"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dispeling LIES in defending the Church of Christ (33 A.D.)

Said Mr. readme, an Iglesia ni Cristo (1914) apologist:

Our instructor, Mr. Ernesto Serna Vasol (Catholicdefender2000), owner of the blog In defense of the church, who loves to “answer/quote” my posts. But when answering/arguing to me and other INC members, he is remarkably known for doing these:

What's the purpose of posting my photo? BTW can I ask some few favors if you don't mind?
  • HOW ABOUT you,  what's your REAL NAME?
  • Why are you HIDING?
  • Why CAN'T you post your own photo?
  • Why are you so SCARED to reveal yourself?
But don't worry, we understand.  It's pretty much scary revealing yourself when there are a lot of people who are after you.

So how gentleman are you to post my personal photo? What's the purpose?  Is this a normal practice in your cult to hunt down those who oppose against your man-made (angel-made) doctrines? Do you have the BALLS to post yours too?

And this is how this Mr. readme introduced himself:

No photo!
No name!
What a shame!

That's the reason why most of Catholics and non-INC members whom you have LAMBASTED are certain that you are CONRAD J. OBLIGACION in disguise? Well, actually you've done that many times don't you?

I am beginning to wonder what INTERESTS do Iglesia ni Cristo apologists and what PLEASURE do they get in posting NAMES and PHOTOS of those critical to their cult?

This common practice done by members of the Iglesia ni Cristo is obviously BEYOND what is practiced and acceptable in basic journalism. I think I have the REASON to be ALARMED by this strange BEHAVIOR. I can say, whatever happens to me or my family, you know whom to point a finger.

By posting my name and my photo, YOU are suggesting that I am NOT anymore SAFE from YOUR violent MOB just like what happened to members of your rival Ang Dating Daan of Mr. Eliseo Soriano. (read Marcos Mataro's case here which his accusations against the INC was exposed by a member of its rival Ang Dating Daan).  This tactic is really INTIMIDATING and THREATENING, don't you think? That's the whole message I am getting from you.  That's the SIGNAL you are transmitting and we are picking it up VERY CLEARLY!

So shall we run? Shall we hide? Shall we be intimidated? Or threatened? Not at all Mr. Iglesia ni Cristo.  We will stand with the truth. We Catholic Defenders will bet our souls in this TRUTH! If the Lord Jesus Christ suffered for the sake of TRUTH, then we are NOT more than the HIM! 

Fr. Abe is one. Am I among their HITLIST? May God have mercy on my soul.

I am humbled to know that this INC member called me "their instructor" sarcastically though I am not a member of his cult. They love to invite Catholics and depended on Catholic teachings in explaining theirs.  All their teachings stand on a shallow ground.  Without the Catholic Church, their teachings flatly holds no water at all.

How? Their teachings goes like "The Catholic Church is WRONG so therefore OURS is right".  Things like that ^_^

This practice of the INC is not foreign to us Catholics. Watched by thousand INC members during their "95 YEARS FOUNDING ANNIVERSARY" they invited (with talent fee)  Ms. Lea Salonga, Mr. Gerald Salonga.  Lyrics was arranged by Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, all are Catholics graced Iglesia's night of entertainment to grace their anniversaries. Take note that for Iglesia members, Catholics are children of the devil “Kaya ang tunay na anti-Cristo, ang mga Papa ng Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana. At ang tunay na ampon ng anti-Cristo ay ang mga Katoliko.” (Pasugo August 1962, p. 9). Thanks for Manalo wealth, these "children of the devil" graced their celebration. (Read also THIS article and THIS article too).

And again in this Pasugo publication:
So allow me to answer his rantings one by one so that I may not miss anything. This is very important in defending the Church of Christ. While he hardly provide our readers with REFERENCE(s) in my desire to be honest, I will try to give REFERENCES as much as possible for consideration, balance and accuracy. With this, those who read my article will know who's LYING and who's really afraid of the TRUTH"

[Red is Mr. readme's RANTINGS.]

