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Friday, January 23, 2015

BORN AGAIN GROUPS and the IGLESIA NI CRISTO®: On Private Interpretation of the Bible

Just because you can quote scripture, it doesn't mean you are interpreting it correctly. Even the devil quoted scripture and used it to promote evil.

Anyone can take words from scripture and justify just about anything today. Misinterpretation of Scripture can result in selective acceptance of the truths contained there. Without an authority (the Magisterium) to help us interpret scripture, scripture can easily be interpreted as having opposite meanings. God is a God of order, not disorder. Truth (God) does not contradict Himself.

Do you know where the Bible came from, or when it was put together? It didn't just fall out of the sky. Who decided what books belonged in the Bible in the first place? If the Bible alone is the source of all truth, didn't someone/some kind of authority "outside" the Bible determine which books belonged in the Bible in the first place? How can this be if the Bible alone is the source of all truth?

It was the authority of the Catholic Church, in the fourth century, who determined which books belonged in the Bible. The Bible does not have an inspired table of contents. This list of inspired books is an essential religious truth not contained in the Bible.

Therefore, at least one essential religious truth - the contents of the Bible - is found outside the Bible. Think about this.

The Church came BEFORE the Bible. How did people learn about Jesus after he was crucified, but before the Bible was put together by Catholics in the fourth century? Oral tradition. Study early church history. This is so important. We trust the Catholic Church, founded by Jesus Christ, to tell us what books belong in the Bible, and assure us that everything in it is inspired.

Today there are over 38,000 different protestant churches, each with their own interpretation of scripture. Many lines in scripture are often interpreted based on how someone wants to live their life at the moment. Or if there is a disagreement on a particular passage or moral question, a vote is taken. Truth is not determined by a majority vote. Many times, if a church did not agree with something in their church, they would leave and form their own church and make up their own interpretations of what scripture means. God's word can't possibly have so many different interpretations. Truth doesn't work this way.

The Catholic Church strongly encourages everyone to read the Bible every day for private devotion, to memorize it, love it, and to study it diligently. At every Sunday Mass the Holy Word of God is proclaimed, with readings from the Old Testament, New Testament and Holy Gospel.

To trust the Bible is to trust the authority of the Catholic Church. We are so blessed to have Holy Scripture, Holy Tradition and the Magisterium!

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