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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Italian Demonstrators Against Blashpemy Law told to convert to Islam

Muslims who wish non-Muslims to convert to Islam should demonstrate their faiths in good works not just by talking and be witnesses to what goodness Islam can offer aside from the "burqas" "praying 5 times" "Jesus and Mary are Muslims" line of argument. Although it's incorrect to generalize terrorists as Muslims but let's face facts. Most terrorists are claiming to be "true" Muslims and lesser Muslims are condemning their terroristic activities. I urge peace-loving Muslims to stand with us in this fight, not to invite us to convert to Islam. We can be GOOD even if we remain Catholics or Protestants without the need to convert to Islam. Reactions can be read at JihadWatch
Muslims in Italy tell those concerned over Christianophobia: Convert to Islam!

EnePub - "Islam is the true religion; convert to Islam!” was the demand issued by a Pakistani radical Islamic organization, led by Malik Shaib, to promoters of a demonstration to be held on January 26 in Rome. The demonstraters express concern over Christianophobia in Muslim-dominated countries and, in particular, the case of Aasi Bibi - a Pakistani Christian woman who was sentenced to death for blasphemy according to Islamic law.

The demonstration, known as “Italy for Asia Bibi: freedom, justice, human rights” has been promoted by a group of parliamentarians and Italian civil associations, including the multi-partisan Association of Parliamentary Friends of Pakistan, Association of Italy-Pakistan International Cooperation (Isiamed), Association of Pakistani Christians in Italy, Amnesty International – Italian Section, Community of Sant'Egidio, TV2000, Religions for Peace, and Padana Onlus.

The invitation, written in Urdu, Pakistan's radical organization and forwarded to the Organising Committee, which has now informed the agency Fides, shows how the international initiatives enjoy attention and are significant for the scenario of Pakistan.

The demonstration aims to reaffirm the urgency of respect for religious freedom, dignity and inalienable rights of all Pakistani citizens, of any religion; to launch a message of peace, closeness and solidarity to Asia Bibi, seeking her immediate release. It also calls for the abolition of the blasphemy law and the death penalty in Pakistan. The initiative involves more than 35 associations from the academic world, the Catholic world, from other religious communities such as Sikhs, Jews and Muslims, giving a visible sign of the extensive involvement of civil society in Italy.

The Association of Pakistani Christians in Italy wrote “We thank the promoters and supporters. We want to fight for the freedom of Asia Bibi and we intend to send a message to Pakistani President Ali Zardari. We trust in the Pakistani justice system that it will verify her innocence. We support the abolition of the blasphemy law (art 295b and 295c) because it is exploited for private vendettas and jealousies, which have nothing to do with insulting the Prophet or the Koran.”

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