Mr. readme accused me of:
*He quotes some Pasugo statements and misinterprets what it contains, to favor with his side.

No, please do not inject lies to your own readers. In fact, it's YOU who FAILED to provide your readers with REFERENCES, did you?

In my desire to be balanced and credible in my opinion, I quoted your PASUGO because it's INC's OFFICIAL STATEMENT written by LEGITIMATE Ministers. If I lied, what benefit will I get from it? What kind of Catholic am I if I would quote your official magazine just "to favor" my my side? What kind of "defender" am I if I'd be doing this all for a LIE?

Let's say for example: PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5
“Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK." (When was the INK registered in the Philippines? It was in July 27, 1914.  Truly the register says it's Brother Felix F. Manalo who built the INK.")
What better interpretation can you offer from this very SIMPLE quotable quotes from your Pasugo?
Did your Minister lie? Isn't it, the same INFORMATION is exactly what was written in WIKIPEDIA?

Or instead of accusing me of lying how about explaining to us those quotations what do they really mean according to your (Iglesia) understanding?

Mr. readme accused me of
*He loves to “quote/answer” my posts here in my blog when the topic is about their church. Maybe he is so hurt reading such truths.^_^

Or maybe you were deeply affected by your own Ministers' inconsistencies such that one Minister is against another? That must be very painful. It's like hitting your head twice in one blow.

Let's take for example these two opposing official statements from their Pasugo:
PASUGO Enero 1964, p. 6:
“Sino ang tunay na nagtayo ng Iglesia ni Cristo na lumitaw sa Pilipinas noong 1914? Hindi ang kapatid na si Manalo kundi ang Dios at si Cristo." (Who really built the Iglesia ni Cristo which sprouted in the Philippines in 1914?  It's not brother Manalo but God and Christ."


PASUGO Agosto-Setyembre 1964, p. 5
“Kailan napatala sa Pamahalaan o narehistro ang INK sa Pilipinas? Noong Hulyo 27, 1914. Tunay nga na sinasabi sa rehistro na si Kapatid na F. Manalo ang nagtatag ng INK." (When was the INK registered in the Philippines? It was in July 27, 1914.  Truly the register says it's Brother Felix F. Manalo who built the INK.")
Did you feel it? Surely, truth hurts but don't be afraid it will set you free! (John 8:32). That's guaranteed! That's because Christ Jesus said so.

Mr. readme accused me of:
*He makes lies, accusations and makes statements exaggerated so that readers will have a bad impression/thinking about his opponent, making him to win the argument.

Which ones of my posts did I lie? Any reference please? I believe readers out there are not as "stupid" as you may think.

It's not my intention to "win" an argument. My sole intention is to dispel LIES and proclaim the SPLENDOR of the TRUTH in his CHURCH.

As a Christian, it's my fervent desire that I may be God's instrument in preventing ignorant Catholics from converting to perdition and bring those who were led astray back to the TRUE FOLD-- the Catholic Church which is Christ's ORIGINAL CHURCH (PASUGO April 1966, p. 46). Hoping that in this little effort I may find the rewards allotted to me by Jesus who's the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE (John 14:6).

Mr. readme accused me of:
*He ALWAYS joins the topics about accusations in the INC whenever he would make a post to the INC like saying it is a corporation sole, that Bro. Felix vs. Trillaness issue is true that Trillaness won the case, INC is a cult, and many other! You can notice it while reading even just ONE post of him regarding the INC!

This I guarantee you. If your cult stops accusing Catholics and the Catholic Church of being from Satan then this blog will disappear.

But I am sorry if I would fail you. You will ALWAYS find me in defense of Christ's ORIGINAL Church as long as there are insecure cults out there lambasting God, Jesus, the Saints, the Pope and the Catholic Church which is Christ's true Church (PASUGO April 1966, p. 46).

