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Monday, July 29, 2013


Comments from Monk's Hobbit

On this video – The End of the World - Judgment Day - Ang Paghuhukom a lot of times “Panginoon Diyos” have been mentioned several times likewise for “Panginoon Hesucristo” and been shown as text you can read on the video.

As you can read – Panginoon means Lord which is actually God if the subject is about religion. And yet to INC Jesus is a man-mediator only sent by God. But they kept saying that Jesus is Lord which is also God.

Okay, as we all believed, just as INC said the second coming of Jesus will be the time of the final judgement which shall be the end of days for both the living and the dead and at that time the whole world will be engulfed in fire. Everything on Earth will be burned down literally. Nothing is wrong with the second coming but burning of the whole world is new to me. Judgement day I believe.

But I’d be crazy to the bone if I see Felix Manalo appears instead of Jesus Christ. That would scare the hell out of me. At least hell will be out of me and only heaven will be left in me. That is okay for me.

One thing that is bothersome is the thought of a separation or segregation of all INC’s membership to one side and the rest of us non-INC members on one side to be cast into hell…this could be one hell of a scary movie if filmed…there will be no more ifs or buts allowed for non-INC members for it was already pre-declared by INC – that no one outside INC will be saved. So regardless what we do from here on (fast/present/future) are useless unless we all join INC.

If indeed Felix is the messiah and on his second coming, then he could say “I already told you… I am Jesus and the fifth angel as well…when I was still around you don’t want to believe and join me…so sorry na lang dahil inalis ko na sa iglesia Katolika ang kaligtasan at inilipat ko na sa bago kong simbahan, kaya pasensyahan na lang tayo.”

Nakakatakot diba?

But let me clarify a little bit more. If Felix was the messiah then since he already came first as Jesus then when he was born it was the second coming so why was there no judgement day and why didn’t Earth burn down? Therefor what is to come is a Third Coming not second coming. Isn’t this whole thing a complete nonsense?

So let’s go deeper a little bit more. If to INC Jesus was just a man who will be sent again by God to do the final judgement, then we should all pray harder to God the Father not to send Felix Christ but God the Father himself to come down to judge us at least we Catholics will have a chance. There is a good chance God the Father will listen to us but not with Felix Christ as he already declared that salvation will only be limited to members of INC only. Actually with Felix as Christ the second judgement is not necessary anymore since non-INC is already condemned and pre-judged to burn in hell.

The Catholic Church would never do this kind of thing as the teachings in our church everyone who believes in Jesus Christ and obeys HIS commandments may be saved even one is non-Catholic.

Let me site one of HIS traditional unwritten parables in Tagalog – Masdan ninyo ang mga tindahan, lahat sila ay may kanya kanyang paninda at pamamaraan ng pagtinda ngunit iisa lang ang kanilang ginagawa ang magtinda. Tulad din ito ng pagsamba sa Diyos, marami ang mga relihiyon, kanya kanya ng pamamaraan nguni’t iisa lang ang kanilang layunin ang pagsamba sa Diyos.” So salvation is for all mankind. Jesus once said to HIS Apostles when one of them call Jesus’ attention saying “Master those group of people have been talking about you, shall we stop them? And Jesus replied, if they are talking about me let them be as they are for me.” All religion for Christ must respect each other instead of lambasting and criticizing each other. As this offends God. This kind of situation is the devil’s game.

Let us go back to Felix Manalo. Now let me sight some connections here and see if Felix proclamations were justified. Since Felix to INC was the messiah, he have to make sure that the people believe that Jesus was just a man so that it will confirm his claim that he is the true messiah of our time as declared by him on their bible and pasugo. That him being a man and Christ as well, As Felix Christ, he founded the the church and named Iglesia Ni Cristo. That is why Felix has to be the messiah and Cristo at the same time. Therefore the name Iglesia Ni Cristo is correct and he can claim INC as his true church or Church of Christ. Clever yeah? But can it be considered as the true church of God? I cannot say so.

INC has ordered and commanded every member to believe in all their doctrines and it is absolute with no exception that every member must adhere to the strict rule of “Complete Obedience” to every thing that INC says so.

But wait a second here, let’s not jump easily yet into believing in their concept. Let’s back off a little bit to another Pasugo’s declaration that Felix Manalo was the fifth angel – a messenger of God and the last one. Isn’t this is hilarious? If Felix was the fifth angel and so Jesus – both of them being the messiah as well as the fifth angel too that both of them was just a messenger. So they are one and the same.

Grabe! Nakakaloka! Pardon these expressions. They are just my expression when I am getting so confused and crazy. I am describing here my mixed feelings.

So in heaven Jesus will be position among the angels not seated at the right side of the Father. And here it becomes the more confusing. We will be all crazy cats if we see Felix Manalo sitting at the right side of the Father smiling and silently sending us his thoughts …..”I told you….yet you won’t believe me….hehehehe”. My oh my…if this is a dream I hope I wake up soon before this ends up in a nightmare.

