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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Geert Wilders Victory Will Help Islam

Thanks to Farid Ghadry:
After the political left in Holland exhausted all venues to force Geert Wilders off the stage, it seems that his exoneration from an ill-defined and an ill-advised lawsuit (given his rising popularity in Holland and beyond) won him accolades from all corners of the world. The accolades come from those who view his right for freedom of speech as an essential element to debate civilizational differences when they arise.

Many Muslims criticize other religions when they deem it necessary. We call Judaism a "Blood Sucking" religion. This is not a one-time incident but something that is taught in Syrian schools at a very early age. And when the text books appear too soft on the Jews, not to worry because our teachers will fill the vacuum by adding the necessary insults and lies to the whole discussion. Not every Muslim condemns Judaism, only those who grow in oppressive and violent countries like Syria.

Geert Wilders, in my opinion, represents a new core of principles upon which weak European politicians, unwilling to adjust to certain realities when the threat of terror increases at home, will define a New Europe more adaptable to danger and the frictions we see taking place as borders shrink and cross-country immigration increases. Political correctness will manifest itself in contrarian collective policies rather than the singularity it has managed over the last 30 years or so.

This will only help Islam. Instead of repeated and unproductive whispers to wake a sleeping giant from his destructive slumber, it will be a bucket of cold water. So, thank you Geert Wilders for bringing the world's attention to the dilemma our religion lives. The next step is to call for freedom in oppressive countries to thwart the tide of Muslim immigration who escape to Europe and the US for better economic conditions and future.

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