About Rosita Trillanes, blame Rosita why she had to ACCUSE your SUGO only to retract it later and be awarded of the position of being a DIAKONESA. What a handsome prize for LYING!  So you mean, LIARS can even be promoted to the diaconate position? So how many honest and how many LIARS do you have in your church' hierarchy? I am just wondering.
Mr. readme accused me of:
*He quotes unreliable sources, and ANTI-INC blogs/sites/articles that he says “EXPOSE” the INC whenever he makes post about the church, making it favor for his intention, to debunk the INC!

Unreliable sources? Which of them?
The Iglesia ni Cristo according to Wikipedia?
The Iglesia ni Cristo according to Catholic Answers?
Ang pagbubunyag ng katotohanan ni G. Pinzon sa "Ang Katotohanan Tungkol sa INK-1914"?

Actually I am still looking for a copy of Mr. Ignacio's book "QUO VADIS" . That alone answers your "Pandoktrina" brilliantly and intelligently. I can bet my soul in its accuracy and truthfulness.

Now tell us, which of those are "unreliable sources" and "anti-INC blogs"? Or you are just trying to negate them because they BORE THE DAMAGING TRUTH against your Iglesia?

Mr. readme accused me of:
*Whenever there is a member who argues with them, THEY (for most Catholic Defenders does it) always recognized them as a MINISTER, or high rank official in the INC, then make some accusations so that people will have a bad impression to us.

Have the power to show us the reason NOT to believe so.

In fact, it's YOU who give us the impression that you're a Minister.

Why? It's because you know almost everything. Say for example, the INC locales abroad, contact numbers of those Ministers designated, addresses, etc. Where have you gotten those information? Only an INSIDER can have the ACCESS that. It's YOU who posted those information. It's YOU who give us the reason to believe you are an INC Minister.

Mr. readme accused me of:
*When “answering/quoting” my post, he only show SOME and not ALL what it contained, he only picks some of the information that he can ANSWER.

Wrong. I answer all your accusations! It's YOU who failed to address all my allegations. Instead you "researched" about me, not on my allegations. Brilliant Mr. readme. 

"Picking SOME and not ALL"?

That's what you DO in quoting the Bible. You picked one verse from one book and connect it to  another verse -- CUT and PASTE from one to another so that you FORMULATE a TOTALLY DIFFERENT message, out of context chop-chop verses, DISTORTING the whole message of the Scripture. It's you who DISRESPECT the Holy Bible.  You blatantly DISRESPECT the Holy Scripture.

Tutal hindi kataka-taka kung bakit binababoy niyo ang Banal na Kasulatan kasi hindi naman sa inyo ang Biblia kundi sa mga Katoliko ito.

So please STOP blaming us for sharing information. We deserve to have the truth. You and I and anyone who loves the truth deserves it. Why your Iglesia is keeping them in secret?

That's the reason why you were "stubborn" and kept on defying the wishes of your Ministers not to engage in any forums or blogging like this, as you said. That REASON alone makes us think that you're above else because you CAN stubbornly DEFY your Ministers without fearing the threat of excommunication. We know how STRICT your Iglesia is. You must be SPECIAL then.

Mr. readme accused me of:
*Bias on his opinions like other Catholics does.



I provided you OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS. Do you mean "biased" because those HISTORICAL FACTS were actually written by Catholics?

Well, that's because WE EXISTED and the Catholic Church was there when history unfolded.

In case Mr. readme doesn't know, the very reason why I oftentimes quoted their PASUGO Magazines is because IT IS OFFICIAL. It's not something like readme's opinion.

Although I may sound repetitive in quoting their PASUGO is because I want to establish the truth here according to its OFFICIAL pronouncements from its LEGITIMATE MINISTERS.

And if Mr. readme has a problem with my quotes, he has all the rights to prove me wrong. So please don't play as the victim here. Your accusations against the Catholic Church is serious that we cannot just sit and do nothing. We need to defend the Church of Christ (not the church built by Felix Manalo.)