Grabe, nakakaloka talaga! Ops sori…

If Felix (the messiah) is the God whom the Jews have been waiting for up to now and is found seated at the right hand side of the Father, then Felix kept it a secret to himself that the Trinity is true that he is one of them. He did not declare so while he was still alive for no one will believe him that he was the Alpha and the Omega born in the Philippines in the Far East just like when the Jews did not believe that Jesus was the messiah.

So when Jesus was born as Felix the messiah, then Jesus or Felix changed the strategy by denying there is TRINITY otherwise he Felix could be crucified again if he pushed the issue. He just contend that he is the messiah and an angel messenger at the same time so at least there will be no crucifixion. But Felix solved that problem right away by copying and imposing ISLAM’s rule of complete submission which he changed to Complete Obedience – clever strategy. But wait a minute, isn’t the prophesy that the messiah is to redeem mankind from original sin thru death and resurrection?

So when Felix went into 3 days seclusion, he died and resurrected after 3 days when he came out of his room. So how did he died? Where were the apostles? The Blessed Mother? The Roman soldiers? The cross? Was there a miracle?

All along he planned carefully what he wanted to do be becoming self-proclaimed messiah as man to check and join several denominations to find out which church is following his teachings to the letter or not. As a true messiah, he could do everything in flat one second or less. So as man-messiah, he had to imitate what Jesus actually did by becoming a man joining several denominations including the Seventh Day Adventist.

The difference between Jesus and Felix were Jesus was accused of blasphemy and for claiming as the messiah leading to HIS crucifixion while Felix was accused for raping a hapless maiden whose case did not materialize but died down when he corrupted the woman in exchange for becoming a deaconess…vanity really works wonders.

Now let’s continue – The INC membership will never believe in the TRINITY as instructed unless the Manalos declared it otherwise on their Pasugo. So if there is no Holy Spirit, the word Father is correct and that Felix is the Son.

Here is additional twist. Felix Manalo’s biological mother would then become the rightful Mother of God and Mary will no longer holds the title of Blessed Mary the Mother of God. WOW! Are we getting the picture correctly now?

Don’t worry if you are getting confused so am I. I am not only getting confused but crazy as well.

Okay, let’s move on. So there is no Trinity but can we call it Double-ity or Two-lity for 2 Gods in One. Oh my! Now I am really getting weirdo. I should drink coffee to relax my mind. Oh yeah I am not using my heart right now but I am using my brain to rationalize everything that INC teaches…word for word ever careful to avoid misinterpreting.

So since Felix’s biological mother was the one true Mother of God Son (Felix), then INC today must publish a new Pasugo declaring this new doctrine for all members to believe and obey.

Felix couldn’t be canonized though since he was a messiah but Erano could be declared as Saint as well as he was the second pope of the INC but not possible since only Catholics have saints.

Oh let me add as well that Felix was also the Rock in our time. I wonder if INC will declare this too.

So my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, what shall we do now? Shall we denounce our own faith and join the Iglesia Ni Cristo (the true church of Christ este ni Manalo) to be saved as INC already declared that there is no salvation outside INC.

I almost forgot, I believe I have read an article or trend or heard on one of the videos that INC claimed they are mentioned in the bible as the 144,000 dressed in white that is found on the Book of Revelation. But wait a minute, I thought they claimed that there is about 10 millions INC membership worldwide right now. So what would have happened to the rest since only 144 K is the final head count? Are they lost? If so then it is not true that salvation is only and limited for all INC’s membership only. So the rest of the 10 millions were grossly misled.

INC believe Jesus as the mediator so is INC prays to Felix to mediate for them? Or to Poong Hesucristo?

So how many errors have we found so far.

I claimed the above is only a product of my own confused imagination after listening to INC’s videos and reading articles, blog trends and postings written by INC themselves.

Don’t worry I will have more crazy ideas to share here…as the more I listened to their videos or read their articles and views the more I get crazy and confused.

My next topic probably would be more of the INC’s version of ISIAH 43:5 which the wordings are as follows: “From the Far East will I bring your offspring, and from the Far West I will gather you…”

The basis and foundation of the Iglesia ni Cristo is the word “FAR” which was added to the words East and West which they translated as Far East as Philippines and Far West as the USA including Hawaii. This one good topic to discuss.

Until then…
God Bless and Peace Be With You All!

PS – I know the trend was about INC’s logo but since the discussion had evolved to various topics I might as well just continue. I am a new comer here so I missed the times when there were a lot of postings and exchanges of thoughts and views. I just wish that INC members get a chance to read my postings here with the hope that the pick up a seed of humility and spiritual understanding of who Jesus and the Trinity are about.

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