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Friday, March 25, 2011

Part 2: Iglesia ni Cristo member quoting anti-Catholic websites to advance his cult

February 5, 2010 from readmeinc(dot)blogspot(dot)com, INC MEMBER.

A catholic defender that contradicts himself

On a catholic defender blog, he tackles my post about the Rosary. He said that I am quoting articles from other faith that contradicts my belief. It is a childish thing to think that because I quote an article from other faith, means that I am supporting also their whole beliefs. RIGHT? 1 is not equals to 100, remember that Mr. Catholicdefender2000!

In his post entitled “An Iglesia Ni Cristo member quoting anti-catholic articles which believes Christ is God ” 
He said these:

”…."Read me" wanted to make a score thinking that by posting such an article that attacks the Catholic Church would advance the Iglesia ni Cristo's teachings against the Catholic Church. The said anti-Catholic article is about the Holy Rosary which is a devotional prayer for Catholics to the Mother of the Lord.

As I was about to post a comment, at the end of his post, I found out that he provided his/her source which he took from godsonlygospel.com. Checking his source, the site is just one of the many anti-Catholic protestant owned sites which also espouses the belief that the Lord Jesus Christ is God (a teaching they so dispised). Iif I'm "readme" I'd rather shy away or stop quoting from some sources that contradicts my belief as a devout Iglesia ni Cristo.

If "read me" thought that by posting an anti-Catholic article would advance his cult's claims against the Catholic Church, I am sorry but he quoted from a wrong source from a wrong reason.
What a shame!”
FYI: I quote the article about the Holy Rosary from godsonlygospel.com not because, like what ive said, I ALSO SUPPORTING THEIR WHOLE BELIEFS! Again, what ive quoted was an article exposing the truth behind the Rosary. Is it wrong? To say the TRUTH that the rosary is really came from PAGAN PRACTICES? 

So, if you say that it is not from pagan, so tell me, show the PROOF about the HISTORY of USING ROSARY. Okay?^_^

Lets go back to the topic, why do I said that he contradicts himself? Because HE, HIMSELF also QUOTES or show LINKS FROM OTHER FAITH!!!

In his other post entitled “The secret behind Felix Manalo’s Ordination”:
“This topic was never taught or discussed in any of Iglesia ni Cristo® forums, meetings or "Pamamahayag". What's behind the secret of his ordination? Try to discover it by reading Ms. Emily Jordan's exposition.

Note: Ms. Emily Jordan is not a Catholic. However her expository research are comprehensive and professionally done. 
God bless Ms. Emily..”
And the funny part is, what is the Emilyjordan blog is all about anti-INC articles. Why? Very simple. The author of the blog is a member of MCGI of Eli Soriano (if Im not mistaken)…
And now, what he had done? Confessing that the link was not of a catholic member! And you will notice that he write also a note, FOR WHAT? So that he will not be attacked (maybe) coming from me or from others. Tsk. Tsk.

Let us try to edit one of his post (the post that says that I am quoting articles from other faith),

"....I came across a very interesting rhetorical anti-INC article which was posted by a member of the apostatized Church, the Roman Catholic Church. The owner's name was hidden by the penname "Catholic Defender" whose blog is found at http://catholicdefender2000.blogspot.com/2010/01/secret-behind-felix-manalos-ordination.html

"Catholic defender2000" wanted to make a score thinking that by posting such an article that attacks the Iglesia Ni Cristo would advance the Catholic Church’s teachings against the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The said anti-INC article is about they say “Secret on the ordination of Bro. Felix Manalo” that is a big imagination of the writer.

As I was about to post a comment, at the end of his post, I found out that he provided his/her source which he took from other faith. Checking his source, the blog is just one of the many anti-INC owned. If I'm "Catholicdefender2000" I'd rather shy away or stop quoting from some sources that contradicts also my belief as a devout Catholic.