And this is MOSTLY scary part. Iglesia ni Cristo loves to share information of their critics. Conflict with the members of "Church of God International or the 'Ang Dating Daan of Eliseo Soriano is recorded in Wikipedia.

Mr. readme "researched about" ME, not about my OPINION.
FYI: I made a research about him that’s why I had show his Full name!^_^
In fact, you've done that in the past. You have followed me in Twitter, Facebook, and in my blog since the memorial. So please don't pretend as if this is the first time you came to know my name.

Here's for you: POST YOUR REAL NAME in your BLOG. Would you DARE?

I doubt it. Cowards don't do that. They attack from behind and keep hiding from their opponents, like a beast looking for someone to devour.

Mr. readme said...
That’s what im talking about, before this post, he said I AM JUST A MEMBER, but most of the time he recognize me as a MINISTER for he cannot accept that im just a college student for I have a greater knowledge THAN him, (haha) or greater skills in arguments maybe he’s so jealous. By the way, what is the truth MR. Catholicdefender2000?

And we all know who does CREATE LIES!!

Because you are a Minister disguising as a member. Actually it would be extremely damaging if I knew more than you.  However, as you claim to know "MORE" than me, why is it that you CANNOT even disprove my PASUGO quotes?


That's really a RARE skills! Congratulations!

Mr. readme said...
See the understandings of this Catholic Defender, very poor. Bro. Manalo lets say oppose to having images/statues INSIDE THE CHURCH. Not in all aspect even the picture of your family inside the house and etc. that Bro. Felix opposes, it is that STATUES/IMAGES in the CATHOLIC CHURCH WERE MADE AND USE IN THEIR WORSHIP. Or making any acts of WORSHIP TO THOSE, VIOLATING GOD’S COMMANDMENTS ABOUT IT. Lets say it is true, but the thing is, the CATHOLIC PRACTICES SHOULD REALLY NOT BE DUPLICATED especially on those doctrines/practices that makes people violates teachings of god!

You are right. God forbid it in Exodus 20: 3-5, "no strange gods" and "don't worship them," warned God.

That same God LAWFULLY ALLOWED Jews (not to worship them) to USE sacred images for their worship.

Take for example the following:
Read more the Catholic Encyclopedia instead of "researching" those critical to your religion.

Mr. readme said...
The added teachings and changes in the Church of Christ (became Catholic Church) is the reason why it isn’t ANYMORE, again ANYMORE christ’s church! We always admit that the Catholic Church (Church of Christ in called in the first century) was the church built by Christ HOWEVER FALLEN TO APOSTASY. That’s why it is NEEDED to restore Christ’s CHURCH in order for the work of SALVATION continues. (Gets? ^_^)

The Church of Christ IS the Catholic Church. There is NO DOUBT about it.

Your own PASUGO CONFIRMED it (PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46)! And all ENCYCLOPEDIA and HISTORICAL BOOKS claim the same proclaimed it too.


Where was it recorded in history?
Where is it PROPHESIED in the Bible?

On the contrary, Jesus even said, No WAY. My Church will remain FOREVER! The gates of HELL cannot prevail, not even the LIES of FELIX MANALO can EVER prevail.  That a SOLEMN PROMISE by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus said: Hell SHALL NOT (WILL NOT) prevail today and in the FUTURE, not even in 1914.  That is RECORDED in MATTHEW 16:18-19.

So if you claim that there was a TOTAL APOSTASY, your cult is ACCUSING Christ of being a DECEIVER and a LIAR. A very serious allegations against the Lord Jesus Christ.

Between Felix Manalo and Christ Jesus, judge them both, WHO LIED?

