"The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant." (-John Henry Newman, An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine).

"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

"This is the sole Church of Christ, which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic." -CCC 811

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The "True" church called the Iglesia ni Cristo vs. the False Church called the Catholic Church

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, named after the Apostle Peter, the First Pope.
Anonymous said... from our post INC: Hindi namin sinasamba si Cristo at this time September 10, 2011 1:23 PM

The True Church of Christ (2009-2011): The Iglesia ni Cristo on the first two years of Bro. Eduardo Manalo Administration

The True Church can now be found on 98 countries and territories around the 6 habitable continents around the world, composing of millions of members from 106 different nationalities.

CD2000: The False Church in it's more than 2,000 years (33 A.D. - 2011 A.D.) faced many persecutions from all sides, not only the "True Church of Christ" founded by Felix Manalo.

This False Church is present in all the 6 continents for the past 2 millennium composing of 1.1 BILLION people, 1/6 of World's total population, from different language, race, and cultures but UNITED under the leadership of the Successor of St. Peter the Apostle, the False Church of Rome.

The False Church's population is there in the INTERNET while the "True Church of Christ" population is NOWHERE to be found in the net. Just wondering why the WORLD is so INTERESTED to about the False Church which is the Catholic Church and ignore the "True Church of Christ" founded in the Philippines by Felix Manalo-- puzzling really. 

The False Church has OFFICIAL WEBSITE while the "True Church of Christ" founded by Felix Manalo HAS NONE.

Eraño V. Manalo Convention Center, named after the son of the INC founder Felix Manalo

In just 2 years,

204 new magnificent chapels built around the world.
7 ecclesiastical districts formed (Metro Manila Central, Metro Manila West, Bulacan South/North, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia).
66 new local congregations established.
18 new extensions.
More than 40 huge properties acquired outside the Philippines.

The False Church have built houses of worship in poor villages of African Continent and the jungles of Latin America.  Our missionaries have to battle sadness, loneliness, denge, and other local diseases they got proclaiming the Gospesl of Jesus to those who haven't heard it.

The False Church is present in all the Philippines in every corners of the Globe. In the Philippines alone, they are 78,000,000 almost while the "True Church of Christ" founded by Felix Manalo hardly has a million.  How is that?

The False Church also is being recognized by all countries and has established diplomatic ties with major states and cities around the world.  The leader of this False Church, the Pope is always welcomed with honor in every country he visits while the "True Church of Christ" leader hardly noticed by anyone-- he has no charism to people that he has to meet only hundreds Pinoys in countries where there are big concentration of OFWs.  

I wonder why the King of Saudi Arabia never had meeting with the leader of the "True Church of Christ" while the King even visited the leader of the False Church in the Vatican. How is that?
806 new ordained ministers

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the leader of 1.1 billion Catholics, the 265th Pope of the Church, met for the first time in history marking the beginning of Islam-Catholic warm friendship.

There are parishes of the False Church in any place in the World.  In the Middle East, only the False Church is being recognized by Muslim Kingdoms while the "True Church of Christ" remained to be outlawed for being suspected of a cult.

The False Church has old church buildings which were built century years ago while the "True Church of Christ" has recent modern houses of worships built in uniformity. How is that?
Regular pastoral visitations of the Executive Minister around the world where he already visited 19 countries.
New district offices such as Europe Main Office in London, UK; Eastern Canada District Office in Toronto, Canada; Northeast Asia District Office in Tokyo, Japan; Northeastern Seaboard District Office in Washington DC, USA.
Groundbreaking and start of construction of EVM Convention Center, EGM Medical Center, NEU Sports Complex and Stadium, and the soon-to-be world's largest indoor arena- INC's Philippine Arena (50-55 thousand seater).

CD2000: The leader of the False Church words never fall on deaf ears. When he speaks the World LISTENS.  He is always active and interested in World Events that he always send his Pastoral Comfort and Apostolic Blessings to victims of any tragedy.  He cares!

While the leader of the "True Church of Christ" founded by Felix Manalo  in the Philippines has to visit his Pinoy members regularly for that is his business-- to keep his Corporation Sole up for its collections.

The False Church names its structures and buildings to CHRISTIAN HEROES while the "True Church of Christ" always names its structures and building to the LEGITIMATE OWNER of the Iglesia ni Cristo-- the MANALOS..


While the "True Church of Christ" founded by Felix Manalo builds building, biggest domes (for now), and many chapels but keeps its people in the darkness of LIES by its own founder.

