"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Muslim Leaders Declare Aim Of World Domination. Rome, London, Spain, Paris, America, ISIS


Our political policies have failed us when Muslim immigrants are UNWILLING to ASSIMILATE within our societies. They refuse to pledge allegiance to our country's CONSTITUTION but to Islam and Muhammad. They want SHARIAH to be the law within our democratic countries.  Now, every Muslim is making headlines with a CLEAR INTENTION of ISLAMICIZING the Christian world (secular world) including ROME and the VATICAN STATES.  Our POLITICIANS have failed us and our RELIGIOUS LEADERS do not directly condemn violent verses form the Quran and Hadiths out of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. If we keep silent, soon ISLAM will SILENCE our rights to voice our objection.  While we are still DEMOCRATIC, let's say NO TO ISLAMIZATION and NO TO SHARIAH!

IT'S TIME! We need another CRUSADES!

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