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Friday, February 17, 2012

Any Iglesia ni Cristo ® locale in Lebanon?

Answer:  The INC® of Manalo is NEVER known in Lebanon.  Therefore there is NO Iglesia ni Cristo® there!

If there are members of this cult in Lebanon are those coming from the Philippines working as Overseas Filipino Workers.

Confirmation comes from a blog of an INC® minister:

FACT: Lebanon Christian population is believed to be above the 39% of all the total population. Among the Christian churches, the Catholic Church has the largest number of believers, the Maronites which is both spiritual and politically influential.

Lebanon has a DIPLOMATIC TIES with the HOLY SEE of the VATICAN STATE!

Churches found in Lebanon (source Wikipedia) are:

  • Maronite Syriac Church of Antioch (belonging to the Catholic Church maintains close communion with the Bishop of Rome) 
  • Assyrian Church of the East (Nestorian -- INC® will find their doctrines to be copied from the Nestorians) 
  • Melkite Greek Catholic
  • Antiochian Greek Orthodox
  • Protestants (Mostly Americans and Westerner missionaries) 
  • Armenian Orthodox or Gregorian
Sorry, NO Iglesia ni Cristo!

List of Cathedrals in Lebanon are listed but NONE belongs to the Iglesia of Manalo® or commonly known as the INC (Iglesia ni cristo).

A BRIEF HISTORY of CHRISTIANITY in LEBANON  is helpful to those deceived by false preachers!

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