Endless outreach and socio-civic programs are being conducted. Expect more until the Church's centennial and the years to come.

The Lord God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ is with the true church- Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

The False Church has international "CATHOLIC CARITAS" and CATHOLIC WORLD RELIEF" which helps victims of natural disasters.  These charities are WELL RESPECTED by the United Nation UNICEF for its dedication to serving people regardless of his/her religion.

Catholic Caritas helping the suffering people of Africa
While the "True Church of Christ" founded by Felix Manalo's charity helps first its members and then non-members.  No permanent charitable institution is known internationally with the "True Church of Christ" except some few COMMUNITY SERVICES which only for the sake of making known in that community.

Will you join the "False Church" founded by Jesus Christ in 33 A.D. or the "True Church of Christ" founded by Felix Manalo in the Philppines in 1914 A.D?

Your decision is your salvation!


  1. I'd rather join the "False Church" founded by Christ built on a Rock which stands strong from Rome and the rest of the world rather than the so called, "True Church" by Felix Manalo built on a sand castle in Quezon City.

  2. I would be with the Church which traces its roots from the time of the Apostles to the present no matter how concerted their efforts to pull down the CHURCH Jesus Christ built upon the Rock (Petrus) of Simon Peter... for He said "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it"...

    Thanks Keb..

  3. That is the way the evil works, to deceive the people... The true will become false and the pirated will become true....Deception is ubiquitous at this time..

  4. You are welcome Sir Catholic Defender! :)

  5. Buti naman Catholic Defender, umamin ka ding peke kayo. Marunong ka din palang magsabi ng totoo kahit minsan. Thumbs up! FYI, ang "Holy Apostolic" Roman Catholic Church ay natatag lamang noong 4th Century. Ang naitatag po noong 1st Century ~ 33 AD ay ang Iglesia ni Cristo. Yung lists ng mga Papa ninyo mula kay Apostol Pedro sa mga first centuries, mga kathang isip lang. Alam mo naman sinungaling kayong katoliko diba? That's why you even admitted that you're fake. At sa sinasabing 1.6 Billion na members ninyo, ilan lang ba doon ang nagsisimba? Ang karamihan sa mga yan, di alam kung bakit sila katoliko, basta masabi na lang. Palibahasa kasi sinungaling ka at napaghahalataang wala kang alam, mayroong mga websites ang INC. http://www.gemnet.tv, http://inctvproductions.org . Wag kasing bira ng bira. EVM Convention Center is not Eraño V. Manalo Convention Center, it's Eduardo V. Manalo Convention Center. Bobo ka talaga siguro ano? And FYI, hindi iyan ang dome na ipapatayo. Philippine Arena yung dome. Pero siyempre itinatayo na rin yan kaya ok lang na naipost mo. At tungkol naman sa mga simbahang pinapatayo ninyo? Mayroon pa ba? Ibinebenta niyo na nga sa INC mga simbahan niyo kasi wala ng sumisimba. If I know, isa ka rin sa mga yun. And as if, gospel
    of Christ ang itinuturo ninyo. Hindi nga kayo marunong magbasa ng Bibliya e. Puro katesismo, tradisyon, kapaganuhan, kalokohan, at mga kasinungalingan ang itinuturo ninyo. Wala kang alam sa senso ng INC. Bigyan kita ng kaunting hint. Mayroong almost 5,500 churches ang INC sa buong mundo. Karamihan sa mga churches na ito ay binubuo ng libo-libong mga miyembro. 5000 churches X 500 members na lang ang pagbasehan natin, 2.5 million na kaagad. Ano namang gagawin mo sa sa bilyon-bilyong miyembro na nagnanakawan, nagpapatayan, nagsisiraan, naglalasing, nanloloko at nangungurakot? Compare it to millions of members na disiplinado, makaDiyos, matulungin sa kapwa, at mga tunay na anak ng Diyos. At ano naman kung kinikilala ang simbahan niyo ng world leaders? No choice e, "majority" ata sa sanlibutang susunugin ay kaanib sa inyo. At FYI, nagsasarado na mga simbahan niyo sa Europa. Alam mo bang dahil wala na ngang sumisimba, ginagawa na lang ito na mga museo. O, congratulations pala, andami niyo na palang museo, kaso nauubos na nga lang ang mga simbahang nagbubulukan at nilulumot. Walang pakialam sa inyo Papa niyo. Sayang, wala kang alam sa pulitika ng papacy. Suhulan, at patayan lang naman ang madalas na issue sa "holy" crap, ay este office pala ninyo. Magresearch ka din sa ma "holy" Inquisitions at Crusades niyo kung saan milyon-milyong tao lang naman ang naipapatay ng simbahan niyo. Wag kang mgataka kung bakit naging global ang simbahan niyo, alam mo ba ang kalokohan ng simbahan mo na "Convert or Die"? OMG, Catholic Charity! 30% for outreach activities, 70% sa bulsa nina father! ax + (1-a)y yung charity niyo where 1-a>a such that y are the amounts of money that are going sa mga bulsa nina father. Kawawa ka naman. Kung medyo harsh yung comment ko, well, sorry. Kailangan kasi talagang alugin yang umaalog-alog niyong utak.

