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Sunday, July 17, 2011

INC: Are there LOCALS in their LOCALES outside the Philippines?

Locale or Local: What is the right question?

An INC member who goes abroad for the first time after he/she realizes that his/her “true” church is not known, usually comes in Yahoo! or Google searching for its “church” the Iglesia ni Cristo exclusively founded by Felix Manalo for Filipinos. Unfortunately, their “true” church is nowhere to be found except in places where Filipino communities have been thriving.  And to those who search, their Central office in the Philippines is despicably worthless for having no official website to guide its adherents. 

Here are some few of its members searching for their members elsewhere:

They might have their LOCALES outside the Philippines but do they have LOCALS in their "locales"?

"The True Church of Christ will never change its name", what a LIE! When in fact they changed their SEC registration name from "Iglesia ni Kristo (INK) to "Iglesia ni Cristo (INC)" and they have no liberty to translate their church to English without its Filipino translation for a possible violation of Registered and Patented Trademarks as stipulated at their SEC registration! Their church name will always be in Tagalog "Iglesia ni Cristo" no matter how they are mentioned in writings in other foreign literatures.

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