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"Where the bishop is, there let the people gather; just as where ever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church". -St. Ignatius of Antioch (ca 110 AD)a martyr later thrown to the lions, wrote to a church in Asia Minor. Antioch was also where the term "Christian" was first used.

“But if I should be delayed, you should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of truth.” 1 Timothy 3:15

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Let us Study the church of Manalo called the Iglesia ni Cristo

Logo taken from studyiglesianicristo.com

Let's study then Iglesia ni Cristo but where is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE where we can extract things to study?


Did you notice the GREEN, WHITE and RED colors present in this logo? Have you wondered what those colors stand for?

I've asked them in my previous post HERE but instead I got nasty comments and NO ONE ever had come up with a CONCRETE explanations.

Most comments I received from this post were nasty. Others simply they tried to trick readers by POSTING OTHER ISSUES against the Catholic Church which is the TRUE CHURCH of CHRIST says Pasugo thus DEVIATING the issue to something else so that their LOGO would be spared of CRITICISM.

Much MORE FRUSTRATING is the fact that they DO NOT EVEN have an official explanations about their 97th Year Founding/Registration Anniversary. And NONE dared to comment on that too.
INC's 97th Year Founding Anniversary Logo with the crescent shaped tri-color of Iran (or Italy).  The Iglesia ni Cristo of Manalo do not believe in the Divinity of Christ. Crescent is an ISLAMIC SYMBOL.

Iranian Gymnastics Federation Logo with the Islamic Crescent and the tri-color of the Iranian Islamic Republic. Muslims do not believe in the Divinity of Christ.

And because of that, I come up with a more DIRECT to the point criticism on their claim that their name is written in the Bible.

I said that the ROMANS 16:16: All churches of Christs greets you, CHURCH of ROME is NOT about Felix' Church but the CHURCH of ROME.

It was a greetings to the CHURCH of ROME saying that "hey CHURCH of ROME, all the churches of CHRISTs are SENDING their greetings to you.

It's more puzzling why this "Iglesia ni Cristo" in the Philippines REFUSE to send their greetings to the CHURCH of ROME and yet their want to own that particular verse.

The Iglesia ni Cristo, is NEVER the CHURCH built by CHRIST.

So here are my advise before seriously considering yourself to study their teachings:

  • Make use of history and the Bible. Do not separate the two.  The Bible is a HISTORICAL records of our salvation. And there are a lot of good history stuffs out there that are not authored by any religious people. It was written by REAL HISTORIANS. Connect history with the Bible and common sense.  This will keep you rooted to history while considering any claims to be authentic such that INC is claiming to be the "historical" Church of Christ from the First Century.
  • Consider how the CHURCH began in 33 A.D. Ask yourself what was Christ's intention of building his CHURCH.  If the Church is HIS BRIDE, why would Jesus abandon his own Church when he was totally against divorce?
  • You should always bear in mind that JESUS never lie.  So when he said "the gates of hell WILL NOT prevail" against his CHURCH, you should trust his words that whatever happens HIS CHURCH no matter how people try to say "we changed the teachings" CHRIST'S words IS FIRM, his CHURCH will not be ruined. If
  • Christ built a CHURCH. People also built their own.  The Church more than 2,000 years existence cannot be explained by someone who just founded 97 years ago.  
  • Apostasy is biblically prophesied.  But TOTAL APOSTASY is not.  Yes, SOME members would apostatize but NOT the WHOLE CHURCH. Therefore there is no need to "re-establish" the Church of Jesus Christ.  Therefore there is no need of a "Last Prophet" or "Last messenger" or "Sugo" or "Angel."  Jesus is ENOUGH!
  • Discover for yourself who are the real cults and who are really anti-Christ.  Discover their "man-made" teachings unfounded in the Bible and not even mentioned in history.  Even how many times they would say "our teachings were not biblical" TRUST the HOLY SPIRIT. He guides the CHURCH.  The CHURCH (not the  Bible) is the PILLAR and BULWARK of TRUTH (1Tim3:15). Therefore we are assured that our CHURCH has the FULLNESS of TRUTH.
  • Remember, the BIBLE is a CATHOLIC BOOK. Even they quote the Bible against us, the truth remains that WITHOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH there is no Bible.  History proves that.
  • Don't go with OPINIONS. First, seek the OFFICIAL sites or teachings.  Opinions can vary depending on who's talking.  Here is Vatican's Official Site. Here is Catholic Church's Official Catechism, here is Catholic Church's Canon Law, here are Papal Encyclicals for references, 
  • Here are Catholic Versions of the Bible: The New American Bible; The Jerusalem Bible; the Douay-Rheims Bible; Bible in Greek, Latin and English from New Advent.org 
  • Be assured that we have BIBLE SCHOLARS while they DO NOT HAVE one. That shows that we LOVE and SAFEGUARD the SCRIPTURES for it's OUR BOOK. While they have to RELY heavily on our versions of the Bible.
  • If you are members of any cults that are anti-Christ, it is prophesied that the coming of the deceiver precedes before Christ Second Coming.  Check the history of the life of their founders.  Ask for yourself why? and another why? Do not stop asking them.
  • Lastly, DISCOVER for yourself the SPLENDOR of the CHURCH of CHRIST. Truly remarkable. How this CHURCH survived many heresies, wars, schisms, betrayal and yet still the most ATTACKED CHURCH today.  
  • Thank God that you belong to his CHURCH which is now 2011 years old (see your calendar, that's the YEAR of the LORD 2011 A.D.)
  • Lastly, PRAY. Keep on praying it works.  As a CHURCH let us all seek the mercy of God. Let us seek the intercession of those who died in friendship with Christ.  Let us pray that more and more people who were deceived will come back to LIGHT for JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE (Jn. 14:6).
If you are in doubt, don't be frustrated. Doubt gives us the force to search for truth. Healthy doubt leads you to the TRUTH.

