"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Iglesia ni Cristo Defender caught lying again and deceiving many

I wonder what wisdom these Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo have by thinking that the "churches of Christ" (which they DELIBERATELY changed to Proper Noun "Iglesia ni Cristo") mentioned in Romans 16:16 WAS THEM? What kind of brains do they have that a 1914 cult was MENTIONED in the Bible which was written almost 2000 years before Felix Manalo founded their cult?  Pure hallucination? Or a pure DECEPTION?! Read below an INC Defender line of defense. Source: readmeinc.blogspot.com (The BLUE ones are my reply)

July 30, 2009

The name of the "CHURCH" that was established by Christ

Oh, I didn't realized that the official name of the Catholic Church was in Spanish-tagalog accent (lol) "Iglesia (small letter) katolika apostolika romana".  I wish to see where you get all those information.  

There are many religions that claims that the name of their church was the true church established by Jesus Christ or god or whatsoever. (The Catholic Church never claimed to be the "True" Church because in FACT, it IS the TRUE CHURCH established by Christ says facts of HISTORY.  Early Christians stand as witness to this fact. Those who claim so were the fake ones who just came later in the 20th Century. You Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo is included!

Well, lets find it out what is really the name of the church that is founded by Jesus Christ by looking up to the bible. First, what did Jesus said to his church? Wow this is exciting. I just want to know what Jesus Christ said about his Church.  Thanks for opening up this topic Mr. Readme Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo Defender.

Let’s read matt.16:18 that says,
“I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; 
and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.”
Oh! Jesus talked to Peter who was called Simon bar Jonah.  Jesus PERSONALLY spoke with Simon whom HE name Kephas (Petrus), Peter.  What did Jesus told PETER? "I will build my church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it." Hmmm.. I noticed, you intentionally refused to highlight those phrases where Jesus foretold (prophesied) that HIS CHURCH will NOT be overpowered by the powers of Hades! So there you are, you want to DECEIVE many!

Now, it is clearly said that Jesus will build his church. so, again, who will build the church?
It is JESUS Christ so, that church is own by him. But, what is the relation of Christ to his church?  That's fine Mr. Readme. But WHAT did JESUS FORETOLD about HIS CHURCH? That the Church he OWNS will NOT be overpowered by Hades.  Why you didn't mentioned that? Stick that to your thick skull Mr. Readme.

lets read Col. 1:18 that says,
“He is also head of the body, the church; and He is the beginning, 
the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything.”
Exactly! That's because HIS CHURCH will triumph. Jesus Christ is the HEAD of the Body -- the CHURCH he OWNS.  And his Body, the CHURCH will NEVER be deceived by the powers of Hades. Evil will not overpower HIS CHURCH of which He is the HEAD. Stick that to your thick skull Mr. Readme.

And what is the relation of the Church of Christ in terms of salvation?
lets read Acts. 4:12 that says,
“And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved."”
Why are you misleading your readers? I thought we were talking about Matthew 16:18.  You have proven one thing. That according to that verse, Jesus said that HE WILL BUILD HIS CHURCH-- not church of Paul, or church of Peter, or church of Andrew or John. It is HIS CHURCH.  And what will happen to HIS CHURCH? The gates of Hades WILL NOT OVERPOWER it! Stick that to your thick skull Mr. Readme.

So Acts 4:12 is perfectly right. Please don't distort it. I am suspecting that you quoted this particular verse towards your deception.  But before you do that, let me slice that evil intention to pieces.  Let me quote until verse 13 "Observing the boldness of Peter and John and perceiving them to be uneducated, ordinary men, they were amazed, and recognized them as the companions of Jesus.

Who was preaching in Jerusalem about the SALVATION only by JESUS CHRIST? It was PETER (and companions) whom Jesus Christ given the KEYS of the Kingdom of Heaven-- of whom he named KEPHAS where he intend to BUILD HIS CHURCH and that THIS CHURCH will be forever for the gates of Hades cannot and will not overpower it! Stick that to your thick skull Mr. Readme! 

So, it is said that our salvation can only be found in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, so it is therefore that his church must be called in his name because this was the church what Christ will save. 

