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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Iglesia ni Cristo Hypocrisy!

"Happy New Year" greetings from an Iglesia ni Cristo member (readme) at http://readmeinc.blogspot.com/2011/01/happy-new-year.html

This Iglesia ni Cristo member has NO idea that the year 2011 is the YEAR OF THE LORD, according to the GREGORIAN CALENDAR. This I would call simply as IGLESIA ni CRISTO's many HYPOCRISIES!


The Gregorian Calendar is also known as the WESTERN CALENDAR or the CHRISTIAN CALENDAR introduced by POPE GREGORY XVII (1502-1585 A. D.) which is now the accepted International CIVIL CALENDAR since its promulgation in February 24, 1582, by a papal bull known by its opening words Inter gravissimas.

I thought they HATED anything that is CATHOLIC? 

This is one of the many HYPOCRISIES in the Iglesia ni Cristo of Felix Manalo. Let me innumerate some few HYPOCRISIES I know about them:

  1. They DO NOT celebrate Christmas (Birthday of the Lord Jesus) but they celebrate the birthday of FELIX MANALO in May 10, ERAÑO MANALO in January 2, and EDUARDO MANALO in October 31. They too celebrate their FOUNDING ANNIVERSARY every 27th of July with much funfare and feasting.  
  2. They demanded Christmas Date to be explicitly recorded in the Bible but they cannot even provide any Biblical verse that favors July 27, May 10, January 2, and October 31 on that respect.
  3. They demanded Catholics to be Biblical when they cannot even find the name of Felix Manalo in the Bible;  not even the words "Iglesia ni Cristo" except in Romans 16:16 which is "iglesia" not "Iglesia" and their favorite Lamsa Translation of Acts 20:28 where originally it's written as "church of God" not "church of Christ." Mr. Lamsa was a member of the schismatic NESTORIAN CHURCH condemned by the Catholic Church in year 325 A.D. Today they are less than a million in number.
  4. Felix Manalo, its founder and owner of the Iglesia ni Cristo (1914) condemn every images of saints in the Catholic Church but few years later after his death, they built an IMAGE of Felix Manalo in their Central Temple reminding its people that they shouldn't worship Felix Manalo's image implying that there are already members who consider Felix as deity.
  5. They do not celebrate Christmas but they receive Christmas bonuses (even demanded it) and enjoy the long Christmas break in December.  They do not celebrate by they love to party on Christmas Seasons.
  6. It's written in their PASUGO December 1957, p. 28 (Ang Katotohanan Tunkol sa Iglesia ni Cristo 1914 p. 35
  7. They hated anything Catholic but the present Canon of the Bible is all CATHOLIC and the year 2011 Anno Domini is a CATHOLIC CALENDAR.  
Here is another deception of this INC member. He wants his readers to believe that his blog have a high number of hits and that there are many INC members visiting his blog from different parts of the globe.  
 How many are non-Filipino members of INC? He won't tell you that part!
 It reflects how many members do they have in these continents? But he won't tell you how many are non-Filipinos!!!
INC doctrine is compatible with that of Islam. So see how many INC Filipinos are working in Saudi Arabia? But when I was in KSA until 2007, I knew a lot of INC members who converted to Islam without difficulty.  They both deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.  They only have to accept that Mohammad is the Last Prophet, not Felix Manalo.

Most visitors of readme are CATHOLICS who are irrate of readme's DECEIT and ANTI-CATHOLIC posts! Therefore there are 22,234 people as of now who knew how the INC reasons out and how they defend Felix Manalo and its newly god called INC.

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