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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why All the Iglesia ni Cristo® claims and what they know about the Catholic Church are deep in error!

Comments from Iglesia ni Cristo® (INC) logo: Christian or Masonic symbol? by a Catholic revert from INC® back to the Catholic Church.

Number of revert Catholics in the US (2012). Photo Credit: Nineteen Sixty Blog
When I went back to Catholicism after years of listening (INC was one of them) and going to other denominations Jesus gave me a special message during one of my deep meditations (in original tagalog) which I would like to share with everyone.

“Anak, huwag kang lumingon sa paligid, sa akin ka lang tumingin, makakaraos ka rin sa taglay mong hirap at liwanag ko anak sa iyo’y darating. Ang bigay ko sa iyo ay pagibig, sana anak sa puso mo ay itanim, pagingatang lubos ang bigay kong punla upang anak sa puso mo ito’y lumago. Tunay na tunay kitang mahal, o anak tanggapin iyong mga pasanin, manatiling tapat sa iyong mga hanggarin dahil anak sa itaas doon kita dadalhin, upang anak ang langit ay iyong marating.”

Right after receiving the message.. I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote them without thinking nor trying to remember how He said it…it flowed effortlessly and done in just few seconds without stopping even half a second. I share this message to anyone who is ready to receive this. I did not dare to translate into English for fear that I may translate it wrongly.

THE PROBLEM WITH INC is that they use their mind to rationalize every word they read in the bible instead of using their hearts and try to meditate the real spiritual meaning of the scriptures they read. If only they search and read the Bible in all entirety, their is a good chance they will be able to connect with verses that are related in meaning. The danger is when you translate the Bible into the Filipino Language there is always a chance that translations will be accorded to the capacity of whoever is doing the translation of the Holy Scriptures. The most complete and perhaps void of errors is the Catholic Bible as the scriptures written where taken from the original books carefully studied and transcribed by many holy persons (not by few) not in months or years but centuries to make sure there were no errors during transcription. The Catholic Bible is the result of many minds (holy and mystics) who gathered together to put together all books done in centuries not days or months and transcribed them into one Bible for all Christians and Gentiles. When the protestant wants to translate the bible according to their needs that was the beginning of the advent of many religions to come and they come and go. Most non-Catholic bible were the translations of only few people and done in shorter times. Felix Manalo did his own thorough studies and comparison of different bibles in 3 days only though may have developed the rest of INC’s bible as the sect grew and progress of the years. Catholic Bible has been reviewed and re-reviewed by many theologians and bible scholars for one purpose only to ensure that there are no errors, additions and omissions. In other non-catholic bible there are additions and omissions of books and scriptures. This is what the Book of Revelation has been warning everyone not the mere addition or omission of some words or verses as other verses can cover them but they are the omission of books. Like Islam, they have omitted several books and added some to the original books of scriptures from the Genesis thru Revelation. When I read King James Bible several times, I decided to just keep and use the complete original and error free Catholic Bible that was originally translated into English not in Tagalog as I am having an issue on they way the were translated which not all can fully grasp (too wordy).

I maybe wrong in my initial studies of INC but this is only my opinion on how Felix Manalo developed the INC. If I do please correct my understanding. I have read some Pasugos but not INC’s bible as i don’t have a copy to compare with the Catholic Bible. With the Pasugo I am already having a hard time trying to get the real spiritual meanings of each statement. But I do not intend to go deeper to study INC as I already found so many errors. While it is true the INC’s method of doing things exactly as what the scriptures say has brought meaning to others but to my opinion, there is a problem which to me is the biggest problem when some original verses were omitted in justifying to convince new converts why they should be with INC. Woe to the converts who failed to research more from the real Bible before they decided to be baptized as INC. INC’s minister are well trained to do exactly just that. To follow Jesus is to deny oneself and to carry own cross…there will be many thorns along the way and life will not be that easy. The only way to serve God is serve with humility not even with slightest of vanity or pride.

It took me 8 years of searching for the real true Church of God. I was searching so far away that Jesus my God was within me in my heart. When I stopped using my mind that was the time I found what I was looking for and Jesus led me back to his one and only universal church – the Catholic Church which He himself founded. Jesus, being God equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit never and will never ever makes mistake as He already declared that even the gates of hell will not prevail. I was a prodigal who went astray away from my home and my God only to find my way back. Going home was the sweetest moment of my life and my family. And I promised to Jesus I would never ever leave again. Though inside the Home of my Father, I would still stumble and fall but I will continue to learn more of Him, love Him and serve Him with all my heart with all my soul and with all my might avoiding to offend nor hurt anybody. Whenever I listen to INC’s ministers I would always find some offensive things perhaps the speakers are too proud of their knowledge that they don’t realize when they are doing it for God or Christ, they should be always aware they are following the will of Him and His ways not their own least they offend God. When you seek to destroy others you always do it unto you. Whenever you shame others you shame yourself. Instead of throwing stones why not throw bread instead. Instead of slapping others face why not offer your own face to be slapped.

We have to remember, humans are the members of every religion and churches…as Jesus implied as long as we live we will continue to sin and commit errors, shortcomings and failures and will continue to offend God. Priests, bishops, cardinals and popes inside the Catholic Church are all humans and so pastors and brothers. INC cannot claim solely ever that only those inside the INC will be saved as this is an outrageous lie. And lie comes from the father of all lies – the Devil. Continuously attacking other religions especially the Catholics is ungodly, offensive to God and not the ways of Jesus who teaches only humility, love, understanding, forgiveness, charity, compassion, and all good virtues. I stopped listening and watching INC’s worships on TV years ago because they would never fail to end their worships without criticizing and judging others especially the Catholic Church whom Jesus founded as the universal church. So when you attack Jesus’ church you offend Him and when you offend Jesus, you offend the Father and the Holy Spirit. Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is abomination and unforgivable sin. Real church would refrain from vanity and pride when conducting sermons. It is best just to keep watch of your tongue and teachings within the congregation. If you delve on judging others you are already judging yourself. Ministers, say only good things not offensive things as God is watching all your tongues and deeds. Keep watch your heart of any slight vanity as vanity is the devil’s favorite sin and pride is the father of all sins.

Jer 50:6 – “My people have been a lost flock, their shepherds have caused them to go astray, and have made them wander in the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place.”
- Take heed of God’s warning….INC don’t be proud that you are already doing what the scriptures say but be ever watchful that you don’t offend God nor lead God’s people astray for you have already earned God’s judgement. I have seen INC’s ministers committing errors with their vanity.

Remember John 8:7 “When therefore they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them: He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”
- INC If you truly believe you are sinless, then you can cast your stones to Catholics and other denominations for you have already earned God’s judgement. Unless you are sinless and have no errors then you can cast your stones as Jesus asked of everyone. Otherwise, get rid of your stones away from anyone and walk away just like the Jews during the time of Jesus. Judge and correct only yourself before even trying to judge and correcting others.

I shall continue to pray for you as we are all God’s children and Jesus came to save all of us.

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