So, St. Peter, whom Christ built HIS CHURCH told those people in Jerusalem after the Pentecost that "our salvation can only be found" in the name of our Lord (not lord) Jesus Christ.  Therefore what? "... must be called in his name because this was the church what Christ will save"? That was the most hilarious jokes I had ever heard. Where did you get those doubtful conclusions? Jesus NEVER commanded Peter and the Apostles to name a CHURCH under him. Why should Jesus have to name it after him? Jesus KNEW there is only ONE CHURCH so that CHURCH is UNDERSTANDABLY for Christ's! Mr. Readme, I think you are a CLOWN  more than a preacher lol.

Let’s read eph. 5:23 that says,
“For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, 
He Himself being the Savior of the body.
You've nailed it Mr. Readme. If Jesus is the HEAD of the CHURCH - HIS BODY, and this CHURCH he FOUNDED he PROPHESIED to have been STRONG in foundation "the gates of Hades will not overpower it" then therefore IF it's true that HIS CHURCH WILL always be there, you must have SEARCHED that ONE CHURCH which HE ESTABLISHED from the FIRST CENTURY.  This is the reason why there should be MARKS distinctive in the CHURCH JESUS' ESTABLISHED.  It should be ONE (United), HOLY (having many saints who lived a holy lives, who offered their own lives for the sake of Jesus Christ and his Body--the Church), CATHOLIC (universal-- a church which can be found in many languages, cultures, races, continents, NOT concentrated in the Philippines) and APOSTOLIC (a church which can trace its history back to the times of the Apostles, having ministers ordained by the Apostles themselves in an unbroken lineage).

If you have found that Church with these MARKS then you are certain that IT IS THE CHURCH founded by CHRIST which he PROPHESIDE "NEVER" will apostatized!  Stick that to your thick skull Mr. Readme!

Other name/s of the church
But, if we will look into the bible, there were many name that is being referred to the church thatis established by Christ, how was it?

just for example, in the New Testament it is said “churches of the saints.”
(I cor. 14:33) BUT, this is not the official name of the church that is established by Christ; instead, it only refers to the kind of its members. Lets read I cor.6:11 that says,
“Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.”
The “churches of the saints” is only refers to the kind or characteristic of the members—that they were sanctified. Lets read I cor. 1:2, Rom. 1:7 that says,

“To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, saints by calling, with all who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,their Lord and ours:“
“to all who are beloved of God in Rome, called as saints: Grace to you 
and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Ha-ha-ha-ha! Thanks for fun.  St. Paul was saying that the church of ROME, CALLED as SAINTS. So the Church in Rome is called a Church of the saints! I couldn't agree more than this verse.

Hey Mr. Readme. Stick this to your skull. There was NEVER any mentioned "church of Christ" or "iglesia ni Cristo" in the Bible. NOTHING!  If all you wanted to tell us is about the "Iglesia ni Cristo" or "Church of Christ" mentioned in the Bible, YOU WILL BE FRUSTRATED. I really doubt why you are quoting so much Bible verses and connecting them together so that it will produce a suitable paragraph that may lead to your EVIL INTENTION. Oh, Satan is using the Scripture to deceive many. Why are you allowing yourself to be used by the darkness to deceive many?!!

That they were chosen to be holy and blameless, let’s read Eph. 1:4 that says,
“Just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, 
that we would be holy and blameless before Him In love”
We can also read from the New Testament the churches, that was called 

“church of the firstborn” (Heb. 12:23),  still belonging to the One Church of Jesus!
“churches of Galatia (Gal. 1:2),  still belonging to the One Church of Jesus
“churches of Macedonia (II cor. 8:1),  still belonging to the One Church of Jesus
churches of the Gentiles” (Rom. 16:4),  still belonging to the One Church of Jesus
“church of God which is at Corinth (I cor. 1:2), Still belonging to the One Church of Jesus
“Church in the Antioch” (Acts 13:1), still belonging to the One Church of Jesus
“church in Jerusalem” (Acts 8:1) and etc. 

"churches of God" was mentioned many times while "churches of Christ" was mentioned ONCE in Roman 16:16. Acts 20:28 of Lamsa was an abuse and disrespectful of the Holy Scripture by Mr. Lamsa, a follower of Nestorian.

