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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Was the Norway shooter a “Fundamentalist Christian”?

I have a big problem with any form of fundamentalism. Fundamentalist Christianity can be narrow and in the old days justified slavery, some fundamentalist Muslims blow up buildings, communist fundamentalists justified killing Christians because Christians were against the “common good.” I think all forms of fundamentalism are dangerous. Paradoxically, the mainstream media are practicing a new form of fundamentalism:

Secular Fundamentalism

It makes human rights legislation its bible and looks for any opportunity malign and insight hatred and fear against any group that stands it its way. It makes for a very lousy religion. It misinterprets authentic human rights legislation to its own ends.

This brings us to this week’s shooting incident in Norway. The New York Times, NBC, Globe and Mail, CBC, and all the usual anti-Christian media announced “Christian Fundamentalist kills 91 youth!” Lot’s of prominence to the word Christian.

Is the killer involved in any Christian group? No.
Does the killer read the Bible? No.
Does the killer go to any Church? No.
Does he claim to pray, or in any way even mention Jesus? No.
Is there any “Fundamentalist Christianity” in Norway? No.
Is there any “Fundamentalist Christianity” in Europe? Not Really.
Do fundamentalists believe in abortion, like the killer who advocates for abortion? No.
In fact he self identified as a Mason, which is the arch enemy of Christianity. So where did the media get the “Fundamentalist Christian” tag?

Hmm…. the Knights Templar…yup, he identifies with the 15th century group that fought Muslims who were trying to take over Europe.

There is not one Fundamentalist Christian anywhere who’d say they have any association with the Templars, firstly because they were Catholic (most fundamentalists don’t like Catholics), secondly because they disappeared in the 16th century.

Fundamentalist Christianity is a North American phenomenon, mostly found in the southern protestant states.

So why give the shooter in Norway the title “Fundamentalist Christian”? Well… the mainstream media has painted the Tea Party as fundamentalist Christian, and used an incident in Europe to shape elections in the US, and incite anger and fear against Christians. This is objective reporting? Unfortunately, I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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