Mr. readme said...
I will make a post about the “CORPORATION SOLE” if what really it is. By the way, do Catholicdefender2000 KNOWS THAT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS INDEED A CORPORATION SOLE?^_^ Does he know that Churches existed are registered as a corporation sole? SO THAT IT WILL BE LEGAL and WILL BE RECOGNIZE as an existing CHURCH in the country? Do he knows that churches who does not registered in the government, in using common sense, is illegal? Like when you were born, would the government RECOGNIZE you as a Filipino with rights if your parents didn’t registered you or you don’t have any BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Why is it ridiculous to proclaim another church WHEN THE ORIGINAL CHURCH FALLEN TO APOSTASY?

What a LIE Mr. readme.

Where is it written that the Catholic Church is a CORPORATION SOLE. That's a blatant LIE.

Since you really need credible informations what's being registered were PARISHES, INSTITUTIONS, CATHOLIC UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES, HOSPITALS, CHARITABLE INSTITUTIONS and ORGANIZATIONS, etc... NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH as a whole.

Prove then then that that CATHOLIC CHURCH is registered in any government and I will concede.

"Felix Y. Manalo officially registered the church [Iglesia ni Cristo] as a corporation sole with himself as executive minister on July 27, 1914..."
Any better way to defend your Iglesia ni Cristo CORPORATION?

Mr. readme said...
There is only one church established by Christ, therefore only one TRUE CHURCH, and the evidence is in the teaching not by the presence. Again, and again, I will repeat, The Church of Christ in the first century is the church established by Christ, that became Catholic Church by changing its name and A LOT IN THE CHURCH, when it falls in APOSTASY(falling away from the true gospel), common sense, it is not anymore the Christ’s Church… So, it is need for someone who became an instrument of God to continue the WORK OF SALVATION THROUGH CHRIST‘S CHURCH.

Correction. Not "became".

The only Church that can trace its HISTORY back to the times of the apostles is the CATHOLIC CHURCH. Therefore the Catholic Church WAS, IS, and WILL BE the Church of Christ that's FACT for he promised "... the gates of HELL WILL NEVER prevail (Mt. 16:18-19)". Not even the fairy tales Felix Manalo created can quench that TRUTH. Dream on Mr. readme... dream on!

No other churches can trace that!

Mr. readme said...


Why would we believe that Mary, mother of Christ not “MOTHER OF GOD” is worthy on Catholic’s respects? What we believe, for sure, is that when Mary is still alive maybe she will go and attack the Pope in Rome for giving ACTS OF WORSHIP to her, having DEVOTION to her, and recognizing her as a “MOTHER OF GOD-MAN” and a mediator to God especially our Lord Jesus Christ is the only MEDIATOR of us to GOD!


In my desire to remain truthful, I provided you links. From there, there are a lot of other articles that can answer your question (if your intention really is to know the truth). But since  you don't have that sincerity, I would like to direct you back on top of this and start reading those websites I have provided you.

And since it could be impossible for you to understand CATHOLIC terms, I am not expecting you to understand THEOTOKOS either.

If you want more links, I have them in FULL SWING just in my SIDEBAR. They all were taken from our OFFICIAL CATHOLIC TEACHINGS. So you can be assured that we stand on those teachings. We can bet our souls on those TRUTHS.

Mr. readme said...

Of course. But whose translation shall we use? lol...

Mr. readme said...
FYI: We do not say that those people SHOULD NOT BE RESPECTED, OHOH, very poor in understandings, I really pity Catholic Defenders WORLDWIDE for having such thinking! What we oppose is the images/statues in your churches, and giving them ACTS OF WORSHIP THAT’S ALL!

He even post the picture of the “letter” of Bro. Felix to members in the time of Japanese Occupation, as in their understanding, Bro. Felix LEAVED the church in that time as they accuse he’s being coward… I had answered that ACCUSATION already on my blog and just click the link.

Sorry I really can't understand your CONFLICTING teachings. I really don't. Can you explain to us INTELLIGENTLY why Felix oposed on having statues in any form and later on defied his teachings to accommodate Eraño's desire to IMMORTALIZE his late father, founder and angel memory? That would be a lot better.