  6. hahahaha.. nagtatagong ANONYMOUS...

    But you failed to sense my SARCASM on that...

    Sa paghahambing ko sa post na ito SINO NGAYON ANG PEKE?

    Thanks for the nice laugh :)

    1. They really can't read between the lines kaya mali-mali intindi nila lalo na sa Biblia. They didn't understand the sarcasm in this post kagaya ng isa ring INC defender na si README. Meron nga siyang article sa blog niya tungkol dito sa post mo e. Here, look:


  7. Mga kathang isip niyo lang si Manalo dahil walang MANALO sa BIBLIYA.

    Mga kathang isip niyo lang ang total apostasy kasi walang TOTAL APOSTASY sa Biblia.

    Mga kathang isip niyo lang ang Iglesia ni Cristo kasi "mga iglesia ni Cristo ang nasa Biblia.. (maliit na titik)...

    At ang sabi ng Roma 16:16...

    Lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo ay BUMABATI SA KAYO... Sino yung "KAYO" sa Roma 16:16?

    Hindi Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo

    Kundi ang IGLESIA SA ROMA... hayun ang laki-laki dimo nakikita.... !!!!

    Bulaang propeta!

  8. Nakakatawa naman nito si anonymous, parang gusto niyang pilitin na sila ang totoo pero hindi naman. Parang taga benta ng peke na cellphone sa mga maliliit na stores,at lituhin ang mga customers na original daw
    Kawawa naman siya hahaha
    At sa pag basa ng article na ginawa ni Sir Catholic Defender gamitin mo naman ang sense of humor mo.hehehe

    Ang pera nila ay pumutunta sa pagtatayo ng mga chapels at projects na INC lang ang makikinabang.
    Pero ang pera ng Catholic Church ay pumunta sa Charity, outreach at missionaries at nagpapatayo ng maliliit na chapels sa mga liblib na lugar...
    Meron bang INC na kapilya sa mga liblib na lugar sa mundo? WALA!
    At sa Romans 16:16 kayo ba ang tinutukoy?
    Iglesia sa Roma po!
    Sa Matthew 16:18 sino ang Kausap ni Jesus Christ si Felix manalo ba o si San Pedro?
    Si Pedro ang kausap Hindi si Felix manalo niyo.
    Eh bakit nagpatayo si Manalo ng iglesia niya na hindi naman siya kausap ni Kristo?
    nagpapatunay din na peke ang INC kasi nagpatayo si Manalo na walang authority galing sa mga Apostol o kay Kristo.
    Si Manalo ang nagpatayo ng INC, eh bakit may Cristo naka ukit? Siya ba si Cristo?
    Hindi kasi kinopya niya lang para lituhin ang mga tao.

  9. ndi po ako galit sa mga katoliko kya lng claimed nyo apostol nyo bkit kailan ba tinatag yan tignan natin :In 313, the struggles of the Early Church were lessened by the legalisation of Christianity by the Emperor Constantine I. In 380, Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire by the decree of the Emperor, which would persist until the fall of the Western Empire, and later, with the Eastern Roman Empire, until the Fall of Constantinople. During this time (the period of the Seven Ecumenical Councils) there were considered five primary sees according to Eusebius: Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria, known as the Pentarchy.

    yan nakita nyo itinatag yan 380 lng yan patay na mga apostol noon mahigit 300 years na ndi lng naman kc yan sa roma italya lumaganap pati sa constantinople turkey

  10. With your flawed sense of history do you accept that the Philippines was founded by the Spaniards?

    Definitely NOT. The archipelago and its people were already there (yet without a name) so what the Spaniards did is to NAME the archipelago for Catholic Spain.

    Going back to your flawed sense of history, Constantine was a CHRISTIAN CONVERT. And because of his great conviction, HE DECLARED the religion of these people (which is CATHOLICISM) to be the RELIGION of the EMPIRE.

