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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

About Abortion – What They Don’t Tell You

by Ana Benderas 

The propaganda of the abortion industry (to which here I will refer as Planned Parenthood because they are fairly the face and representation of pro-choicers everywhere), is that they want to provide information for women to make the best decision for themselves, yet that information is often incomplete and misleading.

Almost anywhere that pro-choicers give information about abortion, including Planned Parenthood pamphlets, they describe it as “a simple procedure which takes about ten minutes or so. You can go home the same day…” Planned Parenthood, which supposedly makes giving information and offering choices their first priority, does not ever describe, or even touch on the subject, of what actually takes place in this simple, ten-minute procedure of abortion.

So it is my intention today to provide more thorough information for any woman who sincerely wants to know what the abortion industry will never tell her.

How they kill your baby if she is 3 months or younger

At this age, your baby is already a full, biological human being. She was one at the moment of fertilization where she had 46 chromosomes, her own set of DNA, metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli and cell reproduction. In fact, by the time she’s old enough to be killed by abortion, she already has her own heart which beats at a different rhythm than her mom. She even has her own blood type! When you go into Planned Parenthood and you ask them how developed your baby is, she will answer you that it’s nothing more than a pregnancy, or a clump of cells, or a product of fertilization. The truth is that a pregnancy is a condition of a woman, not a thing, we are all, in a sense, a clump of cells and, unless someone sprouted into life from thin air, we are all a product of fertilization. When a close friend of mine went in and asked the same question about her first-trimester baby, they lied to her that her baby did not have a heart and was nothing but a sack.

The way your baby will be killed at this stage is that they will insert you a canulla, which is a vacuum with suction power stronger than the one you have at home. The abortionist will then put all the parts of your baby’s body together to make sure that he got all of it and that there’s not an arm or a leg left inside of you, which can cause a serious infection (just imagine the damage a body part of a dead person inside of you can do). It is true that this takes about ten minutes and then you can go home.

How they kill your baby if she is between 4-6 months

Your baby now has her own set of fingerprints that no one else shares! Because she has muscles, you can feel her kick sometimes! She has eyes, small ears, and even hair! Your baby has all her organs in place like lungs and everything and she’s practicing how to breathe. If you talk to your baby, she can hear you!

By now, your baby is too big and strong to be sucked out, so what the abortionist has to do is take her out by breaking her apart limb by limb. With his special tongs, he will break off her legs, then her arms, then the bottom part of her body. Finally, he will crush her skull and pull it out.

How they kill your baby if she is between 7-9 months

You baby is getting bigger and bigger. She can sleep and suck her thumb and even dance (well she moves to the sound of music). In fact, a lot of her learning begins here. If she doesn’t learn how to breathe correctly and do other important tasks in here, she’ll have trouble learning to speak and walk a little later. Your baby is ready to be born any minute now and can even survive out of the womb before she is nine months old.

Your baby is lucky now that it is not before 2006, when the Supreme Court declared this method unconstitutional. Before that, abortionists would abort babies by birthing them out feet first, delivering the baby but leaving the head inside. The nurse would help hold the baby still when it kicked and moved. The abortionist would then puncture a hole through her head and suck out her brains. He would then crush her skull.

After 2006, the abortionist can longer start with this procedure, but today, if he begins an abortion with any other method and feels it necessary to end with this procedure, he still can.

Another way they will abort your baby at this age is the abortionist will find your baby’s heartbeat using an ultrasound and will inject digoxin into the baby’s heart. He will then deliver your dead baby out of you.

This is what abortion is. These are the facts that Planned Parenthood will shy away from talking about. Check out this video of Planned Parenthood lying to a young girl as they often do:


  1. Just to clarify, RH Bill is not an Abortion Bill alright???

    Abortion is a sin... While family planning, is planning for a better future of your family.

    I am Pro family planning, but anti Abortion. Those two things are totally different.

  2. Yes, I agree with you. RH Bill is not all about Abortion. It's all about Immorality.

    Condom is not abortificient. In the medical point of view, it will prevent the SPERM to fertilize the EGG.

    In other words it involves SEXUAL ACTS. Therefore who's going to have "sex"? Is it the legitimate couples?

    Not so. Since it is FREELY DISTRIBUTED in ports, malls etc, the message is clear, HAVE SEX AS MUCH AS YOU WANT without moral responsibility.

    With promoting Condoms, we are telling our youngsters to act like animals and that it's ok if they cannot control their sexual urges. As long as they have "PROTECTION" then they can have sex with various women as they wish without feeling any guilt at all.

    It's teaching male couples infidelity. And that's not what Christian morality is...

    I can say more but this is the very reason why the CATHOLIC CHURCH of CHRIST is fighting for our morality.... we are sexual beings but we are also moral beings from conception to death.


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