Seek for help.  If you are sick, see a doctor. Do not see a fake doctor.  Spiritually seek for spiritual advise only to those who were called by Christ.  Or those who are very knowledgeable of truth.  Do go with the wolves, they will devour you and soon you will become wolves too. 

Unhealthy doubt leads you to ANGER and JEALOSY which when you convert, it will make you a bigot anti-Catholic.


  1. Brother,

    You might find this exchange interesting. The topic is Apostasy (http://readmeinc.blogspot.com/2011/09/when-and-how-was-apostasyoccurred.html).

    YOu are right in saying that you cannot separate history and the bible. But by reading the mind of my dialogue partner, you will notice a great divide between which is biblical and historical. INC normally denies history. I think this is a critical area so that it is difficult to engage in dialogue with an INC.

  2. @Sir Ryan

    I agree with what you have stated.That's a critical area made by readme to attack Catholics, including the Pope, Apologists and even Fr. Abe and Sir Catholic Defender... I've undergone dialogues and arguments using other code name there, but still they want claim that they the true church daw, Even you have presented sorts of historical facts they are "good twisters" of the Bible.
    Mapilit sila and refused to open their minds.
    It is a proof that hindi sila para sa Diyos kasi umaatake sila sa ibang Christiano na hindi kaanib. So Hindi sila dapat kaaniban...

  3. Iglesia's belief on apostasy is biblical and I learned also through their history program over DZEM paneled by Dr. Torres and Dr. Placio years ago that apostasy really took place, I made some research and it's true, sorry to say, it's our church: the Catholic church turned away from the pristine teaching of Christ and this church murdered so many people who refused to obey. Wow!!

  4. Thanks brother Ryan for the nice comments. You're truly a good apologetic.

    Do you have your blog? I wish you could blog too. This is what the Holy Father wants us to do: SHARE the SPLENDOR of the CHURCH.

    God bless.

  5. Anonymous,

    All Catholics agree with APOSTASY in the CHURCH. We have it recorded in History.

    To name a few, here is what was earlier posted by Ryan in REadmeINC's blog, date: September 27, 2011 6:17 PM

    1st century - Gnonsticism
    4th century - Arianism
    Middle ages - Protestantism
    17 Century - Jansenism

    These and your INC are to be considered APOSTASY because they were ONCE members of the CHURCH until THEY APOSTATIZE.

    INDEED Apostasy did happened according to Biblical Prophesies.

    But the question is: Will the WHOLE CHURCH Apostatize?

    This is where your INC cannot answer.

    No! There's nothing in the Bible that says that there would be a TOTAL APOSTASY.

    That was a LIE of Felix in order for him to accomodate his self-proclaimed title as "last messenger"

    In the early years of the INC, nowhere Felix Manalo consider himself as a "Messenger".

    He declared himself to be as such ONLY when he found out that his church is leading to a serious schism.

    If this position has been rebutted many times, then the INC finally has no other claims except that it was founded and registered by Manalo as a Corporation Sole, not a church according to Biblical concept of the word.

  6. Anonymous (September 29, 2011 5:00 PM ),

    Truly, Apostasy IN the Church is both Biblical and Historical. On the Other hand, Apostasy OF the Church is neither biblical nor historical (I would concede, however, that it may be "biblical" if you subject the scriptures to your private interpretation. Just the same, It cannot stand historical criticism. Therefore, wala din kwenta.).

  7. Brother Catholic Defender,

    Thanks for the complement, but, i honestly dont have the luxury of time to maintain a blog.

  8. Keb,

    I will not allow him to use the "derailing tactics," which is an INC trademark. Just the same, let us continue praying for these guys.

  9. Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit natalikod daw ang Iglesia... yang mga INC ginagawang "tanga" si Jesus Christ... ginagawa din nilang sinungaling... svi nya the gates of hell will not prevail pero natalikod... lol


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