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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chinese youth at WYD in Madrid: a dream come true

With the help of friends and readers, AsiaNews has collected the necessary sum to help 15 young Chinese Catholics to attend World Youth Day in Madrid. In their gratitude, the desire to be "the next generation of the Catholic Church in China", in "communion with the Holy Father and with the universal Church."

Rome (AsiaNews) - "My young people and I want to thank you for funding our trip to the World Youth Day (WYD) in Madrid. A few days ago we received your gift. With your help, you have encouraged young Catholics to keep the true faith, especially in this difficult time. "

These are the first lines of a letter written by a pastor in China. Some time ago he had asked AsiaNews and its readers to help cover the cost for 15 young people of his parish to enable then togo to World Youth Day to be held in Madrid, August 16 to 21.

About a week ago we reached the amount needed and we sent it, just as in Chinese government stepped up its attempts to ordain and more illicit bishops without papal mandate and thus divide and subdue the Church.

"Your help - continues the letter received by AsiaNews - will allow us to participate in the encounter with Benedict XVI and the youth around the world, allowing us to learn from World Youth Day. In this way we will be able to confirm our communion with the Holy Father and with the universal Church, becoming the new generation of the Catholic Church in China. "

The priest continues by describing the reaction to the news that these young people will go to Madrid: "Paul Wang, a youth of my parish was left speechless when I told him that with your help he could go to Madrid. Paul has just finished high school, his parents are both ill and he had no money for the trip. "I can not even believe it - he cried -: I am going to Madrid! I can not wait to meet the Holy Father. I want to thank everyone who helped me to realize this dream. "

A girl who attends the third year in college, knowing that she could finally go to WYD, confirmed her " desire to share experiences of faith with other young people in the world, creating stronger bonds between the Church in China and the universal Church. I want to thank our brothers and sisters in Christ for the help they gave us, I pray for them. I am very honored to represent the youth of our Chinese community in Madrid. "

The priest then apologizes for not being able to write a longer letter: "I have to go out of town, to the country to the various communities to distribute the sacraments. But I will celebrate a Mass for all of you who have helped us, for all of you who have taken to heart the fate of young Chinese Catholics. May the Lord bless you! ".

We too at AsiaNews want to thank everyone, all of our friends and readers, who through their generosity and commitment have reawakened hope and the strength of unity with the pope in the Chinese Church.

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