All of these were refers not in being the name/s of the church that is established by Jesus Christ, but refers to the locale/s or place/s that was gone by the Church of Christ. So, it is not suitable to call “Church of the gentiles” the Jews that is a member of the church. And the church inJerusalem is not suitable to be called church of Macedonia, right? BUT, the right name to be called in the members of the church that is established by Christ wherever they are, that is the name Church of Christ. Lets read rom. 16:16 that says, There you go... 
“Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ greet you.”
Did you notice? "churches of Christ" NOT "church of Christ" or "Church of Christ" In tagalog,
"Magbatian kayo ng banal na halik. Bumabati sa inyo ang mga Iglesia Ni Cristo"
You're a DECEIVER! what was written in Tagalog was "mga iglesia ni Cristo" NOT "Iglesia ni Cristo"! 

“Church of god” Correction! "God" NOT "god"!
In the new testament, and most are written by apostle Paul, many times they call the Church of Christ “church of god”. DECEIVER! it is "church of God" not "god" (I cor. 1:2. 11:22, 15:9; II cor. 1:1; gal. 1:13;I tim. 3:5, 15) we mustnotice the times were apostle Paul use the term “church of god” ("God" not "god"), he always refers it to the gentiles that is a member in the Church of Christ. (Now it's PROPER NOUN!) The gentiles are not part of the Israelites andthat is no god, lets read Eph. 2:12 that says,
“Remember that you were at that time separate from Christ, excluded from thecommonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope andwithout God in the world.”
In the past, they were not in god, let’s read Rom. 9: 24-25 that says,
“Even us, whom He also called, not from among Jews only, but also from among Gentiles. 
As He says also in Hosea, "I will call those who were not my people, ‘my people’, 
and her was not beloved, 'beloved.'"

And they are not recognizing god (do you really mean "god" to the Christian "God"?) , let’s read I thess. 4:5 that says,
“not in lustful passion, like the Gentiles who do not know God;” Because they were led in mute idols,
 let’s read I cor. 12:2 that says,
“You know that when you were pagans, you were led astray to the mute idols, 
however you were led.” (But when they become a member in the church of Christ, 
they were no longer strangers,
Sentence in the parenthesis in BLUE are NOT part of the verse in 1 Cor. 12:2. So please DO NOT be DECEIVED! There is NO MENTION of "church of Christ" in that verse!!

lets read Eph. 2:19 that says,
“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, 
and are of God's household
Therefore, in all of these, the term “church of god”(I really don't know whether you are playing like a moron here who DOES NOT KNOW his basic grammar. For Christians, we never call our God "god" but GOD in CAPITAL LETTERS. Your Pasugo even use grammar to emphasize He (to God and Jesus). So how come you're just ignoring your grammar?  Is it because you know that what's in the Bible was "churches of Christ" (COMMON NOUN) and NOT "Church of Christ" (PROPER NOUN).  Please don't play like a stup!d here.  Remember, the world is reading your line of argument! It would be very very UNHELPFUL to the Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo management to MISREPRESENT them by DECEIVING people like this!) is used only to the gentiles to let them be a member of the church that they are now in god. (so you belong to a god. So you are a "pagan" for having a "god")

Does your church's name is the one who is really the name of the church that wasestablished by Christ? well, THINK AGAIN... 
Mr. Readme, NOWHERE in the Bible you find Jesus Christ commanding his disciples to name a Church after him.  There was ONLY ONE CHURCH and therefore why do you have to name it to Jesus when it IS a COMMON KNOWLEDGE that THERE IS ONLY ONE CHURCH and that CHURCH belongs to CHRIST the LORD!

The "churches of Christ", that include the Church of Rome, Church of the Philippines, etc belongs to the CATHOLIC CHURCH of CHRIST and GOD! Your Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo flatly IS NEVER belonging to Christ nor Christ has something to do with your cult. Dream on.

Lastly, what's your OFFICIAL stand on NEWLY FOUNDED "Iglesia" churches today? Let me help you figure it out!

PASUGO Nobyembre 1940, p. 23:

“Iisa lamang ang tanging makapagtatayo ng Iglesiang magiging dapat sa Dios. Kung sino? -- Ang ating Panginoong Jesu-Cristo lamang! Sinumang tao-- maging marunong o mangmang-- ay walang karapatang magtayo..."
PASUGO Mayo 1968, p. 7:

“Ang tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo ay iisa lamang, ito ang Iglesiang itinayo ni Cristo. Kung mayroon mang nagsisibangon ngayong mga Iglesia at sasabihing sila man ay INK rin ang mga ito ay hindi tunay kundi huwad lamang!"

