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Friday, February 17, 2012

Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) churches, what a redundancy!

The word "iglesia" means "church" in Spanish, have you wondered why the redundancy? It's because INC is a registered corporation TRADEMARK (INCorporated All Rights Reserved Church of Manalo)! Thank you PhilStar!

MANILA, Philippines - The religious group Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) will hold a grand evangelical mission at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Feb. 28 to urge President Aquino and his administration to respect the “rule of law...

"A pastoral letter was read on Thursday during “Pagsamba” (prayer sessions) in INC churches... read more...


  1. my name is john russel castro i would like to point out the obvious that the philstar's report was presumptuous at the least yes it was true that pastoral letters were sent and that they stated that we invite guests to our activity but there was nothing said about it having any political purposes, i just would like to educate you a little bit about us we want to spread the word of salvation so we hold those kind of activities regularly, please do not group us together with sour contemporaries who meddle in politics and if you want to write our comment about us be educated about your articles and blogs not solely based on your opinions and misconceptions. thank you

  2. Hello John Russel,

    Thanks for your desire to educate me. However you missed my point here.

    If you noticed I particularly pointed out "INC churches" in this news article which is REDUNDANT.

    Such that it's quite awkward to say "Catholic Church churches".

    In this article, "INC churches" may sound REDUNDANT but it's grammatically correct to say "Iglesia ni Cristo churches" or "Church of Christ churches" since the name of your church was REGISTERED, therefore the noun was properly taken according to its REGISTERED TRADEMARK.

    In short, the INC is a registered trademark, thus we can correctly say mga "iglesia ng Iglesia ni Cristo" or "Church of Christ churches."

    The news article is therefore accurately FACTUAL.


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