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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iglesia Ni Cristo Medical and Dental Outreach is just a Hypocrisy says a blogger

Source: Pinoy Courier
Manila, Philippines - If there if is one thing that Iglesia Ni Cristo is doing its best, its hypocrisy. Doing 'Public Service' on the 86th birth anniversary of Brother Eraño Manalo leaves a bad taste to me. Helping out people in Maharlika Village, Taguig City. Robin hood? 46 new ministers ordained in the local congregation of Tondo means nothing since the membership of INC is decreasing for the past years. The political nature of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult has already showed its effect to the Filipino people. The event of ordination was shown on different locales of Iglesia Ni Cristo. One of the ministers who were ordained was Brother Angelo Eraño Manalo, son of the current Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo. It is expected that Brother Angelo Eraño Manalo will take over in the event that Eduardo Manalo will suddenly die just like Eraño Manalo. It is a religious Dynasty of the Manalo family inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. Felix Manalo > Eraño Manalo > Eduardo Manalo. It appears that Angelo Eraño Manalo is now preparing his way to take over the family tradition.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Don't be fooled by the sheep clothing of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. They are wolves in disguise. I have personally witnessed the wickedness of hypocrisy of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. All of these "good works" by Iglesia Ni Cristo are just for a show. One the main doctrines of Iglesia Ni Cristo is that only INC members will go heaven. All non-INC members, Catholics, Protestants and Muslims will all go to hell. So what is the purpose of the Iglesia Ni Cristo doing Medical and dental outreach once in a while? Hypocrisy. Just to please themselves that that they are doing well to people who they already judged to suffer in hell. The free medical and dental service and relief goods distribution of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is pure hypocrisy. The INC cult is just using the poor and the needy to show the world that they are following their God’s commandment to love their neighbors. Iglesia Ni Cristo loves politics. And part of the politics the INC is playing is showmanship. Yes, INC loves to display their 'good works' while INC members malign and create blogs on their enemies. 

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Telling lies is what the Iglesia Ni Cristo members are good at. I can understand why the Iglesia Ni Cristo has no "official" website to propagate their weird doctrines. Too bad for INC that they have ignorant members who create blogs that displays their bigotry. We can see how INC members malign and spread lies in the internet. And the Filipino people are already aware how wicked the INC members are in malicious writing. Philippine news is littered with INC atrocities in politics and the Philippine nation. So to Iglesia Ni Cristo, Stop pretending. We know what kind of INC members you have. Stop pretending. We know what kind of weird doctrines you have. 

INC Brother Angelo Eraño Manalo was already ordained.

He is the son of the reigning INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo.

It is expected that Angelo Eraño Manalo will take over

the family dynasty of the Manalo family once Eduardo Manalo passes away.

Truly, Iglesia Ni Cristo cares for the welfare of the poor and needy, Hypocrites.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is worthy of praising for their good works, Hypocrites.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo


  1. alam mo, wag mong siraan ang INC!!!

  2. katawa naman kasi napakaraming mahihirap sa Pilipinas and in vast mojarity are catholics... havent you heard on rich the catholic dioceses are? having share of stocks amounting to Billions of pesos, that is according to just only one of the financial institution and still there a lot more... not to include businesses being run and/or partly owned by priests... just for a glimpse please refer to this link: http://www.pinoymoneytalk.com/church-philippines-rich-wealth-stocks/

    the site is not even "a religious in essence"...

    unlike the "so called" trustworthy anti-INC hate sites...

    sa accusations above, matagal nang nasagot po iyan sa blogsite ni readme

    sana mag maging fair ang blogger nito pag may nagpopost as anonymous kasi kay readme napopost agad, hindi dumadaan pa sa approval...

    tutal suki ka naman catholicdefender2000 sa blog ni readme

  3. why INC slow in helping the quake victims and zamboanga sige? why they choose manila for their medical outreach? simple they show their political clout, public relation. the places that really need help is no use for them. its hard to indoctrinate people in distress waste of money.

  4. mangmang!!! surin mo muna ang RELIHIYON mo bago mo siraan ang INC... bobo




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