PASUGO Abril 1966, p. 46:  

Ang Iglesia Katolika na sa pasimula ay siyang Iglesia ni Cristo."

Thanks for the good laugh today. Although this article was posted long time ago, it's worth it!


  1. ********PEACE , RESPECT , HuMANITY****
    >All of us were not the same in beliefs / in religion and lifestyle but we are in one place one nation one world the EARTH is on our shoulder let us maintain PEACELOVE/>.

    If Iglesia ni Cristo.They are Iglesia ni Cristo.
    If your a Catholic. Your a Catholic.
    Let us not Forget that all of us whether Iglesia ni Cristo or Catholic that still the we are humans.. stop this!!!!.. PEACE on EARTH..

    Stop acting like a Child... Laliman poh natin ang Pang unawa natin.
    Kung ayaw mo eh anu magagawa mo e gusto niya....

    1. Sabihan mo ang mga bayarang mga ministro ng INC ni Manalo sa kanilang OFFICIAL na pahayag sa pasugo

      1- PASUGO Disyembre 1965, p. 5:
      “Kaninong Ministro kung ganyan ang mga Paring Katoliko? Mga Ministro ni Satanas na Diablo."

      2- PASUGO Oktubre 1959, p. 5:
      “Mga magdaraya at anti-Cristo, ang mga nagtuturong si Cristo ay Dios."

      3- PASUGO Agosto 1962, p. 9:
      “Kaya ang tunay na anti-Cristo, ang mga Papa ng Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana. At ang tunay na ampon ng anti-Cristo ay ang mga Katoliko.”

      4- PASUGO Oktubre 1956, p. 1:
      “Ang Iglesia ni Cristo ay nagdaos ng pamamahayag sa Lunsod ng Davao. Nagsalita roon si Kapatid na Felix Manalo at ang kasama niyang mga Ministro. Ipinahayag doon ng mga nagsalita na ang Iglesia Katolika Romana ay hindi itinatag ni Cristo kundi itinatag ng Diablo."

  2. Nag publish ako kahapon tungkol sa 666. Pero hanggang ngayon di pa rin na-publish. May itinatago ba talaga kayo?

    1. Lumang paratang na yan... nauna pa si Ellen G. White, na dating amo ni Felix Manalo na sugo mo. Kinopya lang naman niya sa mga Sabadista ang aral na yan...

      Wala na bang bago?

  3. Pag aralan pang mabuti ang kasaysayan ng Iglesia Katolika. Nanatili ba ito sa mga aral ng Diyos na ipinag utos Niya habang ang Panginoong Jesucristo at mga Apostol ay nabubuhay pa?
    1. Sa panahon ba ng mga Apostol ay ipinag-utos ba na gumawa ng mga larawan at rebulto upang dalanginan?
    2. Ipinag-utos ba na ang mga larawan at mga rebulto ay pasanin at ilibot sa buong bayan at pasalamat?
    3. Mayroon bang Trinidad sa Biblia?
    4. Si Apostol Pedro ba ang unang Papa? Samantalang sa kasaysan ng bibliya, di nakarating sa Roma si Apostol Pedro.
    5. Kung si Apostol Pedro ang unang Papa ng Iglesia Katolika, bakit daang taon ang lumipas bago nagkaroon ng kahalili.
    6. Saan hinango ang Pasko. Ilang beses nilang pinalitan ang petsa ng kapanganakan ng Panginoong Jesus. Ginaya nila ito sa Paganong Kapangangakan ng Diyos na araw si Sol Invictus, Dec 25.
    7. Ang pag rorosaryo din ay hango sa mga Pagano.
    8. Ang exchange gift ay hango din sa mga pagano.
    9. Ang paggamit ng kandila sa mga pagsamba nila ay hango din sa mga Pagano.

    Marami pang iba.

    Kaya ang panawagan ko sa mga Katoliko, mag suri po.