    And since there were other schismatic groups which also identify themselves as "christians" so the Christian emperor used his royal power to DECREE that Christianity (according to APOSTOLIC TRADITION) should be the OFFICIAL RELIGION and not the religion of Nestor and Arius who were DECLARED HERETICS (exactly what the MANALISTAS believed today).

    Since you're obviously very IGNORANT of HISTORY so whatever garbage your ministers would tell you, you simply believed.

    And here is certain: The Church was there when HISTORY UNFOLDED!

    Wala pa diyan ang Iglesia ni Manalo kaya huwag kayong nagkukunyaring mas maalam pa sa amin dahil kami ay NAROON na!

  11. catholic defender magbasa k ng biblia lalo sa ROMA 16:16 At ang sabi ng Roma 16:16...
    Magbatian kau ng banal n halik,
    Lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo ay BUMABATI SA KAYO... Sino yung "KAYO" sa Roma 16:16?

    hoy catholic defender basahin mo nga bagu yung yung talata ng ROMA 16:16..dba mga pangalan ng tao na nasa IGLESIA SA ROMA.kundi mga naunang naging IGLESIA ni cristo sa ROMA hindi iglesia katolika...inggit k lng kz iglesia katolika wala mababasa sa biblia ..napakalaki mong....BASANG BASA mo na sa mata mo ang IGLESIA NI CRISTO ay nasa biblia...gumucing ka brad..

    1. Ginoong Manalista, sige basahin natin ang ROMA 16:16...

      "Magbatiaan kayo ng banal na halik. Lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo ay bumabati sa inyo."

      Sino ang tinutukoy na BINABATI ng lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo?

      Para malaman natin iyan, kailangan malaman natin kung kanino ba naka-ADDRESS ang sulat na ito ni Apostol Pablo?


      Samakatuwid ang pinapatungkulan pala ng PAGBATI ng lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo ay ang IGLESIA sa ROMA.

      Samakatuwid ang IGLESIA pala sa ROMA na binabati. At alin nga ba ang IGLESIA sa ROMA na kinikilalang IGLESIA NI CRISTO (hindi rehistrado sa Pinas)?

      Ito po ang IGLESIA KATOLIKA! Hayon nasa VATICAN at kitang kita ng lahat kapag nasa ROMA.

      Ang ROMA 16:16 po ay patungkol po sa IGLESIA KATOLIKA!

    2. mali tlaga pagkakaintindi mo...porke ba ang binabati ay nasa Roma ay ang catholic ba ang tinutukiy nia? wla tutol oo iglesia na nsa Roma ang tunutukoy jan pero maynabasa kb Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana sa sulat ni Pablo? anu ba nakasulat? "iglesia ni Cristo" maliwanag db? dapt itanong bakit mula sa katwagang iglesia ni Cristo naging Iglesia Katolika Apostolika Romana? Anu b nangyari? kung wla sa biblia ang IKAR ibig sabihin imbento un? unbiblical at hindi makaapostol at hindi kristiyano. bkit? dahil inalis nio ang pangalan ng panginoong Jesucristo..db maliwanag na isang uri ng apostasya o pagtalikod yan sa mga turo ng mga apostol...

  12. @anonymous bro. sa totoo lang wala tlagang alam tong blogger na to...magsasayang ka lang ng oras sa mga yan...

  13. wlang iglesia ni cristo ni manalo sa biblia kndi iglesia ni cristo nagmamarunong k mali k nman.

  14. hinahanap mo sa biblia ana manalo eh un pangalan ng religion m wla sa biblia. unn papa nio nsa biblia b? bka nman pati purgatoryo nio nsa biblia? infant baptism, rosary, ascenscion of mary, images of saints, indulgence, holy mass for the dead, pati communion at priest celibacy at mrmipang iba? sinu kaya ang natalikod ngayon sa mga aral kristyano?

  15. tpos ng quote ka pa ng isang statement ng isang unreliable sources para palabasin na hindi kmi sumasamba kay Cristo..bka un nakausap mo isang inactive member at bka natutulog hbang tinuturo sa knya ang aral na un...akala ko proffessional ka? ndi nman pla..twag syo "maruming budhi" ggwin ang lahat khit mali makapanira lang..kawawa naman mga naloloko mo...kung gusto masunog sa dagat-dagatang apoy, ikaw na lang wag kna manghatak pa..

  16. yan po panoorin nyo pano nabugbog sa debate ang katoliko.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKFzi1eMoP8 Catholicism Meets Iglesia ni Cristo


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