brought by Islamic charity groups, they defend themselves by saying that according to their doctrine, the money from the zakhat (Islamic alms) should go only to Muslims,” he added. “We should keep in mind that in this country there is a general discrimination against minorities and the poorest workers. It is a widespread mentality which can also affect this tragedy. The fact that the rich are better off than the poor, having saved their own land, is a serious matter which the government must address.”

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