If "Catholicdefender2000" thought that by posting an anti-INC article would advance his cult's claims against the Iglesia Ni Cristo, I am sorry but he quoted from a wrong source from a wrong reason.
What a shame!.....”

Yes Catholicdefender2000, you are right, WHAT A SHAME!

Who is EMILY JORDAN? What does she believes? What "sect" or religion she belongs?

And how about the owner of www(dot)godsonlygospel(dot)com you quoted? What do they  believe? What "sect" do they belong?

YES, they are both NON-CATHOLICS and they wrote things that are considered anti-Catholic.  However, BOTH believed in the DIVINITY OF CHRIST which is CENTRAL to the WHOLE TEACHINGS of CHRISTIANITY.  They might be writing anti-Catholic articles but they are doing well in defending JESUS CHRIST the LORD whom your cult is LAMBASTING to the highest level! 

Why I quoted them? It's because of WHAT WE HAVE in COMMON!

All Catholics, Emily Jordan and the owner of www(dot)godsonlygospel(dot)com are UNITED in DEFENDING the LORD JESUS CHRIST. We uphold that Jesus was born of the Blessed Mary, he's the SON of GOD, TRUE MAN and TRUE GOD, the SECOND PERSON of the HOLY TRINITY! 

Your CULT DESPISED ALL of those DOCTRINES taken DIRECTLY from the Holy Scripture!

The reason why you really should be ASHAME Mr. Readme is because NONE of what WE SHARE in COMMON is REFLECTED in the Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo DOCTRINES. All  your doctrines in the Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo are ANTI-CHRIST and ANTI-CHRISTIAN of which we (Protestants and Catholics) should be united against your cult.

I didn't contradict myself. I stand on my quotation of Ms. Emily Jordan and if I may quote in the future this website you quoted recently (when they finally come across the Iglesia ni Cristo Manalo) whose DOCTRINE of the HOLY TRINITY was derived from the CATHOLIC CHURCH,

Think again Mr. Readme! Before you say this TRINITY was an INVENTION of the Catholic Church, you should feel more SHAMEFUL for displaying you enormous HATE for Protestants and Catholics and your GROSS IGNORANCE which is evident in his refutation.

After all your cult IGLESIA NI CRISTO MANALO CONDEMNED Catholics and Protestants to be eternally damned in Hell!

Thanks to Emily Jordan a non-Catholic who defends Jesus Christ the Lord against cults!
OUR CHRISTIAN belief that the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT in ONE GOD was already believed by the EARLY CHRISTIANS in the First Century. Wala pa ang inyong kulto! When IT was ATTACKED by Arius et.al and some UNBELIEVERS who PREACHED against it, the FUNCTION of the CHURCH of CHRIST was to PROCLAIM it as a DOGMA/DOCTRINE that it cannot be changed. So the CHURCH only made it more official-- not invented!

So again, why did I quote Ms. Emily Jordan's blog? It's because of WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON which OBVIOUSLY the IGLESIA ni CRISTO MANALO has NONE at all! 

So please Mr. Readme, stop quoting websites that DO NOT SHARE in anyway of your CULTIC DOCTRINES. Rather you should be quoting the MORMONS of which you COPIED almost all of what you have.

And what's more shameful, while the Catholic Church in the Philippines is leading Christians to DEFEND LIFE (opposing RH Bill)  your cult is all the way supporting this Bill just because the Catholic Church junks it.

And here is something you should be shameful at, while we condemned the corrupt practices of Ferdinand Marcos, Erap Estrada and Gloria Arroyo (all are Catholics), you wanted to win their them to your fold by sympathizing to their sins just because they became defiant members of the Catholic Church.

What a SHAME Mr. Readme... really what a SHAME!

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  1. Bullseye ito my brother Catholic Defender. I know these cults do anything para lang bumagsak ang Iglesia Katolika pero hindi mangyayari yan kasi ang masama ay hindi pwedeng manaig. Salamat sa pagtatanggol sa Iglesia Katolika.


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