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Thursday, January 22, 2015

MALAYSIA'S CURSE: Catholic Church loses legal battle to use the word 'Allah' in reference to God

Arab Christians have been using the word 'Allah' in pre-Islamic period. The Apostle Creed in Arabic says it: (Source: Creationism.org):

بالحقيقة نؤمن بإله واحد، الله الآب، ضابط الكل، خالق السماء والأرض، ما يُرَى وما لا يرى.
نؤمن برب واحد يسوع المسيح، ابن الله الوحيد، المولود من الآب قبل كل الدهور، نور من نور، إله حق من إله حق.
مولود غير مخلوق، مساو للآب في الجوهر، الذي به كان كل شئ. هذا الذي من أجلنا نحن البشر، ومن أجل خلاصنا، نزل من السماء، وتجسد من الروح القدس ومن مريم العذراء، وتأنس.
وصلب عنا على عهد بيلاطس البنطي. وتألم وقبر وقام من بين الأموات في اليوم الثالث كما في الكتب.
وصعد إلى السموات، وجلس عن يمين أبيه، وأيضا يأتي في مجده ليدين الأحياء والأموات، الذي ليس لملكه انقضاء. نعم نؤمن بالروح القدس، الرب المحيى المنبثق من الآب. نسجد له ونمجده مع الآب والإبن. الناطق في الأنبياء.
وبكنيسة واحدة مقدسة جامعة رسولية. ونعترف بمعمودية واحدة لمغفرة الخطايا.
وننتظر قيامة الأموات وحياة الدهر الآتي. أمين.

Sadly, the Federal Court of Malaysia finally BAN Catholics from using the word 'Allah' [Arabic الله‎ ] in reference to the One Almighty God!

"Allah (English pronunciation: /ˈælə/ or /ˈɑːlə/; Arabic: الله‎ Allāh,  is the Arabic word for God (al ilāh, literally "the God"). The word has cognates in other Semitic languages, including Elah in Aramaic, ʾĒl in Canaanite and Elohim in Hebrew.

"It is used mainly by Muslims to refer to God in Islam, but it has also been used by Arab Christians since pre-Islamic times. -Wikipedia

How could Malaysia's majority Muslims be given the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to use the word 'Allah' when in the West MINORITY MUSLIMS keep on telling non-Muslims that 'WE ARE BROTHERS' with 'THE SAME GOD'.  How could we refrain from STEREOTYPING MUSLIMS and ISLAM as a religion when what WESTERN MUSLIM APOLOGISTS say is different from MUSLIMS say in Islamic countries.  Could this be MYTHS OF ISLAM:
"Muslims often complain of popular "misconceptions" about their religion in the West.

"We took a hard look, however, and found that the most prevalent myths of Islam are the ones held by Muslims and Western apologists. The only glaring exception to this is the misconception that all Muslims are alike (they aren't, of course), but even Muslims often believe this as well, as evidenced by the various contrary factions insisting that they are the true Muslims, while those who disagree with them are either infidels, hijackers, or hypocrites."
Malaysia's  FEDERAL COURTS decision only PROVES what CRITICS of ISLAM in the WEST have been saying since the Islamic terrorist attacks in the US in 9-11. If Muslims around the world wish that minority Muslims in other countries are respected, THEY SHOULD KNOW how to RESPECT RELIGIOUS MINORITIES in Islamic States such as Malaysia!

Let's learn from JESUS, the Son of God / the Prophet of God:

“Do to others whatever you would have them do to you. This is the law and the prophets. -Mt. 7:12
Malaysia Church loses battle to use 'Allah' in Catholic newspaper
The Federal Court in Malaysia has ruled that the Catholic Church has no right to use the term “Allah” which means God in the newsweekly Herald.
The decision follows the Church’s five year-long legal battle for the constitutional right to use the phrase.
A five-man bench led by Tan Sri Abdull Hamid Embong unanimously upheld that here had been no procedural unfairness in the Federal Court's earlier decision not to grant leave. He added that the threshold for the review had not been met. 
A seven-member panel of federal court judges on June 23, 2014, dismissed the church's application for leave to appeal the Court of Appeal's decision to ban the Herald from using the Arabic word for "God" in its Bahasa language content.
Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria was among the four on the panel who dismissed the church's application, in a 4-3 "skin of our teeth" judgment, as the church's lawyers have called it, that saw three other judges dissenting.
With no more legal avenues to pursue for the right to use the word "Allah" in the Herald, the publication’s editor Rev Father Lawrence Andrew expressed disappointment on Wednesday that the Federal Court's dismissal of the appeal would further undermine the rights of minorities.
"Malay has been the language in the church in Malaya for centuries and I have shown evidence [that Bahasa Malaysia] was already a language of worship for hundreds of years in devotional booklets,” he said. "And during this period, there was no trouble whatsoever, so I don't see an possibility of evoking trouble.”
The word “Allah” is widely used by the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak and the church has argued that the ban of its use in the Herald is a violation of freedom of religion and expression.
Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) politician Gan Peng Sieu, who is also a lawyer and was holding a watching brief on the case for the party, described the Federal Court's decision as a great injustice.
Islam is the official language of Malaysia, whose population is 61% Muslim, 20% Buddhist, 9% Christian, and 6% Hindu. About half of Christians in the Southeast Asian nation are catholic.
My heartfelt sympathy to all Victims of this curse. May they ALL REST IN PEACE!

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  1. You probably know that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff. When you die and go to your particular judgement will you be able to prove to Jesus Christ that your pope is truly Roman Pontiff?

    1. You probably know that what you know about the Catholic Church and the Pope is NOT ACTUALLY what is the common knowledge.

      The Roman Pontiff does not require "every human creature" (including you) to subject yourself to his personality. I don't know where did you get that misinformation. The Supreme Pontiff requires you to FOLLOW JESUS and HE ALONE you follow. It also expected of you to BELIEVE in the CHURCH which is HIS BODY for it is the PILLAR and BULWARK (1 Tim. 3:15).

      When we die, and we face the Lord at the Seat of Judgment, he will ask each one of us "WHATEVER YOU DID TO THE LEAST OF MY BRETHREN, YOU DID IT TO ME."

      So next time before you open up your mouth, make sure that what you're saying is NOT contrary to what the Catholic Church teaches. God bless.

  2. Have changed the title of my blog to something more accurate. "Defend Your Priest" Take a look and start defending. Practice makes perfect.

    1. I don't defend priests. They defend themselves. And what UNITES us is that WE BOTH DEFEND THE CATHOLIC CHURCH against YOU and your evil minions!

  3. Now please explain to us who believe in the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes the Encyclical of Pope Boniface VIII (1302) which teaches that every human creature must be subject to the Roman Pontiff?

    1. What is really your problem with that? Does your conscience bothering you for not "subjecting" yourself to the authority of the Roman Pontiff?

      If we are obliged to believe in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church as the TRUE CHURCH FOUNDED by JESUS CHRIST our LORD, then " it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff." (Read it HERE!

    2. Are you capable of defending anything you supposedly believe in?

    3. Obviously you are not here for information but to debate.

    4. An ANTI-CATHOLIC "LOURDES FAITH DEFENDER". Anti-Pope and Anti-Vatican II. Now I know why you oppose my Catholic stand!

    5. Thanks for helping me come up with a more accurate title. Read and learn.

    6. It is our sixties generation who will have to answer for heretics like you.

    7. LONG LIVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH- THE CHURCH OF JESUS and to you heretics, may God have mercy on your souls!


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