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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Philippine Current Affairs and the Iglesia ni Cristo

by Philippine Current Affairs Blog

philstar: Ombudsman bets: Morales, 3 others on JBC list

inquirer: Ombudsman bets down to 4

manilatimes: Torn between two allies

Ok, so the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) have narrowed the list of choices for the next Ombudsman down to 4. Among these candidates, President Noynoy Aquino can pick the next Ombudsman that will replace Merceditas Gutierrez. This is not a simple task. Each candidate may have their own group of friends supporting them. For example, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima has already expressed her vote for Carpio-Morales. And I think, the political group of Iglesia Ni Cristo has their own candidate among the 4 choices.

A. former Supreme Court Justice Conchita Carpio-Morales
B. Justice Undersecretary Leah Armamento
C. Presidential Commission on Good Government Commissioner Gerard Mosquera
D. former Justice Secretary Artemio Tuquero (Iglesia Ni Cristo member)

Who is Iglesia Ni Cristo?
Who is Artemio Tuquero?

An overview of Iglesia Ni Cristo involvement in government positions

Serafin Cuevas Secretary of Justice Cuevas was fired by President Estrada because of controversial cases. Cuevas is a senior INC member, a follower of Manalo

Artemio Tuquero Secretary of Justice assumed office after Cuevas.
Served as Department of Justice Secretary with less than a year only.
Appointed by President Estrada. Tuquero is also an INC member, a follower of Manalo.

...THE powerful Iglesia ni Cristo has come out in the open not only to prevent Sandiganbayan Justice Gregory Ong from being appointed to the Supreme Court but also to have him unseated from the anti-graft court. The petition to disqualify Ong from the Sandiganbayan, now pending in the Pasig Regional Trial Court, was filed by lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, who happens to also be an Iglesia counsel. According to the grapevine, Ong caught the ire of the Iglesia hierarchy after the Sandiganbayan justice convicted military colonel Victor Danao, husband of Pilar Manalo, who happens to be a sister of Iglesia Executive Minister Erano Manalo....

Reynaldo Wycoco National Bureau of Investigation Appointed by Gloria Arroyo.
NBI was put into a scandal after whistle blower Acsa Ramirez was accidentally turned into a suspect.
Wycoco died while in NBI. Wycoco is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, a Manalo follower.

Iglesia Ni Cristo, Arroyo-Macapagal clan backed Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez

The INC Eduardo Manalo, LTO Chief Torres, Ombudsman Gutirrez and Gloria Arroyo connection

Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Most Corrupt President

Iglesia Ni Cristo is very much involved in Philippine politics. I will not believe if INC is not endorsing, pushing or making any moves for the Ombudsman position for INC member Tuquero. What can be the consequences if INC member Tuquero will be assigned as the new Ombudsman?

• INC and Gloria Arroyo are close political Allies.
Our dream of putting Arroyo behind bars may remain as just a dream.

• Government official, another INC member, LTO Chief Virginia Torres is facing a lot of charges. Persecuting Torres maybe going to be hard.

I am not impressed to INC members holding public offices. Congressman Marcoleta, NBI Chief Wycoco and Gatdula, LTO chief Virgie Torres, former DOJ secretaries Cuevas and Tuquero did nothing impressive on their positions. Iglesia Ni Cristo doctrines state that all of us are going to Hell; only INC members will be reaching heaven. I doubt that the former and present INC government officials are all going to heaven. I highly doubt that only INC members are good enough to please the eyes of Our Creator. Eduardo Manalo, can you please shed a light on this? We are all in total darkness in here. If the block voting of Iglesia Ni Cristo is indeed biblical, then how come that Mar Roxas lost as Vice President when INC endorsed him in 2010 elections? Eduardo Manalo, you continually disappoint me.

Government office is a public trust and we do not trust Iglesia Ni Cristo.

To the Executive Minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo, Eduardo Manalo:

I still see you as an incapable leader that hides in the shadow.

You still do not have the nerve and the bravery to come out in the open to lead your flock in spiritual enlightment, not with this kind of political maneuver to seal the INC presence in political arena. Why are you silent about the INC and the ombudsman impeachment in Congress? Why are you silent about the mess of an INC member in LTO? I think you are just lucky enough to inherit the INC leadership when your father died.

Warning: Iglesia Ni Cristo is dangerous to Philippine politics

I will withdraw my support to President Noynoy Aquino if he will pick Tuquero as the next Ombudsman.

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