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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Very valuable comments from a user by the name Silent Crusader for members of the INC® of Manalo at Monk's Hobbit blog:

This facts about INC is quite interesting –


Erano G. Manalo (Ka Erdy) is the fifth child of INC founder Felix Y. Manalo. He was born on January 2, 1925. He is now 80 years old. He went to college to get a degree in law but left to become a minister in his dad’s religion. His dad worked out his promotion to be the general treasurer of the church. He has never had a lack of money. The bank accounts have been flowing over by the billions of pesos. The income of Ka Erdy is a top secret.

Because he wanted the flow of information from the Church to the membership and the world to be under tight censorship, Erano was placed in the hierarchy of the church magazine Pasugo. Nothing would be written about or released concerning doctrine, faith, and practice and his father that he did not approve. Everything written in Pasugo about Felix Manalo had to pass the desk of Erano.

When it was written in Pasugo in 1976 that his father was the “seed of Abraham”, Erano approved it. It was this “seed of Abraham” doctrine that was used to claim Felix Manalo was Jesus in another form. Yes, Felix Manalo did claim he was the messiah according to Philippine court records. The INC now try to cover this up and sanitize his life history to expunge this stunning falsehood.

Church members and ministers join in choir when someone opposes their founder, his false doctrines, and their use of every perverted translation they can find to substantiate their claims. They sing their church is under attack and must stand firm and be faithful to “Brother Felix” and the doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is safe to say the rank and file of INC now have the persecuted syndrome and feel they must suffer martyrdom and not forsake the teachings of their founder.

So Erano Manalo approved the concept that his father was the “seed of Abraham”. Wow! This is surprisingly amazing. And that Felix was the messiah. So why then did he not introduce himself to Israel so the Jews can finally rest in waiting for their messiah. But then again, he will not be accepted because the Jews expects a King that will come down to destroy the Romans but this is too late now…Felix is neither a king nor he can travel back to the time of the Roman occupation of the Jews. From being an angel (messenger) to becoming the messiah….this is truly amazing. According to the Philippine court records, Felix Manalo did really claim he was the messiah. And I think this is the reason why INC has been named Iglesia Ni Cristo or Manalo. It doesn’t really matter since Felix and Jesus is one. If Jesus is actually God, so Felix was God. He died though and never resurrected.If secretly he did ascended so is he now sitting at the right hand of the Father? I don’t know what to say at this point. Something is very very wrong here. And the INC tried to cover and sanitize this biggest lie in the history of INC. Some people had to wake up from this dream.

The heir of the papal throne of INC attacked the deity of Jesus but had no backbone to attack the falsehoods of his own father. Thus, he put his father above Christ! We can be sure the papal power to continue the same errors and heresy will fall to one of Erano’s sons when he becomes ill and unable to function or dies. I predict this will likely be Eduardo Manalo and he has probably already been secretly tapped for the throne. The central administration has no one among them worthy enough to inherit the messiahship throne. The blood lineage of the Manalo messias seed will be enforced you can count on that. Erano Manalo can boast of several things during his reign. He continued the Theodotus-Islamic doctrine that Jesus was just a man and not God. He can boast his methods caused membership and wealth increase for INC. He can take credit for the many, many, new rapture-designed buildings that were erected. He must be proud of the fact he holds great political power via the Church membership and by his coercion INC has risen to the level of a Philippine shadow government.


Deist do not view God as an entity in human form. They deny Jesus was God!

Deist view Jesus as a philosopher, rabbi, teacher and healer, but not as the Son of God.

Anyone who denies Jesus was God is of the Deist religion and Antichrist. The Iglesia Ni Cristo church denies Jesus was God therefore it is Deist. According to its founder, Jesus was no more God then he was. This is Deist and Islamic talk! Manalo’s doctrine makes himself a Son of God on the same level as Jesus. Any and all Ministers, Pastors, Evangelist, and other preachers of the Manalo Deist religion are Antichrist since they all deny Jesus was God. Is Jesus God? Read Revelation 1:8 and check out the words of Jesus himself.

The translation of this verse is as follows: I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord God, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

In this one text Jesus subscribes to himself the same titles used of God in the Old Testament. If Jesus is not God, he lied when he claimed to John to be the Lord God. Jesus claims he is the LORD GOD, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the ALMIGHTY! For the Iglesia Ni Cristo group to claim Jesus was only a man is to call Jesus a liar. Who do we believe, the Iglesia Ni Cristo and the central administration or Jesus?

Erano wrote a 64 page booklet attacking the deity of Christ, “Christ-God: Investigated-False”. Anyone deceived by this book is brainwashed. The truth is, Manalo stole his anti-Jesus-God arguments from Islamic propaganda. The arguments of Erano Manalo in his writing against the deity of Jesus are right out of Islam-Jesus 101. Both Manalo’s stole the Islamic arguments that exalt Allah and make Jesus just one of several prophets.

Iglesia Ni Cristo calls God the “Father” but if pressed will admit the Father’s name is also Allah! Iglesia Ni Cristo ministers are teaching a form of Islam-Christianity to its members. All this is lacking is to call the Father Allah and say Mohammed is his prophet and they are Islamic! The conversion to Islam is not that far off and can happen overnight at any instant. If the Philippine government ever suppresses INC you can expect INC to court Islamic favor and some form of unity and immediate religious war could break out right in the nation’s capitol! In fact, in court pleadings before the Honorable Ofelia Marquez, Branch 216, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines on May 24, 2005; the lawyer for INC claims if the book: “POWER AND THE GLORY: THE CULT OF MANALO” is published, it will trigger unrest and possible violance throughout the 7000 islands of the Republic. This is a threat that if anyone makes INC, the central administration, and the members mad; they will turn to the streets and burn the nation down, which may include the killing of a lot of people! The proper response would have been for INC to publish a rebuttal, not to threaten the nation with riots, violence, and possible killing. INC has become a dangerous militant religion and the claims of the INC lawyer proves it.

One identification of a true church is the kind of preachers or teachers she has. How can shepherd takes care of the flock if he’s the first to violate God’s commands. He must practice what he preaches. And please don’t give me that usual common excuse again that they’re only humans.

SO LET’S LISTEN to Erano Manalo in his own very words about his own ministros (mang gagawa)…please listen in entirety. This is not speculation. It is the very word of INC’s papal who has described his own workers. http://youtu.be/ThKY1vC2ilk

Judge yourself… what I stated earlier: “The sin of few or many is not the sin of the church” is correct.
I wrote “few or many”…. not few only….

I would never deny that erring priest that are being reported are growing and we can speculate there are more unreported but unless they are proven we cannot judge.

So let’s watch this about the INC’s messiah or angel…http://youtu.be/Etl0JD27ChA
If this case was true then he is neither a messiah nor angel…If he is an angel then he belonged to the fallen angel group of Satan.

I’d be happy if you (INC) can dispute these two videos.

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