    1. 1. Nasa aral ba ng Iglesia Katolika na PINAG-UUTOS ang paggawa ng imahe? Ako ay Katoliko pero walang rebulto sa bahay namin.
      2. Saan ba INUTOS sa Katekismo na iparada ang mga imahe? Debosyon ang tawag diyan. At kahit na ang isang Katoliko ay di DADALO o SASAMA sa prusisyon ay hindi ito kasalanan.
      3. Meron bang FELIX MANALO sa Biblia? May ERAÑO, EDUARDO ba? May July 27 bang celebration na nakasulat sa Biblia?
      4. Eh si FElix Manalo ba ang unang Papa? Nakarating ba sa Unang Siglo si Felix Manalo para malaman kung sino ang nakarating sa Roma o hinde?
      5. Kung si Felix Manalo ang huling sugo, bakit 1922 lamang niya nalaman na "sugo" pala siya? Bakit hindi niya ito nalaman bago pa 1914?
      6. Saang hinango ang "Anniversary July 27"? Bakit nakadepende ang inyong Anniversary sa KALENDARYO ng mga KATOLIKO?
      7. Ang Ama Namin ba o Aba Maria ay galing sa Pagano? Si Hesus ba o si Maria ay mga Pagano?
      8. Lahat ba ng mga kaanib ng INC ay HINDI nagdiriwang ng Pasko? Hindi tumanggap ng regalo? Hindi tumatangagp ng 13th Month Pay? Hindi nagki-Christmas Break? Hndi nakikipasko? HIndi nangangaroling?
      9. Ang hindi ba paggamit ng kandila ay hudyat ng pagka-Kristiano? Ano bang nilagay niyo sa paligid ng kabaong ni Erano noong siyang namatay? Ilaw ba? Ang kandila ba ay para saan? Hindi ba't ilaw?

      At marami pang iba, sagutin niyio nga Iglesia ni Manalo!

    2. Anonymous, HULING POST mo na yan hangga't di ka nagpapakilala, kahit ipakilala mong KAMPON ka ng KADILIMAN ay ok lang basta may pangalan kang gagamitin!

    3. - Can you give us 1 INC martyr in the history of your so called church that that truly proves your ministers are really man enough? The last time I checked your church just evangelizes on Christian countries that are already established by the Catholic church, in other words your church rides the coat tails of the Catholic Church and just takes the lowly, poorly catechized individual i.e. leftovers.

      - As for Pope Francis speech on gays, you really have a poor reading comprehension, he just plainly states that he does not agree of their lifestyle, but you cannot judge and condemn them as human beings. He also talked about masonic, political, gay lobbies in the Vatican just like any governments in the world.

    4. Mga paimbabaw kasi ang mga 'yan. Ipokrito at mga insecure. Pero hindi nila kayang ipaliwanag ang kanilang pananampalataya ng HINDI nila sinisiraan ang Iglesia Katolika. Para silang mga PARASITES, nakikinabang sila sa kanilang host pero di nila kayang mabuhay ng wala ang kanilang host...

  4. Mukha yatang nawala ka na sa ere ah. he he he. akala mo ba uubra ka sa akin. Wahahaha. Nakakaawa ka naman. wahahahaha. Mga pari nyo bakla!!!

    1. Ganyan ang mga UGALI ng mga inaralan ni Felix Manalo-- mga bastos, mga walang modo, walang magandang pag-uugali, at laging ANONYMOUS ang pangalan. Mainam na pagpapakilala sa iglesiang pilit na sinasabing 'kay Cristo' raw.

      Anong klaseng mga kaanib ang mga ganyang ugali? Tanging sa INC ni Manalo lamang ito matatagpuan.

      At bago mo akusahan ang mga pari namin, tingnan mo muna sa inyong bakuran. Aba eh MISMONG SUGO NIYO AY RAPIST?

      Tandaan mo, ang mga pari ay hindi man lang sila umangking mga "sugo". Eh si FELIX MANALO eh halos katumbas ay si Cristo?

      Mantakin mo, sa inyong mga kaanib ng Iglesia ni Manalo eh INUTIL at WALANG KWENTA ang pagliligtas ni Cristo at KAILANGAN pa niyang magpadala pa ng isang FELIX MANALO upang matupad ang kanyang salvation plan?


