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Friday, January 14, 2011

Iglesia ni Cristo: The Destroyer of Christian Unity!

It's known around the world within the Filipino communities that the Iglesia ni Cristo cult, which emerged from the Philippines in 1914, founded by Felix Manalo is among the MOST notorious anti-Catholics in the Philippines and in countries where the presence of Filipino Foreign Workers are heavily concentrated.  Its DEFENDERS are equally NOTORIOUS like their founder and owner of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

Most of its converts were poorly catechized Catholics who thought saints were gods and that bowing and kneeling before their statues would make them (the images) gods.  Serious and REAL Catholics do not consider saints and their statues as "gods" just as no one would think the statue of Jose Rizal at the Luneta Park is Rizal himself.   
Statue of Jose Rizal at the Luneta Park, Manila City, Philippines

But CERTAINLY without the Catholic Church, the Iglesia ni Cristo doctrines can NEVER survive.  They CAN'T independently defend their teachings without demonizing Catholic doctrines.  Sinisiraan nila ang doktrina ng Iglesia Katolika para palabasing ang kanilang aral ang tama.

Comments such as what I've quoted below are usual. Nothing is new.  You can't find any INC member who could defend its belief without demonizing the Catholic Church and its doctrines or seriously threatening Catholic Defender, or TWISTING Catholic Doctrines to suit their vile intentions and carefully select Bible verses, to suit their guile intentions.

Below is a supposed quotation of this INC forum member who posted Catholic book.  As I've searched the net for a copy of this particular book, I found THIS.

This book is better known as "PENNY CATECHISM". Let's expose INC's HYPOCRISY, GROSS DISHONESTY  of its Defenders: (Numberings in RED are mine). Quoted comments were taken from NetWork54 Forum and PinoyEchange.

No. 3 in conformity with the decrees of the Plenary Council and the code of 1918.
Nihil obstat: A.G Casas, Censor Librorum, Imprimatur: Rufino J. Santos, D.D., Archbishop of Manila. De La Salle College. Brothers of the Christian Schools, Manila Philippines, 1955.

13. “Is the worship of the saints confined to their persons?

“The worship of the saints is not confined to their persons, it extends also to their relics and images”

[4]p. 95
“15. Ought we to worship holy images?

“We should have, particularly in our churches, images of Our Lord, as also the Blessed Virgin and the saints, and we should pay them due honor and venerations.”
[1] If they too are hanging GREGORIAN CALENDARS in their Temple offices then they too share in the paganization of the world through the Catholic Church.  The year 2011 is a Catholic Church counting of the existence of the CHURCH OF CHRIST.  This INC member is a PAGAN for celebrating the New Year of the Lord 2011 Anno Domini with Catholics and non-Catholics around the world! If you visit one of their chapel's offices and in Central Temple offices their calendars are all based on the GREGORIAN CALENDAR, a CATHOLIC CALENDAR!!!

[2] Here is an online copy of the Catechism of Christian Doctrine and in No. 3, this is what we read: (I wonder why they are ignoring the official Catechism of the Catholic Church available in the internet?)
3. To whose image and likeness did God make you?
God made me to his own image and likeness.
[3] No. 13 of the said Catechism book is:
13. What are the chief things which God has revealed?
The chief things which God has revealed are contained in the Apostles' Creed.
[4] And No.15 of the same book says:

15. How is the Apostles' Creed divided?
The Apostles' Creed is divided into twelve parts or articles.

So here is what these bigots cannot grasp... the worship and veneration of saints vs. the WORSHIP alone to  God!

  • DULIA = The Veneration (worship) of SAINTS
  • HYPER DULIA = The Veneration (worship) of the Blessed Virgin Mary alone.
  • LATRIA = The highest form of WORSHIP directed to the HOLY TRINITY alone!


  1. The INC/MANALO is notorious in COPY PASTING, TWISTING, TAKING OUT OF CONTEXT CATHOLIC DOCTRINES, they even translated works of Cardinal Gibbons in tagalog, and they use their own bias interpretation to mislead Catholics, but if you read the actual book you will find that is not what the actual authors intent. The INC/MANALO should really change their style of proselytizing for we already live in an age were everyone can check everything... or should i say don't change their style, for it exposes what kind of 'iglesia' they are... main point when the INC/MANLO says something about the Catholic Church, check and read their resources with your 'very eyes'.
    Dencio Yuson
    Tracy CA.

  2. Great point Emily... I pointed that work of Bishop Gibbons too which was deliberately twisted by one of INC defenders (daw), readme.blogspot.com you can see how their gross dishonesty really makes my spine shriver!

    May God have mercy on their souls...


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