And, oh, the "Last Messenger" ABANDONING the "Church of Christ" just to please the invading Japs? That's enough. We need NO  further explanations ^_^

Mr. readme said...
There is a BIG REASON why we should give him respect, and even build a statue as others malign it, for Bro. Felix is God’s instrument for the work OF SALVATION CONTINUES… He is the reason why we are necessary in attaining the salvation and making it to the promised kingdom of God. Even though there are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of detractors, who at his time persecutes the church A LOT, every now and then, still the church is there and forwarding in more glorious achievements! And can you give me ANY EVIDENCE THAT HE MADE HIMSELF LORD OVER THE CHURCH? HUH? Even did we recognize him AS A LORD??? I will WAIT FOR YOUR ANSWER!

Ah! Now I understand why you believed Felix Manalo is SUPERIOR than Christ the Lord.

PASUGO May 1964, p. 1:
“Inihandog ng Dios ang kanyang sarili sa kanyang huling sugo upang dumiyos sa kanya. Samakatuwid, ang tanging may Dios na huling araw na ito'y ang huling sugo -- si Kapatid na Felix Manalo." [God offered himself to his last messenger so that he may be deified in him.  Therefore the only person who has God is his last messenger on this last days-- Brother Felix Manalo.]

PASUGO May 1961, p. 22:
“Papaano magiging kawan o Iglesia ni Cristo itong mga tupa ni Jesus na nagmumula sa Pilipinas, hindi naman naparito si Cristo noong 1914? Ang sabi ni Jesus, Juan 10:16, 'magkakaroon sila ng isang Pastor'. Sino itong isang Pastor ng Iglesia na lilitaw sa Pilipinas? Ang pinagsabihan ng Dios: 'Huwag kang matakot, sapagkat ako'y sumasaiyo: (Isaias 43:5).

“Sino itong pastor ng Iglesiang lilitaw sa Pilipinas? Ito ang huling tinatawag o sugo na kasama ng Dios. Ito ang Kapatid na Felix Manalo. Noong sabihin ni Cristo na siya'y mayroon pang ibang mga tupa na wala sa kulungan at sila'y gagawing isang kawan at magkakaroon ng isang pastor, noon pa'y mayroon na siyang karapatan."
But in another PASUGO the Iglesia ni Cristo BOLDLY claimed that JOHN 10:16 is no other than CHRIST.

In one of their published book entitled SULO in page 58, we read:

“Itinuturo din ng Iglesia Katolika na ang Papa ang siyang "Kataas-taasang Pastor". (Question Box 169). Ito ay salungat din sa turo ni Jesus at ng mga Apostol, sapagkat sinabi ni Cristo: "Ako ang tanging Pastor" (Juan 10:16).” [The Catholic Church also teaches that the Pope is the "Highest Shepherd". (Question Box 169).  This is against what Jesus taught and the Apostles, because Christ said: "I am the only Shepherd" (John 10:16)]
Mr. readme dared...

I will just post the question again, especially for you Mr. Er Vasol (Catholicdefender2000)!

Show the list of the teachings/doctrines/practices/dogmas of the CC with the date where it all began and the creator or the inventor of the teaching or whatsoever it is called! And let see if those can be called "ORIGINAL TEACHINGS"!!!! Ok? ^_^


rules on answering the challenge:

* It should be DIRECTLY answered.
* It is not expected for you to have me a counter challenge, or asking me of something.
* Saying accusations and etc. are prohibited.

Goodluck! But if you cannot stand for this, its ok. But NEVER EVER again "answer/quote" my posts on my blog, because it only shows how jealous you are in the INC. I pity you

Thank you for daring to ask me that favor. However can I ask the same favor after? Can you PROVIDE me OFFICIAL LINK to your teachings without inviting me to see and listen to one of your PAID  Ministers in the Philippines?

And ALSO, will you PLEASE tell us your real name if you are not CONRAD J. OBLICACION so that I can address properly your name as well?

