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Monday, July 4, 2011

Unemployed family to be a WYD host family

Gabriela y Jorge, with one of their
children and the grandmother
WYD 2011 Update News - “We should always remember God: in the good times and in the bad”

It’s easy to see that the WYD is drawing near and everybody is going all out to make this great event a success, like Gabriela and Jorge. Despite being unemployed for 3 years and having been through difficult moments, Gabriela and Jorge did not want to miss the opportunity to be host family for two volunteers.

It all began one Sunday when after Mass there was an announcement asking for people to be host family to people from other countries. At first they hesitated because of the situation they were in and so they decided to offer just to be volunteers. But as the days went by, they felt more and more the need to accept the proposal and so they eventually said yes.
They are both from Ecuador and have two children – Esteban is 14 and Quique is just 3 years old- and live with Gabriela’s mother. With great excitement they are looking forward to welcoming into their home the two people coming to WYD.

This large family, struggling to make ends meet, does not lose hope that better times will come. Both Jorge and Gabriela have always lived closely to God and want to transmit these values to their children. “We should always remember God, in the good times and in the bad”, they say. They came to Spain 9 years ago and have always wanted their children to feel this closeness and brotherly love that they transmit. “Besides, this experience is an example for our children, especially the oldest who realizes the situation that we are in”.

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