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Saturday, October 30, 2010

CatholicTV: 25-Year-Old Who Biked 2,400 Miles To Document Catholic Stories Will Tell His Story of One Billion Stories During Live CatholicTV Interview

Seth De Moor
CatholicTV - On November 12th, Seth DeMoor will be interviewed on the live CatholicTV talk show “This is the Day”.

Seth is a recent college graduate who captured national attention earlier this year after biking about 2,400 miles across the Southern United States interviewing Catholics he met along the way and posting their stories in brief videos online.

Seth’s website, onebillionstories.com has hundreds of video-recorded interviews he took during his trip in early 2010. These videos cover a wide range of topics such as conversion, testimonies, faith stories by athletes, and much more.

This is the Day airs at 10:30AM ET at CatholicTV.com and on CatholicTV cable outlets. The show is rebroadcast at 7:30PM and other times during the week.

During his 3-month-long trip across the Southern U.S., Seth did not carry a GPS unit, or even a map. In an interview with the Denver Catholic Register, Seth said, “That’s the beauty of pilgrimage and pedaling by faith,” he said. “You simply have to trust that ‘The Big Man’ will see you through to the end.”

Thanks to the assistance of people he met during his trip, Seth only spent $100. “People just kept feeding me,” he said. “And after Mass, some would hand me $20’s and $50’s to help me get home.”

In January 2011, Seth will travel across the U.S. again (by car) to gather more stories, mostly from young Catholics at Fellowship of Catholic University Students conferences.

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