Unless you don't RECIPROCATE that, then please stop asking things which you cannot even give!

That's a gentlemen's deal.


In the meantime here are links to our OFFICIAL TEACHINGS! You can read them anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. That's guaranteed. We will NEVER HIDE our teachings from you so pleeeeeeeeease.... DON'T HIDE yours from us.

In the meantime, here's our ONLINE Official Catechism. Footnotes ARE GIVEN where BIBLICAL VERSES for reference were stated and some other Church documents, dates, book chapter and pages, the Pope who reign that time for HISTORICAL ACCURACY. Write down all the Biblical and Historical references and don't trust your memory.  Believe me, your skull is too small for that. ^_^

Catechism of the Catholic Church uploaded in SCBorromeo.org
Catechism of the Catholic Church found right in Vatican's Official Website
Catechism of the Catholic Church uploaded in United States Bishops' Conference Official Site
Catechism of the Catholic Church uploaded in Christus Rex site
Catechism of the Catholic Church uploaded in Knights of Columbus' Official site
Catechism of the Catholic Church uploaded by Catholic Doors
Catechism of the Catholic Church uploaded by Catholic Culture
Catechism of the Catholic Church uploaded by Catholic Planet site

Good News! You can buy a HARD COPY in any leading bookstore WORLDWIDE in any language!


  1. ayaw mo nun sikat kana wahaha .. nalimutan mo na my tv ang INC? no need na magpost2 ng picture ang mga INC defender.. sa net.. haiz.. kawawang bading

  2. So for you Iglesia people, having OFFICIAL WEBSITES is all for FAME? Nakalimutan mo na ba ang John 3:30?

    About your TV shows, do not expect us to watch please. We have not loose yet our taste of TV shows. You might want to invite your rival ADD. I am sure they are always ready to listen and record those inconsistencies your ministers are always in error.

    Bading? Sounds familiar lol. Sexual insecurities lang yan dre.

    BTW, thanks for commenting. Lalo lang tumitibay ang aming argumento na ang mga INC ay bastos at walang modo. You've just displayed it the FINEST.

    So that the world knows what KIND of PEOPLE you are.

    "No need na magpost2 ng picture ang mga INC defender"?

    Really? Or just like your Iglesia, takot mabunyag ang katuruan sa buong mundo, baka sumablay.

    Run and hide is the motto of cowards... and they will always hide in ANONYMOUS comments.

    God bless you.

  3. saan po kayo naka graduate? bakit ang bobo ng mga article nyo about sa INC? wala na pong matibay na ebedinsya. puro kuro-kuro ..ano ho??

  4. malas naman ng new era.

  5. Nagsabay pa ang bagong post ni readme sa blog niya sa Anonymous comment dito hahahaha...

    Malas nga ng New Era, tingnan mo ang produkto niya sa iyo ^_^

  6. am.. ano naisip mo? we are one? hahaha pati bata matatawa sa mga hula skills mo

  7. Kaya pala NATATAWA at NATUTUWA KA sa blog ko. ^_^ Salamat po.

  8. Bumalik ba si README sa post na ito? HINDE!!! Naduwag! O kaya'y pinagsabihan ng INC. At si anonymous readme, di na nakapiyok!

  9. Mga huwad na INM ...mag IINC na sana ako nuon eh,,, it so ahppened na napanuod ko sa isang segment ng TAMANG DAAN, kasalukuyan nuon na mainit ang labang Dating daan at INM, .. regarding sa comment ni mama Eli tungkol sa mga Muslim... Nakakahindik yang mag INM kasi, biruin mo... nagpapakilalang sa Diyos ang Relihiyon nila pero itini tip sa mga muslim si Mama Eli... ibinigay yung address ni mama Eli .. Balak pa yatangg ipapatay ng mga walang hiyang INM na yan ung kamukha nilang sinungaling... ganyan ba ang sa Diyos????

  10. Nagtatago si Mr. Obligacion.. :)


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