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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A reaction to Emil Jurado's "The cruz of the reproductive health issue"

I am not a journalist so I am no match to our journalists who are accusing the Church of medling in politics.

But we have to admit that some of our local journalists DO NOT always tell the truth. We need to read and re-read what they said. We need to be vigilant and do our own research. Then we can only uncover that what they were saying are not always the truth.

Take for example the opinion of Mr. Emil Jurado, The crux of the reproductive health issue of
Source: The Manila Standard Today when he said:

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines certainly needs a lot of public relations advice.
Catholic Bishops DO NOT need "public relations advice(s)" because our bishops do not follow the dictates of the public and any politician. They follow the dictates of the teachings of the Church because Catholic teachings do not change by votation nor by popularity. What the bishops are doing is to DEFEND LIFE against those who are against it.

The issue here IS NOT about condoms or pills. It's the moral principles which ultimately has a longer effect on our citizens. If we are animals, then we can have sex anywhere if we want. We can have it right inside the malls or cinemas or shopping centers and demand it's our individual rights to have sex anywhere as we wanted

Take the case of Intramuros tour guide Carlos Celdran, who became an instant celebrity when he was jailed overnight for waving that “Damaso” placard and disrupting Mass at the Manila Cathedral last week.

And for what—violating a Jurassic law against offending the sensibilities of worshippers? This is a law which has its beginnings in the Spanish period."
Thank heavens, this Carlo Celdran DIDN'T HURT the "jurasic law" against offending the "sensibilities of worshippers" in ISLAM-- thanks God he DID it in a Catholic Church, NOT in a Mosque. If he did it in a mosque, his relatives would be grieving today and may bury him the next day. (Note: Muslims also are against this RH Bill)

The problem of the bishops is that while they tell the Catholic faithful that the use of contraceptives is morally wrong, they don’t tell us why. As Catholics, are we supposed to just say amen?

Mr. Jurado lied. He DID NOT do his homeworks. He is very quick in accusing Catholic Bishoops of "not telling us" the reason why the Catholic Church is OPPOSING against artificial contraceptive methods.

Here are the reasons and I hope Mr. Jurado reads them all!

1. HUMANAE VITAE Encyclical Letter of Pope Paul VI in 25 July 1968
2. GAUDIUM ET SPES, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Promulgated by Pope Paul VI in 7 December 1965
3. The Catechism of the Catholic Church
4. The Statements of Pope John Paul II on Contraception from 1978-1996
5. VERITATIS SPLENDOR written by Pope John Paul II in 6 August 1996
6. Contraception vs Abortion, a Comparison and some Implications
7. And what the Scripture says about it.
8. And he should read why the CATHOLIC CHURCH is against CONTRACEPTION HERE and HERE!

I think this is why there are more and more Catholics staying away from the Church and joining other groups like the Iglesia ni Cristo and the Born Again Christians.
The Catholic Church ISN'T WORRIED "Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ" said St. Athanasius who lived in the 4th Century A. D.

We have numerous ex-Catholics. While their lifestyles are not compatible with their lives, they shop for other "churches" that can accomodate their rantings. The best place of refuge is the Iglesia ni Cristo, a known anti-Catholic sect (cult) in the Philippines founded by Felix Manalo who preached he's the "Last Messenger", like Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church, as the "Last Prophet" re-establishing an apostate "church".

Even Mr. Jurado would jump off the fence, the Catholic Church isn't bothered. This same CATHOLIC CHURCH has attracted many people and have swam the Tiber River for the salvation of their souls.

Real Catholics are ready to defend the LIFE everyone has and the Church will stand and safeguard the TRUTH.

Some might be dismayed but we Catholic do not live by POPULARITY. We live according to the Gospel principles of Jesus Christ.

My gulay, in this age of information technology, people, especially the young, cannot be simply told: “do this, don’t do that.” They ask questions. They seek explanations. Even in school, they are taught to ask questions and seek explanations.

And in the case of a population growth rate of 2.3 percent a year, bishops telling Catholics that using condoms to prevent conception is wrong just is not enough. Bishops think all artificial contraceptives are abortifacient. And as we know, abortion in the Philippines is a heinous crime.
Mr. Jurado is right. In this "age of information technology, people, especially the young", cannot visit any sound websites. They populate social networks and other sites that promotes sex and violence.

They're very much addicted to indicency, pornography, masturbation, pre-marital sex that the likes of Mr. Jurado's OPTION for them is CONTRACEPTION.

Maybe he thinks that our youths should keep CONDOMS and PILLS ready in their wallets so that whenever they want sex, no one could trace them. No pregnancy, SAFE, no responsibility, no obligation-- they can DO it again and again.


And when CONDOMS and PILLS fail, ABORTION is available. They call it "women's choice"-- while the baby in the womb has NO CHOICE!


Recall that during the incumbency of President Aquino’s late mother, there were also moves to control population growth. The succeeding presidents all faced the problem. But it was not as pronounced then as it is now. This is why President Noynoy Aquino is advocating that couples should choose how they plan their families and that they should receive tools for contraception.

President Aquino is not only the President of all Catholics but of all Filipinos, regardless of their religion.

The President is not a puppet of any. He has moral obligation to promote LIFE, not to distroy it. Noynoy was voted by many because of his parents. If Noynoy relied only to his own credentials, perhaps Gilber Teodoro, his cousin would be our president today.

Since majority of our population are Catholics (78% of total population) then it is the moral obligation of the Catholic Church to remind every Catholic of the consequences of this Bill.

So I would suggest Mr. Jurado to research more since his profession is journalism before he writes. Don't put the blame on our bishops, teach our younger generation a life of purity, self-control, self-respect and to value life more than anything.

Don't blame the population and the Bishops. Blame our CORRUPT POLITICIANS and our corrupt goverment!

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