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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who are Coptic Christians?

Coptic is a general term used for CHRISTIANS in EGYPT. According to the video below (thanks to Dar Al Masih for the link), there are TWO COPTIC CHRISTIAN GROUPS. One is the Coptic Orthodox and the other is Coptic Catholic. The latter belongs to the WORLDWIDE CATHOLIC CHURCH.-CD2000

Here is from Wikipedia:

The Coptic Catholic Church is an Alexandrian Rite particular Church in full communion with the Pope of Rome (it is thus part of the larger worldwide Roman Catholic Church). Historically, Coptic Catholics represent a schism from the Coptic Orthodox Church, leaving that church in order to come into full communion with the Bishop of Rome. The current Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria is Archbishop Antonios Naguib, who replaced Stephanos II Ghattas in 2005. The offices of the Patriarchate are located in Cairo. The Cathedral (Our Lady of Egypt) is located in Nasr City, a modern suburb of Cairo.

In 1824 the Holy See created a Patriarchate for Coptic Catholics, but it existed only on paper. The Ottoman authorities permitted the Coptic Catholics to begin building their own churches in 1829.

In 1895 Pope Leo XIII re-established the Patriarchate.

Religious orders

The Catholic Coptic Church does not have Coptic monasteries. Instead the Church has religious congregations such as the three communities for women: the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, the Coptic Sisters of Jesus and Mary (both based in Egypt) and the Egyptian Province of the Little Sisters of Jesus. There is also a community of male Franciscans.

Educational and health services

Most candidates for the priesthood are trained at St. Leo’s Patriarchal Seminary, in suburban Cairo. More than 100 Coptic Catholic parishes administer primary schools, and some have secondary schools as well. The church maintains a hospital, a number of medical dispensaries and clinics, and several orphanages.

Coptic Catholics have several religious orders, modelled on western monastic communities, involved in educational, medical, and charitable activities.

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  1. Now I understand what is the difference of Coptic Orthodox and Coptic Catholic...


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