    2. Aba, buhay ka pa pala. ha ha ha. Sabi ng Papa, wag daw husgahan ang mga bakla. Ano ba yan. Bakla kasi mga pari nyo. ha ha ha. Dapat sana ang payo niya, huwag gawin ang ginagawa ng mga bakla. Tsk tsk, playing safesi fafa. ha ha ha. Tuwang tuwa tuloy mga bakla.

    3. Bakit? Pinapapatay na ba ako ng inyong mga SECRET SQUAD sa loob ng BAWAT KAPILYA ninyo?

      Sa alam ko WALA AKONG mga KAAWAY. Pero Sige, tutal ikaw na rin ang nagtanong kung buhay pa ako.. kaya kung sakaling may papatay man sa akin ay tanging mga KAANIB NG IGLESIA NI CRISTO ang salarin!

      Salamat sa banta, at least I can set straightforward this threat.

      At tungkol naman sa binanggit mong sinabi ni Papa Francisco eh alam naman namin na kahit TAMA ang balita pero MINAMALI niyo para MANLINLANG lalo di ba?

      Eh samantalang ang inyong RAPIST na SUGO ay halos samabahin niyo na at ipagpalit kay Cristo.

      Heto ang para sa iyo from FOXNEWS

      "But, unfortunately, if you were reading the headlines from some media outlets, you would have learned just one thing. As the Huffington Post put it: “Breakthrough: Pope OK with Gays.”

      This is the worst coverage of a religious story I have seen to date.

      Let’s begin with the fact that the pope has always been “OK” with homosexuals. In fact, by the demands of his own religion he is required to be much more than just “OK.” The Christian faith teaches that every person is endowed by God with an inviolable dignity and therefore deserves our unconditional respect and love.

      A section of an Associated Press report also got the story very wrong. Summarizing the pope’s comments on homosexuals in the priesthood, the AP reported: “Francis was much more conciliatory [than Pope Benedict], saying gay clergymen should be forgiven and their sins forgotten.”

      Pope Francis didn’t say that, and the report is wrong on so many levels.

      Kaya MAHIYA naman kayo sa mga balat niyo. Tama nga ang sinabi ng Santo Papa pero KAYO minanali niiyo dahil GALIT kayo sa IGLESIA KATOLIKA na sa PASIMULA AY SIYANG IGLESIA NI CRISTO ayon sa PASUGO ABRIL 1966, P 46.

    4. Wala ka ng masabi noh. Mga Pagano kayo. whahahahaha

    5. Anonymous na INCorporated member, halatang IKAW ang WALANG MASABI kasi RAPIST ang SUGO niyo hehehe.

      Kung tuus-tuusin eh KAYO ang PAGANO. Biruin niyo SUMASAMBA kayo sa TAONG si CRISTO? Saan ba nababasa sa Biblia na pwedeng SUMAMBA sa TAO lamang?!!

      Mga ipokrito!

  5. Sana dumami pa tayong Filipino apologist. may funds man o wala. tuloy -tuloy lang. galit sa 'ming katoliko. pero nag titinfa sa labas ng Roman Catholic Churches. at nag bebenta ng mga produkto nila sa mga katoliko. Happy 100th year of Ignorance, falsehood, darkness. bandila ng Italya Jul27. 1914. mamimigay nga ng bigay babawiin rin sa gabi-gabing sambahan at mahigpit na abuluyan.

    1. 97 anniversary nila si Lea ang nagbigay-entertainment sa kanila..si Lea ay Katoliko

      Sa pelikula ni FYM si Richard Gomez gumanap na isang Katoliko

      Ang disenyo ng kanilang mga sambahan ay si CARLOS A. SANTOS-VIOLA ang gumawa isang DEBOTONG Katoliko.

      Ang pangalan ni FElix galing sa Katoliko
      mga magulang niya namatay na Katoliko
      Ang Biblia nila galing sa Katoliko
      Ang December break nila galing sa Katoliko
      Ang 12 month pay bonus dahil sa pasko ng mga Katoliko
      Ang kalendaryo nila galing sa Katoliko
      Ang kinakain nila, mga katolio nagtanim
      Halos lahat ng kanilang tinatamasa ay galing sa Katoliko

      Mga ipokrito!


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